Author: McFeely

The Voluntold Q

Moleskin: YHC started slowly coming out to F3 again a few months back.  Last week @ChickenCoop made an appearance and voluntold me to Q this Tuesday.  And so, YHC did.  Briefly thought I might be the only one and would go get coffee instead, but 3 other early risers started rolling in. In addition a […]

5 for Thursday at Comanche

It was a beautiful morning.  5 PAX awoke and were ready for what was in store at Comanche.   YHC hoped this would be a good workout for those that prefer less running, still tough for a bootcamp, and help those doing the Savage Race. Warm-o-rama: Disclaimer Mosey SSH x 10 Windmill x 10 Mountain […]

Birthday Q and remembering Knoxville

After having some warmer weather this week, temps plummeted for my Q.  So, brought out the winter gear and headed to Comanche!  Better to be cold than to be raining. YHC brought a workout that I had done before and learned when a group of dads for a soccer tournament attended a Knoxville, TN F3 […]

F3 Dads Comanche: Was it 150% humidity or 150+ PaX and Kids? Perhaps both!

  First of all…. Wow, what a great morning! 150+ (I think 153 or 154) Pax and 2.0s got out of the #Fartsack to have some fun and bonding time this morning!    In addition, it felt like 150% humidity! Last week we had about 20 HCs, but in the last few days, those HCs […]

Comanche F3 Dads Pre-blast #2: Sat, Jul 22 @ 8am. Fun kid-friendly beatdown and breakfast

Hello MeCa PAX, Just a friendly reminder that the F3 Dads workout and breakfast at Comanche will be this Saturday, July 22 starting at 8am with breakfast occurring around 9am. It should be an exciting time!  We have lots of HCs (I have been monitoring the Pre-blast and Slack for them), food, and energized PAX! […]

F3 Dads Comanche Bootcamp and Breakfast PreBlast – 7/22 @ 8am

F3 MeCa’s Comanche AO will host an F3 Dads Bootcamp (kid-friendly) and Breakfast on Saturday, July 22nd, starting at 8am with breakfast immediately following the beatdown.  We invite all F3 MeCa to come out and get a workout in and then enjoy a delicious breakfast!  Rumor has it that master chef extraordinaire Sizzlean will be making pancakes w/ […]