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The Fish Bone returns…and Milkbone would be proud

AO: f3rollingstone Q: heatstroke PAX: Remy, heatstroke, SugarF3, Life Alert, schoolbus, Spooner, Big Tuna, LoveSeat, Jobu, jimmybuffett FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMARAMA: No time for that. Disclaimer and to The Fish Bone!! THE THANG: Well..the Fish Bone. The entire greenway with pain stations and all the cut outs. Schoolbus could have benefitted from that info […]

Cold slap in the face run

AO: f3rollingstone Q: Macgruber PAX: Pox, Detention, bigbird, Vespa-Odell, Spooner, Soprano, heatstroke, Thickburger, Jobu, jimmybuffett, Macgruber FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Deep breaths of frigid air. THE THANG: Runners: 4 miles of greenway, Ravenscroft loop and back to the AO. Hotpack and Soprano gave us a lesson in speed. Ruckers be rucking. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Need a […]

Kettlebell Safari Shake-Up

AO: f3rollingstone Q: Macgruber PAX: Macgruber, ti, Pox, SLIM, Vespa-Odell, 1st Date, Golden Boy FNGs: None COUNT: 7 This workout is a wild fusion of fitness and fun, bringing the spirit of South Africa to every swing and lift. WARMUP: Side-straddle-hop, Arm circles, Bodyweight squats THE THANG: Strength Circuit (20 minutes): Perform each exercise for […]

Thanksgiving at the PoxBox

AO: f3rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: Hot Pack, Life Alert, ti, 1st Date, Pox FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: circle up for some warm-o-Rama in driveway THE THANG: “thanksgiving with the girls” – basically a tour of the classic CrossFit girls workouts. Visit each house once. For Time “Angie’s” House 20 Pull-Ups 20 Push-Ups 20 Sit-Ups […]

Pre Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

AO: f3rollingstone Q: Kumho PAX: chachif3, heatstroke, Hot Pack, Jobu, Kumho, LoveSeat, Macgruber, Manwich, Peanuts, Pox FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: arrive and begin THE THANG: Turkey inspired route through Moss Creek. MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pox Box tomorrow. Friday at North Meck park COT:prayers for @peanuts daughter and her upcoming appointment. Prayers for positive answers. Those […]