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Last Minute…grab some balls

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: Life Alert, Clickbait, Pox, MC, kilowatt, Detention, Vespa-Odell, Kumho, Soprano, SugarF3, Big Bird, LoveSeat, @Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 13 Sunday night, mostly open Q night, no takers, monday night, second request from @LifeAlert, still no takers, YHQ decides at 8:30pm to take the reigns, without a good plan or typical […]

The Half Pentathlon

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: heatstroke PAX: Vespa-Odell, Manwich, Hot Pack, Clickbait, Detention FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMARAMA: Various mosey/agility movements around the circle, SSH, WMs, Pickle Pokers, Goblet Squat/Curl Combo THE THANG: The Half Pentathlon – 3 minutes of continuous work, 2.5 minutes rest. 5 exercises. Clean Clean & Press Jerk Half Snatch Push Press MARY: […]

To Q or Not to Q

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: jimmybuffett PAX: heatstroke, Hot Pack, Kumho, LoveSeat, Manwich, Pox, Soprano, Vespa-Odell FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: None THE THANG: Run the greenway. Loop back to Marquette. Run the greenway again. Loop back and track down the ruckers. MARY: None. ANNOUNCEMENTS: No RS beatdowns Thursday or Friday but there are options around the […]

No Más

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Life Alert PAX: MC, Vespa-Odell, Pox, Soprano, Life Alert, SugarF3, Detention, LoveSeat, Clickbait, Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: people’s warmarama. Each Pax prick an exercise and practice on their cadence. THE THANG: No Mas 1run 2 laterals 3 quadraphelia 4 karoke 5 frogger 6 power skip 7 bear crawl 8 burpee […]


AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Detention, Clickbait, Vespa-Odell PAX: Clickbait, Vespa-Odell, Detention FNGs: None COUNT: 3 Made decision on substitute Q plan. Both Vespa and Clickbait got their feet wet by leading some of the warmups. Remebering the sequence of the cadence of the exercises is key. 1) Next exercise is________. 2) Ready position move, in cadence. […]

Cheerleading and BBQ- that’s what we do! Running and Rucking with some ground work

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Kumho PAX:  Backstop, Detention, Vespa-Odell, Hot Pack, Manwich, chachif3, SugarF3, heatstroke, Soprano, Loveseat, Steel Cannon, jimmybuffett (apparently) FNGs: None COUNT: 12 1/2 6 1/2 Runners (and a half as jimmybuffett joined the route). 6 Ruckers (detention modified roundabout the school with bum leg – props!) Runners ran their choice of a P […]

Pyramid of Pain

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Manwich PAX: Clickbait, Vespa-Odell, Detention, Hot Pack, Pox, Manwich, kilowatt, schnitzel, Barnabas FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: Started to mosey to thaw out the legs. High knees, butt kickers, pwr skips, side shuffle, carioca. Circled up for SSH, WMs, IST, TPS, Merkins, Plank jacks, Mtn climbers all IC. THE THANG: 3 pyramids […]