Category: Rolling Stone

Pre Veteran Day BD

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Life Alert PAX: Manwich, Big Bird, Clickbait, Detention, heatstroke, Kumho, Life Alert, LoveSeat, SugarF3, Vespa-Odell FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: mosey around the drop off lane and do some lines. F3 style lines, not the ones Heatstroke did at Clemson as an undergrad. Hop a fence to the hoops courts for SSH, […]

Where’s the Beef?

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: schnitzel PAX: schnitzel, Detention, Manwich, Vespa-Odell, Hot Pack, Kumho, SugarF3, LoveSeat, Soprano, jimmybuffett, @Beef @Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 12 Great morning with moon casting shadows on the route, greenway and school track. Poor man’s disclaimer given. WARMUP: Split into runners and ruckers, runners launch towards greenway, meet at top of Astriano cul-de-sac. […]

Bloody Moon

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: jimmybuffett PAX: chachif3, Clickbait, Detention, Life Alert, LoveSeat, MC, Soprano, Steel Cannon, SugarF3, Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Plank while we wait for everyone to exit cars. Realize these are election workers, not Pax so we begin mosey. Soprano rolls in hot so we do a half bajillion SSH while waiting. […]

Extra hour of sleep

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: schnitzel PAX: schnitzel, Hot Pack, Manwich, @Detention, @Slash, @Clickbait FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Warm for first week of November. Getting a little late start, but disclaimer given. WARMUP: Mosey around parking lot, pick up Slash on our way. Good of new Nantan to join. 15 SSH, 10 Windmill, 10 PPickers, 10 Merkins. […]

The Humping Half Dozen

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: SugarF3 PAX: Sparky, Life Alert, heatstroke, Clickbait, Peanuts, SugarF3 FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Wow still dark at 0700 -The Gloom! Textbook disclaimer and we’re off. WARMUP:SS Hops, Weed pickers, wind Mills, Hill Billy’s (2), Tempo merkins, Plank jacks. THE THANG: Basically a tour of both schools with some fence jumping, trail running […]

Fight Gone Bad at the PoxBox

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: Manwich, Cheerwine, Hot Pack, Pox FNGs: None COUNT: 4 The large numbers from T/W/R did not continue presumably since all were fartsacking to save energy for the monthly RS Saturday beat down tomorrow. 4 committed PoxBoxers arrive in the gloom and got to work to start their Friday off well. […]

Looping loops

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: heatstroke, Detention, Vespa-Odell, MC, chachif3, Manwich, Hot Pack, Kumho, Pox, SugarF3, jimmybuffett, Soprano, LoveSeat, @Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 14 Possibly the largest run-ruck the RS AO has ever seen, 14 of RS finest arrived in the gloom to receive basic instructions and off we went. WARMUP: n/a THE THANG: Runner […]

Friyay WOD

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Manwich PAX: Cheerwine, chachif3, Detention, Hot Pack, Manwich, Vespa-Odell FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: 10 SSH IC, 10 WM IC, 10 PP IC, 10 IST IC. Mosey w/ butt kicks, side shuf, back peddle, inch worms, lunges, toy soldiers, 10 Squats IC. THE THANG: Run 1 lap, 10 burpees, 50 MCs, 20 […]

YHC’s 6 Year F3versary!

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: heatstroke PAX: Soprano, Detention, schnitzel, LoveSeat, Manwich, Clickbait, Kumho, Big Tuna, Big Bird, kilowatt, Vespa-Odell, 0, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 12 WARMUP: High knees, Butt kickers, SSHs, shuffles, etc THE THANG: 6s…everywhere. A fairly thorough tour of the AO by foot with plenty of exercises in all the rep counts you […]