Back Blasts

Follow the flag

AO: f3kannon
Q: Sir Topham Hatt
PAX: The Burgh, trickdaddy, Cupid, Sir Topham Hatt, Grandmaster, Night Vision, FNG Asher
FNGs: 1 FNG Asher
Run around the loop with the flag. One person leads the group with the flag at their pace. Stop every 5 minutes or so for misc pain stations
WARMUP: no warmup. We moseyed for first 5 minutes.
THE THANG: 3.1 mile run around loop stopping for pain
MARY: 1 minute to spare so we rested
ANNOUNCEMENTS: FNG Asher can be named at next visit. 9 years old, Likes Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs. He is really good in math. Going to 4th grade next year. He likes to deer hunt. He likes deer meet. Ideas. Tomahawk that’s all have right now. :satisfied:

OYO on My Count

Title: OYO on My Count

Date: Friday May 17, 2024

PAX Count: 9

Red Tape
Uncle Floyd
SS Minnow
Gold Rush

Q: Red Tape

Mosey next to the tennis courts followed by:
• Plank to leg stretch
• Push Up x 15
• Air Squat x 15
Mosey back to the shelter.

The Thang
The PAX joined the Q in a Friday birthday beat down. It went a little something like this:

3 rounds of 9 reps – with or w/o weights
• Side plank
• Bear plank
• Reverse fly
• Lunge squat with twist
• Overhead press
• Reverse lunges
• Side plank thurst

Next Round
• High pulls
• Squat to cleans
• Overhead tricep extension
• V-ups

Next Round
• Curls
• Suitcase alternating lunge
• American hammer

• LBC’s x 15

In a random, non-backed radio survey it was noted that 39 was the last coolest age. Not to say that ever age is cool, but the survey must be considering many factors! A Peloton inspired workout was rocking with some 1985 greatest hits and it seemed the PAX easily overcame the Harrisburg Iron challenge. All was rewarded with sweet homemade cookies by the Q’s 1.0. Thank you all for taking on the challenge, entrusting me to guide you through the gloom, and the inspiration you spread throughout the community.

• Happy Birthday to @Bucky 2.0!
• Bible Boyz every Friday @ 6:30am
• Good luck to the Time Lapse members tonight at WWC
• Harrisburg 11 year anniversary coming June 1
• T-shirs have been ordered
• Harrisburg 11 year anniversary coming June 1


• Prayers: Continue to remember the 12 year girl in our community recently diagnosed with cancer and all children who are all similarly impacted. Keep all the teachers, students, and community leaders lifted up as they close out another school year. Let’s also uplift all those impacted by job losses.

Friday Fun

AO: f3dawghouse
Q: Buck
PAX: daisydukes, Dawghouse MASH, Grassy Knoll, Honey Do, CPAP, Slash, Night vision, Justin
FNGs: 1 Justin
Great showing this morning. When I arrived there was already a crowd just chomping to get their work in. Slash even brought an FNG with him. Honey Do quick to point out that a disclaimer must be given with an FNG present. Disclaimer and off we went.

Lap to ticket booth.

Mosey to courtyard.
Transport from corner to corner.
1: Bear crawl
2: side shuffle right
3: Lunge Walk
4: Side shuffle left
Exercises at each corner in reps of 5,10,15,20
R1: Mericans
R2: squat thrust

Move to center of courtyard.
R1: Single leg dips each leg (5,15,15,20)
Run lap between each set
R2: Mike Tyson’s & Atomic crunch (5,1010,5)
R3: Split Squats each leg & cross toe touch (5,10,10,5)

Mosey to walk.
London Bridges up and down on each arm is 1 rep (10)
Donkey kicks (10)

Glute bridge
Pretzel crunch
Low flutter
Freddy mercuries

NAMI walk at Frank Liske

Slash father in law Joe job interview
Honey Do relocation
Grassy Knoll family health

Thanks for showing guys. Great work by all! Sorry for short and late slackblast. Busy day of travel for my aunts funeral. Take care and see you all Monday!

Buck out!

Form Friday – Directed by PFG!

AO: f3kannon
Q: Sir Topham Hatt
PAX: backdraft, Big Tuna, ChopSaw, Grandmaster, Gunny, schnitzel, Sir Topham Hatt, Squid, The Burgh
FNGs: None
It was form Friday and out of the gate a Pax member got triggered by a slap in the face comment. Sometimes we need those to kick our butts in gear. He was rowdy!! Haha
WARMUP: mosey to dale – 7 for 7 time champ motivators, everything else IC of 7 count – bsn with the clap of course, hillbillies, plank jacks, windmills, Smurf jacks, ist’s and for the final nail it was 7 merkins, 7 diamond merks and 7 wide grip merks. Mosey to brick pipe and get bricks

THE THANG: random exercises at different stops. All with bricks and focus on form. Out of the gate we did 20 lunges walks holding bricks over heads and then curls until we got to Swanee. At swan we did everything IC 10 count – kgbs, low slow squats, chest press, the W, arms and side raises, curls as we walked to side of the swannee for shoulder presses and mike Tyson’s. Then on to another section for plank rotations and crunches and last corner for various legs core etc.
MARY: 2 minutes left for random stretches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: prayers for Avery and Pugh family

Friday Ruck and Roll – Complete!

AO: f3tigertown
Q: Ramses
PAX: majorpain, Ramses, Hawkeye, bull_f3
FNGs: None

WARMUP: stretch and moan
THE THANG: 3 mile loop around the village of Hill Top Acres in Mount Pleasant. Great ruck but better discussion!

bull_f3 did win the game of hide and seek today!

MARY: none
COT: prayers lifted and adjourned

Ruckers, Runners and a Canine

AO: f3afton
Q: Shooter
PAX: Kokomo, hop_hunter, Guinness, Huggy Bear, Opie, Spaz, turbine, yellowcake, Shooter, PeepingTom, Iron City, Uffda, Ripcord
FNGs: None
9 Ruckers, 4 Runners and our four legged friend, Oden hit the streets to round out the workweek.

Announcement: NAMI Walks 5K tomorrow at Frank Liske at 9am. See Hop’s post above.

Fatal 11

AO: f3rollingstone
Q: Pox
PAX: Hot Pack, Cheerwine, Detention, Jobu, Manwich, Pox, Vespa-Odell
FNGs: None

100 m run 10 SSH, 10 slam balls, 10 alt arm push-ups on slam ball, 10 air squats x3

‘Fatal 11’
100 m run at start and at end of each movement

11 wall balls
11 deadlifts
11 pull-ups
11. Hang cleans.
11 toes to bar
11 box jumps
11 kettlebell swings
11. Push prices.
11 slam balls
11 front squats
11 cal on a salt bike

-weight for barbell movements is 135 Rx or 115/85 scaled
MARY: partner pain cave hamstring
ANNOUNCEMENTS: without tomorrow
COT: prayers raised

Great work. Heck of a way to get a mile of running in today! Was enthused about numbers after all the rain and light week. Thanks all for keeping me honest and gettin me out of bed. Would not have done that without you

See some of you for the extinction run tomorrow

Tabata Thursday

F3 Backblast   05/16/20

ASEC (Belks Parking Lot)

5:20am: Warm the body

5:30am: Get to it!


Q :  Total Package

Pax :  Homeland, Tombstone, Trick Daddy, Professor, Popeye, Mayhem(at coffee)


Meet at Belks Parking Lot due to construction at ASEC parking lot


Jog to far side of Belks parking lot:

SSH x 25, IST’s x 20, hamstring stretch, Arm circles


Tabata Thursday

Jog to Carolina Mall Cinemas

40 seconds exercise, 20 seconds rest

Ten exercises per round

We had time for 2 ½ rounds this morning

Marine Corps Merkins


Crunchy Frogs



Low Flutters

Air Squats

Mtn Climbers

Carolina Drydocks


Mary at Belks Parking Lot

Windmills x 10

Cotton Pickers x 10 (Tomby request)

Cobra stretch

Childs pose

Arm under shoulder stretch (both sides)

Down dog

Deep Breaths




1. Kind of weird to meet at Belks Parking Lot for a workout but hopefully in another week or two we’ll be back at ASEC. Six of Concord’s strongest Pax met at Belks to do a regurgitated Tabata from a few years agoand turned out to be a real gasser! 40 seconds of exercise AYG/20 seconds rest. The ten exercises covered all muscle groups and were designed to meet high intensity interval standards. 2 ½ sets. This was especially true of the slapjacks. Our six pax doing slapjacks in a circle reminded us of the famed Radio City Rockettes, although not nearly as good-looking or possessing the natural rhythm as the real Rockettes.

Q got spiritual and taught the Pax a Bible verse this morning. Numbers 6: 24-26 is a classic verse to conclude any meeting. “ The Lord bless and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Prayers said for our boys running at the Whitewater Center this weekend and Pam Hanzlik, Popeye’s Mom, who is recovering from a stroke.

2. Great coffeteria at P & P as Trick Daddy enlightened the boys about what he and his family are doing with their mission work in Brazil. Trick and his family have been spreading God’s word to the unchurched in remote areas of Brazil for six years now and pretty much gave up their world as they knew it at home to take a tremendous risk and leap of faith to do what God commands all of us to do in some capacity. Check out the Trick’s website:


3. Thanks for allowing me to lead today. My first Q in two months but knee seems to be

recovering nicely so far. Back in the rotation soon.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 05/16/24