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F3 MeCa | August 21, 2019

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It’s a small (muddy) world afterall

August 21, 2019 |

Disclaimer- The 7 continents showed up for a muddy It’s a Small World beatdown over the courtyard, borrowing exercises from other AOs/ the F3 Nation site


Butt kickers, high knees in lines, circle up

SSH x 15 10 merkins … Read More

Pickup on Aisle Six

August 21, 2019 |

During last week’s COT at Pain Academy, Tough Skins came up with the terrific idea to pick up trash around the AO ahead of school starting next week.  Blue Crush and I quickly chased down the early arriving employee who … Read More

Deconstructing Dora’s Suicide Pt. 4

August 21, 2019 |

16 in the soup this morning.

Warmup: the federally mandated SSH’s, some slow mercs and a soap drop stretch


The new parking deck would be the site of my favorite workout: Deconstructing Dora’s Suicide. This mashup of suicides, deconstructed … Read More

The Bridge to Nowhere, and the Traffic Upon It

August 21, 2019 | | 2 Comments

A strong showing of 27 graced the Gloom with their presence Tuesday, many wondering why YHC had posted a GIF of a walking bear to Slack.

Turns out, GIF should’ve probably been from the Frogger video game.

Disclaimer was given, … Read More

Full body beat down – rinse and repeat!

August 21, 2019 |

It was a hot humid morning and the PAX was not sure who would be the Q.  I decided to save us from Sharknado.  I gave the disclaimer and we were off.  Lots of chatter during the run around the … Read More

What??? No Burpees?

August 21, 2019 |

As I made my plan of attack up last night, I finished, looked it and over and thought “No Burrpees??? How could that even be possible?”  I thought about throwing some in, but then looked at all the merkins and … Read More

The Greenway Moss Creek Cruise

August 21, 2019 |

Good morning gentlemen 6 men took on the green way moss creek cruise five runners and one rucker. We started off with a quick disclaimer and then we went over the cruise route. The cruise route was the greenway to … Read More

The Road to Christenbury

August 21, 2019 | | 3 Comments

After Dutch Boy’s Road to Nowhere yesterday 7 of Highland’s finest opted for a Road to Somewhere, specifically out to Christenbury and back.


  • These men don’t need one!

The Thang

From HCES:

Wednesday routine

August 21, 2019 |

So, how was your morning?  Pretty good, you know, ran 5 miles with 700 feet of elevation.  A typical Wednesday.

Like clockwork, 17 men showed up at the PitchFork this morning to challenge themselves by running some hills.  The humidity … Read More

The Humpday Five

August 21, 2019 |

Just 5 for a dreary, soupy, muggy hump day at the mill…72 degrees w/ 97% humidity….ugh

We moseyed down to the ring of Honor for warm-o-rama: SSH’s x 50 IC, IST’s x 15 IC, Hillbillies x 15 IC, & slow … Read More