Back Blasts

Remembering Pearl Harbor

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: LoveSeat, Soprano, jimmybuffett, Manwich, Pox, Vespa-Odell, kilowatt
FNGs: None

THE RUN/RUCK: Ruckers did their thing. JB and YHC ran the Haunted Loveseat Loop and were joined late by both LS and Soprano. 4 each in total.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Kojak’s 12 days of Xmas
COT: Prayers for the 2,403 who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. Baby Stetson. Chachi and all injured pax.
MOLESKIN: Misty conditions but near perfect running weather at 51 degrees or so. Perfect timing by Loveseat and Soprano joining YHC right as JB split off for home – the pre posted route comes in handy again! Great job by KW knocking out the Pearl Harbor GR Tough in Charleston this last weekend with 9 Volt, and thanks for sharing thoughts from the event on this day that lives in infamy. Lastly (intentional choice of words) nice job by Pox knocking out his painalty for being The Six this week in FFL. Have a great day gents!

Ladder Chatter

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Big Country
PAX: backdraft, Big Country, Big Tuna, ChopSaw, Cupid, Gunny, Heisenberg_Kannon, schnitzel, Risky Business, Sir Topham Hatt, The Burgh, Squid
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 50 SSH, 20 windmills, 20 plank jacks, and arm circles
THE THANG: Ladder 20 to 1. Reverse crunches on one end and LBC’s IC on the other end.
MARY: More SSH’s, Mountain climbers, flutter kicks, and hello dollies
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Be thinking about families in need this holiday season, The Mount Afton challenge, and the Gremlin coming in February.

The Dignified Q

The dignified Q:
Play this song in the background as you read this backblast as it was playing at groundwork’s during coffee:
When: 12/6/22
QIC: Luthor
Pax: TP; Java; Firechicken; homeland; checkmate; LMU
We had 7 stately gentlemen of class and honor gather for some exercise this morning. The weather forecast wasn’t good last night, but ended up behaving for this distinguished group of Men. The chatter was measured and civilized.
We took a dignified jog down Le Philip Ct. (pronounced Lay Fileep) for a warm up. Then we jogged up to the spine center for some exercises. After suitably warming our circulatory system, we headed back to the shelter for a little tabata.
The tabata was focused on strengthening our back muscles as we don’t often do. Mostly done with leg lifts from a plank position, Bird dogs, and Superman/iron man.
A unique morning as there was a dearth of vile profanity and vulgarity. Even checkmate told a joke. Some light Christmas jazz was on for a cozy cup o’ joe at GWC.
Now watch this fucking asshat teach a gun safety class – sorta like Matt Rhule coaching in the NFL:

Dragon special day

AO: F3Comanche
Q: Avalanche
PAX: sully, forgottenjelly, yellowcake, hammer, Avalanche
FNGs: None

mosey up the road and down to the usual spot for Motivator 7 – 1
Penny picker ic10
Mountain climber ic20
Runner stretch
Squat ls OYOx10

Welsh Dragon Pyramid 1-5
Bear crawl to pillar 1+ 1 hand release merkin + 1 plank jack + 1 shoulder touch

Almost gave up but on Jelly’s insistence we came back down 5-1. (I think he skipped bear crawl)

Now, next one I name Tibetan Dragon, Pyramid 1-8
Walk to pillar 1 + 1 stomp jimper + 1 zebra kick + 1 jump squat

Pyramid down 8-1

Third one was regular dragon, Toothless dragon puramid 1-10
Walk to 1 pillar + 1lbc +1 reverse crunch + 1 hills to heaven

Pyramid down 10-1


For a change….
Arm circle


Thu with @hammer
NYE – bring your M to workout day
Jan 14 – Mt Afton challenge. To drink in the morning.
Dec 12 – 12 days of Christmas challenge

prayers for @bigblues nephew.

Conquering the Ridge

AO: F3Harrisburg
Q: Dr. Lecter
PAX: SheepDog, Wexler, Battery, gamma, Othello, TarTar, tbone, SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Slash
FNGs: None
11 were not deterred by the threat of rain nor a Lecter beatdown. 5:30 hit, a brief disclaimer was given and off we went. Mosey to the base of the Ridge.
SSH x15 IC
IST x15 IC
Penny Pickers x15 IC
Plankjacks x15 IC
Start on one side of the hill, do the exercise, run to the top, do that exercise, run down the other side, do the exercise.

Round 1

Merkins – Start at 20, decrease by 2 each time

Top of the hill – squats x 10 each time

WWII – Count up to 20, increasing by 2 each time

Round 2

SSH – Start at 20, decrease by 2 each time

Top of the hill – air pressed x10 each time

Reverse crunch – 4 count, Up to 20, increasing by 2 each time.
Most guys got a couple rounds of this one.
Mosey the long way to the cars.
Low Dolly x15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x15 IC
Wexler and Kojak are organizing a movie for the orphanage. Be on the lookout for details coming soon.
Mt Afton Challenge coming up in January – Sign up here:

COT: Prayers for all those for whom this time of year is not joyful and peaceful.

12 Poles of Christmas

AO: All-Things-Rucking
Q: Scrum
PAX: Peppa, Kojak, Gulfstream, heatstroke
FNGs: None
Some of the normal crew showed up for an hour of wet fun. They were a bit disappointed to learn that we were doing sit-ups and superman’s on the wet pavement, but they quickly got over it. Quotes from today: ‘I hate superman’s’ and ‘Scrum, is this an HDT workout?’. The answer was, “maybe influenced by HDT’. 🙂

– Ruck over to Pole 3
– Side Straddle Hop
– Imperial Walkers
– Squats
– Ruck back to ‘Base Camp’

“The Twelve Poles of Christmas”

First Round
– Sandbag Ruck out to the first pole, do 12 Sandbag Cleans and 1 Good Morning.
– Sandbag Ruck Back to ‘Base Camp’, do 12 Sandbag Sit-ups and 1 weighted Superman (hold a 10lb plate out in front of you)

Second Round
– Sandbag Ruck out to the first pole, do 11 Sandbag Cleans and 2 Good Mornings.
– Sandbag Ruck Back to ‘Base Camp’, do 11 Sandbag Sit-ups and 2 weighted Superman’s

For every round, keep sandbag rucking out to all the poles and decrease Sandbag Cleans by 1 rep and increase Good Mornings by 1 rep. Return back to Base Camp and decrease Sandbag Sit-ups by 1 rep and increase weighted Superman’s by one rep. Rinse and repeat.

Goal was all 12 poles, but we ran out of time. Some of the PAX got 10 poles, at least one only got 9 (UHC).

– Quick round of shoulder rotations and stretches

– Don’t forget to sign-up for @kojak’s ’12 Days of Christmas’
– Don’t forget to sign-up for Mt. Afton Challenge
– Overnight Ruck on December 10 at 9:45pm. Meeting at Pharr Mill Brewing in Harrisburg. 10 and 12 mile routes available.
– CRC Christmas Party – Cabarrus Brewing at 6:00 or 6:30pm. @Kojac to confirm

– Prayers for Ruck Club that got hit in Florida

Tour of The ODell Evil Keneviling and some hills

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Life Alert
PAX: Clickbait, Detention, Life Alert, MC, Pox, Vespa-Odell, Soprano
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mobile multi-locations. Had to swing by the daredevil wall crushing car crash at the new ODell wall. We’re they trying to cut the pickup line? Trying to see some monkey humpers? Not sure we’ll ever know but the new wall certainly needs some love. After the tour, returned to launch for some SHH, AV, PP. take off to the old reliable Marquette street. Finished off the warmups in the middle of the street, Much to Sopranos Chagrin. Made it without incident with our inside voices for some Lumbergs, tempo Meeks and MCs
THE THANG: mosey down Marquette for burpees at the lights..1,2,3,4,5.
Rally at the bottom of the hill on the greenway for a leisurely 10-1 merkins to jump squat ladder. Thanks to the ladder I’m now the local legend on Strava for “get to the choppa” hill. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Walk then mosey down greenway to the shelter for a group picnic table shoulder press one off, 15 IC. Head home to the launch with a quick stop at the burpee bench for a roll x 2. Head to the end of the long bridge for partner “sprints” to the top of monkey head more hill for some MH x 15 IC
MARY: LBC x 20 just to say we did it
ANNOUNCEMENTS: had to bolt for work. Pax can sound off if anything new. Some 1st F opportunities as posted on Slack
COT: had to leave but I’m sure Greeks family and the person involved in the ODell accident were mentioned.
Great work by all! Those trips up that hill add up. Cheers, SYITG!!

Lift and Run and Repeat (and Repeat…..)

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Big Tuna
PAX: Grandmaster, Squid, backdraft
FNGs: None
SSH (x10, IC)
Low Slow Squats (x10, IC)
Windmills (x10, IC)
Tempo Merkins (x10, IC)
Plank Jacks (x10, IC)
Arm Circles (x10, IC – forward/backward)

Weighted AMRAP for 45 minutes using your kettlebell/ruck plate
10 – T Merkins
20 – Squats
30 – Reverse Crunches
40 – Overhead Press
50 – Swings
60 – Flutter Kicks while holding weight
70 – Rows (upright and/or bent over or combo of both)
80 – Lunges
90 – LBC’s
100 – run to next level of deck and back to start


Everyone got after it this morning! Pax finished 2-3 rounds and several got their 4th round started before time was called at 06:14! Featured lots of enthusiastic feedback and singing along to the 80’s rock playlist – thanks Amazon Music.

We are expecting some visitors this Saturday for the beatdown.
1/14/23: Mt Afton Challenge
2/4/23: Mint Hill – The Gremlin

Prayers for all of the pax who are injured and/or not able to join this morning.
Prayers for BD’s father and son.
Thanks for coming out today!

The Buck didn’t stop here

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Honey Do
PAX: Spaz, hop_hunter, Loveboat, Dawghouse MASH, Zacchaeus, Honey Do
FNGs: None
6 gathered on a misty morning cruise and awaited the arrival of our fearless leader. Sadly @buck wasn’t able to make it out, but at least he shared his plan with me yesterday. So runners take the bird, ruckers some other route, as we saw a car come in the lot and hoped it was him, but alas it wasn’t, so back to the plan.

Lots of prayers and praise this morning. Prayers for Audit’s wife, Big Blue’s nephew, the CMPD officer trial, praise for MASH’s friend Chuck on his good health report.