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P200 Core Ladder

Best way to focus on the body part you want is to grab the Q. With P200 race starting tomorrow I wanted to not focus heavy on legs exercises or running while giving others the option. Good turnout with 14 total on a very mild temp morning.

Q: Catfish

Pax: MaBelle, Tombstone, Brickyard, Marlboro, SandTrap, Bozeman, Spud, Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, Total Package, Look Me Up, Checkmate and Trick Daddy.

Coffee Extras: Mayweather and El Ab

Warmup: Mosey to water treatment plant for 15 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and R/L L/R

Thang: Employee deck with core exercises on all 4 levels. Core exercises consisted of JLows, LBCs, WWII, Box Cutters, KGBs, Low Flutters, Dying Cockroach and ABCs. 2 at each level and total number always added to 50 for a total of 200 each round. Pax had choice of stairs or deck to climb levels and also choice to descend to bottom to repeat. Pax completed 4 to 5 rotations and picked a variety of stairs and deck runs.

Mary: Q miscalculated and arrived at Mary 1 minute late. Quick hamstring stretch and then COT.

Moleskin: ABCs were a new one for brickyard, once Q told him what to do I had to explain I wasn’t kidding. Big focus on core may create some tender stomachs come Sat morning but it created lower run total workout I was looking for with 2.6 miles for me. Pax was more spread than I prefer but coffee chatter was solid with a focus on P200, comedy songs, surviving on Alone, and the condition of our hotel room when Van 1 arrives in Mt Pleasant. We also learned during workout that Tombey likes watching jeopardy while eating his nightly jello cups.

Always be mindful and thoughtful of your brother. You don’t know when someone needs a comforting or supportive word and our Lord may have placed you in their path today for that exact purpose!!






Blocks, cotters, and Madness

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Life Alert
PAX: Machuman (Machupicchu), Life Alert, Pox, heatstroke, Big Bird, Clickbait, Detention, LoveSeat, MC, r2d2, Vespa-Odell, All-In, FirstDate
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey around drop off line w/some butt kickers, slides, Luke Leuckly, Peking lot slides to the teacher lot for some formal Warmarama..SSH, PP, AV, IST, Lumbergs, tempo merkins, MCs
THE THANG: stay in the lot for Merkin suicides, 5,10,15,20 corresponding to lot lines. YHC was lazy with cone placement assuming pax were able to count. Never assume, as you know what it does. Ironically our resident math professor had the pax all flummoxed with the line management. In an effort to keep the townhomes asleep we moved over to the bus lot entrance for BTW with ST IC. Head to the hoops court to continue the March Madness celebration. Grab a partner and grab a coupon. Dora 1,2,3 style. P1 exercise, P2 run to far fence, quadraphelia back until reps achieved
30 Manmakers
100 curls
100 shoulder press
Halftime—head to wall for 10-2 by 2 ladder with donkey kicks…slide width of court..squats..defensive slide return
2nd half return to baseline with blocks for
50 block jump overs
Murder bunny half distance as other P lunge walks-switch to complete length of court
Stay at far end for 50 block jump overs
100 skull crushers with initial format.
Return blocks and exit through an unlocked gate
MARY: LBC, proper LF..time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: had to leave for work. Some HIM in the group brought us home.
Welcome passporters.. @machuman and @r2d2. Welcome back cotter..1st date..great numbers let’s keep it rolling.
Wanted to wish 2 RS pax, @chachi and @clickbait as they take on the Whole Enchilada MTB race at the WWC this Saturday.
COT: prayers for Dave, Baby Stetson, Nickey, my BIL/SIL recovering from kidney transplant. Unspoken requests and all covered at the AO

YHC is no @Brinkley replacement, but he did the best he could!

AO: F3Highlands
Q: Snowsuit
PAX: Flyer, Sparky, Snowsuit
FNGs: None
It was not so cold today, but the fog and humidity kept things muggy. It was a nice change, and also nice to see two other strong PAX out with me today.

After warmarama, the Thang (with rocks) went something like this:
50 curls, 50 shoulder presses, 50 skull crushers
50 chest presses, 10 derby double-taps, 50 heavy freddys
circle the parking lot, sort of and pick up trash…
50 bent-over rows, 50 outhouse curls, 10 derby double-taps
Repeato with count changed from 50 to 25, but keep 10 derbies
Repeato with count changed from 25 to 15, but keep 10 derbies

Mary – stretching felt really good today.

COT: We prayed for @Poutine and @Brinkley
Announcements: #f3comanche anniversary Tue Mar 18 0530 Cox Mill Elementary

Those outhouse curls were no joke… especially 50 of them. But I handed out gun permits today, so enjoy!

It was nice to see @Flyer join the usual crowd today… good work. It was an honor to lead this fine group of HIM!

Just a touch of rain

4 ruckers and 8 runners got a light sprinkling of rain on our tour through Rocky River Crossing.

Pax: Deadhead, Vega, Pocahontas, Papa John, Solo Cup, Exit54, Mad Dog, Othello, Kojak, Scrum, Talledaga

QIC: SS Minnow

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle


AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Dawghouse MASH
PAX: Buck, Honey Do, stash, Dawghouse MASH
FNGs: None
An unexpected drizzle did not dampen the spirits of these fine Pax
SSHs, Penny Pickers, then a mosey to retrieve cinderblocks
5 stations were set up around the student lot at JMRobinsonHS in the shape of an M.
Lower-left: cinderblocks/weight exercises (curls, presses, tricep extensions, squats, thrusts, outhouse curls, etc.)
Lower-right: Ab station (WWIIs, LBCs, RBCs, Atomic Crunches, etc.)
Upper-right: Merk station (Merkins, Derkins, HRerkins, Diamond Merkins, Tysons, etc.)
Center: Aerobic station (Mnt. Climbers, High Knees, SSHs, Monkey Humpers, etc.)
Upper-left: Oblique station (Freddy Mercs, Pretzel Crunches, Squirms, etc.)
Moseying from station-to-station in an anti-clockwise manner, the Pax took turns calling out an exercise and quantity corresponding to the station. We probably made 5-6 circuits and worked a wide variety of muscle groups.
A variation I proposed but did not employ was to have the last Pax to finish at a given station skip the next station and go directly to next-next station and call the exercise–intent is to pick up “stragglers” and rotate exercise callers; might work well with large groups.
MARY: Return blocks to the corral
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming anniversaries for Comanche and _____; Cinco de Mayo F3 family event at Dan Nichols Park (Salisbury).
COT: Buck health and granddaughter birth next week, Stash’s 2 mo. old son and mother in-law health.

Run until you see some sort of a pool

AO: F3Highlands
Q: r2d2
PAX: barrister, Flyer, Dogpound
FNGs: None
1 more down, only 3 AO’S to go. passport challenge almost complete. Thanks for running with me fellas.
F3 dads:
April 1st 7-9am at #thebridge
Cinco de Mayo weekend: camping and day trip to Dan Nicholas Campground. join #f3dadscamping2023 for more details
Time Lapse relay is coming… soon?

Hammers mom