Back Blasts

Ice Breaker

2 men braved the elements to get better. There are reports of others doing the workout at home, but still waiting for audited results.

The Circuit

2 Mile Run

25 SSHs, 25 Mericans
Repeat with 20, 15, 10, 5
1/4 Mile Run

25 Plank Jacks, 25 LBCs
Repeat with 20, 15, 10, 5
1/4 Mile Run

25 High Knees, 25 Dips
Repeat with 20, 15, 10, 5
1/4 Mile Run

25 Jump Squats, 25 Reverse Crunches
Repeat with 20, 15, 10, 5
25 Burpees

2-Point Line of Trust

1. At 0530, I was fully anticipating doing this on my own, which would have sucked, and probably would have cut short if RRC was open. I remembered Clueless in a similar situation years ago and he worked out, by himself, in the snow/ice. So I took off and was rewarded with company as none other than Clueless himself showed up to join me. #ISI #accountability #hedidntwantmetofallandhavenoonehearit

2. Main roads weren’t bad, but the others were a little dicey. Had to tip-toe through a few icy spots, but otherwise got most of the runs in. The 1/4 mile loop, though, was pretty bad, so we dropped the 2nd and 3rd loop, and modified the final mile run route. Finished in just over an hour. Goes without saying that Clueless would have finished faster had he not hung back with me.

3. As determined as we were to work out, we were equally determined to get coffee afterwards. Unfortunately, RRC was close, so we moved on, only to be thwarted by Dunkin Donuts as well. And Starbucks. And Bojangles. And Sunflower. And Louis Grille. Only place left was Solo Cup’s Kitchen, but he always talks about the poor service, so we gave up and went our separate ways.

4. Gotta love a huge 4WD pick-up truck going 10mph with his hazzards on.

5. Just as I’m writing this, Hacksaw (of the Harrisburg variety) submits visual proof of his workout. Smokey gave me his word he did it as well, and that’s good enough for me. If Exit says he did it, however, we all know what a slacker he is so I’ll need signed affidavits from at least two witnesses.

6. Still need Q’s for Tuesday and Wednesday. A lot of ice could develop overnight, so even if you’re concerned about driving, under the circumstances, maybe do a virtual Q – post a workout and let guys do it on their own and report back.


Date: 01/17/22
QIC: Gamma
Pax: Clueless, Gamma
Virtual participants: Hacksaw, Smokey

It Was Uphill Both Ways

When: 1/15/2022
The Pax: Dr Lechter
FNG: 0

It Was Uphill Both Ways

Mosey to The Bull

Warm up on the run:

Mosey to field
15 SSH
Mosey to parking lot below splash pad
15 Imp Storm Troopers
Mosey to Amphitheater (retrace back to splash pad to find lost papers)
15 Windmills
Mosey to bottom of Zmax Hill.

Run to the top perform the exercise and run to the bottom. Rinse and repeat.
10 Burpees
25 Merkins
40 Dips
50 Squats
30 Shoulder Taps (left/right = 1)
40 Lunges (ea leg)
40 Monkey Humpers
40 Plank Jacks
40 Low Flutter (left/right = 1)
40 LBC
Total count 355 reps. – Up the hill 10 times

Mary on the Run:
Mosey to Library
15 American Hammers
50 Calf Raises (ea leg) on the stairs
Mosey to bottom of hill
15 J Lo’s (Left/right = 1)
Mosey to top parking lot
15 Box Cutters
Mosey to parking lot
20 Crunchy Frogs
15 Squirm

It only took 2 intrepids this morning in the cold and gloom to push through this semi-recycle of Escalade’s 9/11 beatdown. Thank you to @Dr Lechter for showing up. Completed the entire routine with a couple minutes to spare!!

Hope all those that did The Gremlin did well. Look forward to hearing about it.

Is This When the Fun Starts

Its been a long time since I had a Saturday Q, possibly last year about this same time.  Not use to providing 60 minutes of fun instead of only 45 but I thought I was up for the challenge. 8 eager PAX gathered in the gloom, I assured them it would be fun, short disclaimer was given and we were off.

Mosey around tennis Court with some karaoke, high knees, butt kickers and lateral shuffles thrown in. Mosey to the Dorton parking lot and circle up.


SSH IC X 32 (because I thought it was 32 degrees, but was corrected, its only 30, Spaz thought it was only 12)

IST IC x 20

Wind Mills IC x 10 (Abe Vigoda style)

Penny Pickers IC x 12


Mosey across the street to the medical building parking lot –

Find a line in the parking lot – jump forward and backward over the line for 30 secs, repeat jumping side to side for 30 secs.

The Thang

Suicides – 1st line = 5 burpees, 2nd line = 10 lunges, 3rd line 15 Merkins, 4th line 20 RBC, 5th line 25 Squats

run to first line do your 5 burpees, back to start, run to 2nd line but stop at 1st line do 5 burpees then 10 lunges at 2nd line back to start with 5 burpees as you pass line 1.  Run to 3rd line stopping for 5 burpees (coming and going) and 10 lunges (coming and going).  Etc…

Pick up the six – Pax asked if this is when the fun started.  Mosey around medical building and back across the street to tennis courts.

Rock Around the Clock

3 tennis courts x 4 corners each = 12 corners for the 12 hours on a clock.  Everyone grab a corner.  Perform 5 reps of an exercise run to middle of center court, do a single burpee, then run to the next corner.  12 corners X 5 reps = 60 (minutes).  Pax had some trouble understanding the clock reference, I think everyone has digital clocks/watches.  Repeat for the following exercises

Plank Jacks


Jump Squats (skip the burpee in the middle, just run to middle then to next corner)

Hand Release Merkins (skip the burpee)


Time is called, Mosey to big shelter.



Crunchy Frog


Homer to Marge (with low flutter in the middle)

Low Dolly


Recover recover


Prayers – for all those recovering from COVID, all those who have asked for our prayers


Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.  Always a pleasure, thanks for playing along.


Date: 1/15/2022


Q: Hops

Pax: Tombstone, Frostbite, Total Package, Spud, Neverland, Luthor, Hops


7 total made it out in the gloom to get a good Saturday beatdown but mostly to get coffee after.

Warm-o-rama: jog around the block and end over at Coltrane parking lot.

  • SSH x 20
  • Loose change x 10
  • Arm circles

Thang: Playoffs start this weekend, time to play some football.  4 locations we will hit to represent 4 quarters.  # of reps per exercise is determined by the quarter.  I also carried a football in case I felt like passing it to someone.  Drop by anyone = 10 burpees for the group.

  • 1st Quarter – Coltrane:  10 of each exercise and repeato until Q calls
    • Pull-ups
    • Star jumps
    • Peter Parkers
  • 2nd Quarter: Mosey over to 5/3 parking lot: 20 of each exercise marked at the 5 cones located in the parking lot.  Repeato until Q calls.
    • Dry docks
    • KGB
    • Mountain Climbers
    • LBCs
    • Squats
  • HALF-TIME: played some catch in a circle with a really good ball.  Due to the darkness and street lights, we racked up some drops quick and ended up with 30 burpees for what was to be a nice casual halftime.  Nuff of that, time to move into the second half.
  • 3rd Quarter: Mosey over to Mugga: 30 of each exercise.  1 exercise at the top then run down to the bottom and do 2nd exercise.  Repeato until Q calls.
    • Merkins
    • Core killers
  • 4th Quarter: Mosey the long way, (not up the stairs), over to the new deck.  40 of each exercise, 1 per level.  Go from floor to floor, up the stairs.  We got one round in, caught some sunrise and then headed back to AO.
    • Dry docks
    • KGB
    • Mountain Climbers
    • LBCs
    • Squats
  • OT: Mosey over to AO, grab a brick and do 50 curl-press.
  • Broga to finish out the long workout.

Moleskin: Turned out to be a great morning for a workout.  About 3.5 miles logged but it felt like less as we did so many different exercises.  Wanted to kick off the NFL playoffs weekend with something fun.  Pretty much the first 3 quarters was with Tombstone Bitchin and Moanin about the workout but he kept us lively this morning and we love him for that.  I did get him back at coffee by untying his shoe laces.  Group really busted their humps this morning but remained active in conversation.  The best mornings always start with a good burner with this group.  Spud brought us home with a prayer and lets keep our thoughts going for what may or may not happen Sunday with the weather.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead and you are welcome for it (TP was going to bring the sled if noone stepped up).



Banging our Gongs!

Pax: solocup, gamma, clueless, tbone, smokey, thecount, jd, minnow

Q: Hacksaw

YHC and 8 other Supermen gathered at 0530 for some Kettlebell clanging, Classic 80’s rock, and inspiring conversations-here is the 411

Warm Up
SSH x 20
IST x 15
Penny Pickers x 15
Seal Claps/Overhead Claps x 15

The Thang

AMRAP x 1 minute | 5 exercises
Goblet Squats | Mountain Climbers | Shoulder Taps/pull through | WWII with Kettlebell | Bent over rows

Side to Side Parking Lot
10-1 Ladder | 1-10 Ladder
Round 1
Squat Thrusters | Murder Bunnies/Slingshots | Kettlebell Swings
Round 2
Curls/Press | farmers carry | Deadlift/high pulls

LBC x 22

Count-off and Name-a-rama

Interesting conversation pertaining to YHC 1 Minute alert for AMRAP-Solocup mentioned the Gong alert was not Gonging or hear it, JD did not hear it, but we know his hearing issues, but Smokey on the 4th or last one did hear it! so it was a gong fest day, but good, hard work from all today, working on quads and upper body. Great talk at Beatdown, especially Solocup and the count.
Gremlin tomorrow, Idiot Run in February, Smokey did take the Q for Railyard.
Great work by Tbone and Clueless for the prerun-if any others did a pre run, my apologies for not mentioning. Great discussion at coffeeteria about St. John’s trip for Smokey, diving, snorkeling, Solocup’s time in Canada and all inclusive resort trips, plus other banter which included Oz joining the Coffeeteria conversation

Prayers for thecount’s Dad, Banjo Boy’s family and FIL, all down with Covid right now, and all to utilize good judgment and common sense.

This is not Pharaoh Approved

Trying to do my part for the Q sheet, pulled out a former workout and put a few twists on it, figured it would be well received.  5:30 on the clock, let’s just prove it.

MASH, Kojak, Sir Topham Hatt, and Ticonderoga were all trying hard to contain their excitement as I glanced around the small circle.  It was apparent that Covid and cold and the infamous Blue Pill were wreaking havoc on our group BUT these 4 dudes showed up to join me so off we went.

Mosey around the parking lot

Stop for

  • SSH x10 IC
  • Karens x10 IC (Sir Topham’s name for SSH w/ no jumping, just arm raises/claps as if to say you know what)
  • Seal claps x10 IC
  • IST x10 IC
  • Penny pickers x10 IC

Mosey to the courtyard for the routine, different exercise at each of 12 diamonds

  • D1- lap around courtyard
  • D2- WWII
  • D3- CDD
  • D4- IST (each leg)
  • D5- Mountain climber (each leg)
  • D6- Lunge (each leg)
  • D7- Hand release merkins
  • D8- Table tops (each leg)
  • D9- Plank jacks
  • D10- Staggered merkins
  • D11- Jump squats
  • D12- Low flutter (each leg)

After taking a lap, move to D2, do 10 reps, then go to the center of the courtyard and do 1 burpee, then move to D3, and repeat this cycle of reps and burpees until you get to D12.  Pickup the 6.

Mosey to the tennis courts

  • 5 pullups, 10 dips or step-ups
  • 4 pullups, 10 dips or step-ups
  • 3 pullups, 10 dips or step-ups
  • 2 pullups, 10 dips or step-ups
  • 2 pullups, 10 dips or step-ups; YHC made a comment about we’d do 2 pullups, not 1, because Pharaoh says no need to do just 1 of anything

Mosey back to the courtyard for another round of Diamonds.  This time, do 2 burpees at the center between each exercises.

Mosey to the parking lot for suicides

  • Run to the first line, 1 merkin, back to the start, 1 merkin
  • Go to the second line, 1 merkin, back to the start, 1 merkin
  • Go to the third line, 1 merkin, back to the start, 1 merkin
  • Go to the fourth line, 1 merkin, back to the start, 1 merkin
  • Go to the fifth line, 1 merkin, back to the start, 1 merkin

Kojak astutely remembered that comment about not doing 1 of anything, so he yelled out ‘Pharaoh wouldn’t approve of just doing 1 merkin’.  YHC made the call to keep going, Pharaoh would just have to be disappointed.  Sorry

  • Circle up for Mary
  • Low dolly x10 IC
  • Pretzel crunch x10 IC
  • WWII x10 OYO
  • Box cutters x10 IC
  • Heels to heaven x10 OYO
  • Superman pulses
  • Crunch frog x10 IC
  • Mason twists x10 IC
  • Squirm x10 IC (just because this workout was not Pharaoh approved)


Recover Recover


  • Covid concerns for multiple PAX
  • Stress involved with Covid, work, schools, etc.
  • Unspoken requests that were not mentioned (no doubt we all have something)

Pray it out, peace out homeys


Thanks for showing up today guys.  5 strong is better than 4 strong.  Never a problem with accountability in this group, always good to know someone will show up to help you through the SUCK of a cold 530a start.  Can be the same for whatever we face in life- be that someone who will show up to help a brother get through it!


Flirtin with Danger

When: 1/13/22


QIC: Marlboro


Pax: Tombstone, Spud, Checkmate, Popeye, Total Package, Deertick


Mosey around the parking lot to gather the stragglers still warming up in their vehicles, few butt kickers, then high knees, and head the Belk lot for warmup


Warmup: 20 SSH, 13ish Loose Change (with welcomed interruption by ol’ faithful Deertick pulling up still sipping coffee), 10 hillbillies

Mosey to JC Penney side lot for the Thang


The Thang:

7 stations with one at each parking lot row.  First exercise at the planter wall, run to the end of the parking row for the next, then to the next station.


1) Dips & Merkins

2) Calf raises & Squats

3) LBCs (ic) & WWIIs

4) Derkins & V ups

5) Box jumps & Box cutters

6) Ierkins & Core killers

7) Step ups & Peter Parker’s


10 reps for each exercise, run outer edge of lot back to station 1 for repeat and add 2 reps each loop.


Almost 3 loops for some, 2-2.5 for most.


Mary called with a suggestion for the good ol’ MasterQ that we flirt with danger and mosey back on Country Club.  All pax made it back, but the sidewalk was a little further down than most recalled.


Mary: Plank and wait for the circle to fill in, runners stretch, down-dog, dive into cobra and call it.


Prayers: TPs FIL passed and prayers lifted for the family.

Announcements: Gremlin is this Saturday in Mint Hill of which likely no concord OGs will be flexin on dem posers.  (Mayhem give me your best Anti-Macho Man OH NOOO)


Moleskin: Good cool 27 deg morning with 7 of the best showing up to ride the homeschool bus to PE class.  Decided to finally give in and just start with SSH like so many before me.  When ticky says he’ll be there, he’ll be there.  A gentlemen’s word is his word, finishing that coffee is of utmost importance though.  Also true to word, never leave a man behind.  Good work Spud going to meet him in the middle. Though most would have certainly parked the truck right there by the warmup.


Nothing new today, rise and grind.  Nice to Q at the place, my first show to f3concord took place.  Months ago, at that first beatdown, I almost spilled merlot in those planters while wondering who the F is that fast dude that has lapped me 3 times around the mall.  Thanks to Indy for hanging back with me to keep my mind off the wine while stopping to walk way too many times.  It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.


Coffeeteria delievered as usual with all the good things of Vegas and all the bad habits of the Catholic Church.

Waitin’ on our Winter Wonderland

8 other Mighty Men showed up and joined YHC for some warmer temps.  YHC had posted that it would be warmer this Gloom but as JD pointed out even 1 degree is warmer.  After some talk about the upcoming blizzard this weekend, the clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went like this….





Arm circles

Mountain Climbers

Penny Pickers

10 Mericans between each(We had a JD blessing moment here)



Start with 10 plank jacks at the bottom of the hill then bear crawl to the top.  Do 10 WWI’s and crab walk to the bottom of the hill.  Run to the sidewalk near the stadium and back.  Repeat until time was called by YHC.

Next was a double dose of suicides.  Use the middle road as the start point.  There are 4 islands between the middle road and the school, we’d do squats and HR mericans on this side. There are 4 islands between the middle road and Raging Ridge, we’d do lunges and shoulder taps on this side.  Start with 20 reps of the exercises on one side then back to the start point for 5 burpees each time.  Then cross over to the other side and do 20 reps of the exercises.  Continue this but drop 5 reps each island the farther you get from the start.



Low Dollys

Crunchy Frogs


Count-off and Name-a-rama



–Still no Q signed up for the Railyard Saturday so if you’re planning to post be aware.



–For those dealing with sickness and recovery.





–The Blessing moment came early on. Sorry no burpees yet JD but be patient.

–Just can’t say enough about seeing Ripken out there alongside of us.  A young man out there in 20 degree temps and at 0530.  Makes it hard not to post.  Great job Dr Lecter!!

–Good to see Big Bird out there but still not used to seeing him climb out of his truck instead of running into the lot.

–Bonvoy and Exit 54 were obviously showing that their marathon training was already paying off.

–Clueless played weatherman this morning and gave us the most up to date forecast.  He was already bundled up for it.

–Smokey rolls in with the jams pumping and by the end of the beatdown was definitely not worried about the temps.


Montezuma’s Revenge

  • When: 1-12-22
  • QIC: Psycho-T
  • The PAX: Spud, Private Ryan, Tombstone, Luthor, El Ab, Marlboro, Popeye, Java, Checkmate, Snake Eyes, Neverland, Firechicken, Mountie, Mayweather, Finish Line

16 Pax entered the gloom this AM. 15 completed The Thang.  One had to clean out the Hershey Highway.

Cool, Crisp, 25 Degrees


Mosey to Carolina Courts

SSH x 20
Hillbilly’s X 10

Back Stretch of Choice


Start at Carolina Courts Parking Lot.  5 burpees and a semi-suicide.  Head to the top of the stairs.  15 Air Squats.  Proceed to New Parking Deck.  15 Mercans at the bottom.  Take the parking deck ramps to the top and knock out 15 LBC’s.  Down the stairwell and head back to Carolina Courts.

Repeato (up the deck steps on the second time around instead of deck ramp).  Most got through 3 cycles. Some completed 4-5 cycles.  Covered 3.0-3.5 miles with some serious elevation thrown in.

Run to Mary

-Plank and a few quick stretches.

-A little variation from my typical workout.  Q was a little foggy this morning.  Warm up cadence was a little off and apparently we left a few brothers stranded on the deck prior to Mary. Pretty sure they knew it was time for Mary, but weren’t interested in participating in some bullshit PT stretches.  I wanted plenty of running to keep us warm plus some elevation.  I think we accomplished that.

-PR is still dealing with the aftermath of spending a week on the Disney Omicron Cruise Ship.  Pretty sure Montezuma was getting his revenge this morning.

-A pleasure to lead today guys. I am blessed to be part of this group and thankful for the friendships and the accountability that comes with it.  Prayers for our man Bozeman, the Wilkinson family, and all of those dealing with something that we may not be aware of.

Aye, PT

Strength training vs. 22 Degrees

YHC had no plan in place until 5:25 am.  With all the running I have been doing, I was looking for a non-running Beatdown that would keep us warm.

I am sure when we took our first lap around the parking lot, no one thought “oh, we aren’t running a lot today” but that was the majority of the running.

At 5:29 Mash exclaimed “well here’s your turnout”. He also said during the workout “this is why no one comes to your leads”.  Very vocal today, lol!  The 4 of us stared at each other as a BIG pick up truck came rolling down the hill, wait… could it be… Beetlejuice?!  5 ok!  Disclaimer given and we are off.
we ran around the parking lot and to the bricks. Warm up in front of the flag pole.

SSH x 15/Penny Pickers/Windmill/hillbilly

Go get some bricks and head to the parking lot. Wait, what is this?!  Talladega coming in HOT!  Loveboat handed him his block and ran back to get another one.  Then to show off ran with the brick over his head with one hand back to us before I could give the instructions on todays workout, lol!
the Thang:

4 corners each corner we do an exercise and then Farmers carry/over head carry to the next corner alternating Carry’s.

corner 1 – Curls

corner 2 – tricep extensions

corner 3 – Atomic crunches

corner 4 – Chest press

round. 1 was 10 reps

round 2  was 15 reps

round 3 was 20 reps….

just when Turbine couldn’t feel his fingers anymore, we went and returned the blocks and head to Mary.

Pretzel crunch, Low flutter, Crunchy Frog, plank, Homer to Marge.

pryers for Cindy, Carrie and loveboats, in-laws neighbors uncles cousins nephews son, or something like that, lol.  Seriously though, prayers for that young man.
lastly, thank you men for coming out today and sharing the suck.  I didn’t do a great job keeping us warm, but you all didn’t complain, (that much).
my New Years resolution is to try and step out of my comfort spot a little more, hence my taking of the prayer today.  I don’t usually do the prayer as I feel somewhat uncomfortable speaking to God in front of everyone, not sure why, but it is a challenge for me and I challenged myself to try.  Challenge yourself to Step out of your comfort zone and see what you can accomplish this week.  It doesn’t have to be something big, just make it something!
-Uecker out! SYITG!