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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Run the Mile!!

April 19, 2021 |

9 men hit the road this morning to start the week off right (7 runners and 2 ruckers). I wanted to make it easy this morning so people could adjust as necessary (a lot of different speeds out this morning). … Read More

Pain Clock

April 19, 2021 |

As I pull up at 5:29 there are 4 men ready to take a couple trips around the Pain Clock. What time it…it is Bell Time!


  • SSH X 20
  • Good Morning X 10
  • IST X 10
  • Penny Picker … Read More

Last Good Birthday

April 19, 2021 |

14 hims (3 runners and 11 others) came out to Harrisburg Town Center to prove they can get out of bed in the early morning gloom after a busy weekend and improve themselves in the process.  To add a little … Read More

M3, 4 Rounds

April 19, 2021 |

YHC took the Q to celebrate 12 yrs of marriage bliss with the M.  Good to have Soprano joining us for M3 while his foot continues to heel up.  9 total Pax in suck it bros temps, disclaimer read and … Read More

A Gooney Special

April 18, 2021 |

Weather: cool with a slight chance of pollen

Warm up at the bum wash

20 mountain climbers IC

20 Loose Change IC

Arm Circles

New deck

Partner up- quadriphilia to the top. Partner … Read More

Delta’s BDAY Q and 1974 Trivia

April 18, 2021 |

Delta’s 47th Birthday Q.  Most of the exercises are in factors of 16, 47 and 74 with 1974 Trivia included.  Look it up, only a few important things happened in 1974.  Other than Nixon resigning, the only real noticeable thing … Read More

Partner Up

April 17, 2021 |

13 of Harrisburg’s strongest and best looking, so we parked in the back of the park, partnered up for a “simple” workout.  Around the park we went for a full body workout.

Warm Up: SSH X 15 Merkins X  10 … Read More

The Court Jester and the log

April 17, 2021 |

The sun is up and a cool but comfy morning awaited the pax. The eight men set off for the beatdown, while three others where hitting the streets. A kinda sorta disclaimer was given and we were off for a … Read More


April 16, 2021 |

16 of Harrisburg’s bravest came out to hop, run and throw some iron around.   This workout was inspired a little by Kojak’s Murder Bunnies T Shirt along with how tough Practice’s partner workout was on Tuesday.  Wanted to keep us … Read More

4 Tire Pitstop

April 16, 2021 |

There may have been some whiskey involved at Afton’s happy hour last night that lead to some of this awesomeness.  That, plus YHC’s trail Jeep just got some new tires.  So here we go!  Started out with a typical … Read More