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Rainy running domination

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: heatstroke PAX: Hot Pack, jimmybuffett, Soprano, chachif3, Detention, MC, kilowatt, Uncle Tractor FNGs: None COUNT: 9 THE THANG: The Haunted Loveseat Greenway. Wasn’t expecting that level of rain. The runners with a convincing 6-3 victory this am. ANNOUNCEMENTS: YHC has 6 year F3versary Q tomorrow. Soprano performs his painalty 🐻. Possible makeup […]

Heavy Bells

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: Hot Pack, Detention, Manwich, Vespa-Odell, Pox FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Pre workout setup was to put all bells including the 48KG bell (the beast) in line and in weight order WARMUP: mosey to lot, 4 parking spaces: lunge walk, toy soldier, elbow to ankle, inchworm merkins, COP: SSH, P.pickers, single […]

Optimus Prime Round 2

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: Hot Pack, Detention, Manwich, @Backstop FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: 100m run, 10slamballs, 200m run, 20airsquats, 300m run, 30kb swings, 200m run, 20sec hang, 100m run, 10 push-ups THE THANG: Strength: 7min EMOM – 7 pull-up (band assist as needed) WOD: AMRAP 7 min wallballs (20-10ft, 14-9ft) + 5 Deadlifts […]

Colder than MI

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Life Alert PAX: Pox, MC, Peanuts, Big Bird, Soprano, Life Alert, Clickbait, Detention FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: wait on MC with some SSH x 10, IST x10, HillBillie x 10..mosey to HRMS for pp x 10, AB x 5, arm circle, tempo PS x 10, Apollo Ono x 10 THE THANG: […]

PoxBox comes to RS

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: Pox PAX: MC, Life Alert, Peanuts, Big Bird, chachif3, Clickbait, Detention, Pox, Soprano FNGs: None COUNT: 9 9 (eventually) stoners kept warm in the 40 degree gloom thanks to Pox gathering up equipment from the PoxBox. It went something like this WARMUP: (all IC) SSHx15, plank jacksx15, seal jacksx15, Smurf jacksx5, windmills, […]

Getting up…Turkish Style! Beef!

AO: F3Rollingstone Q: schnitzel PAX: Manwich, Pox, Peanuts, Vespa-Odell, Hot Pack, schnitzel, Detention FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: Beef at the helm. Mosey around the lot and throwing in some: Butt kickers High knees Toy soldiers Side straddle hop x15 IC Cotton picker x10 IC Windmill x10 IC THE THANG: Deck of Death Only 10-Aces […]

Leaky Jugs

Pax: Sugar, Vespa, MC, Kumho, Clickbait, Heatstroke, Life Alert, Detention, Love Seat, Schnitzel, Pox, Big Bird, Peanuts Q: Peanuts   0530 on a 50 degree October morning brought out 13 of Rolling Stone’s finest. A quick disclaimer was given which was followed by a mosey to the middle school front entrance.   Warmarama: SSH, IST, […]

Q Tomorrow? How about some shoulders?

PAX: Detention, LilHeater, HotPack, Pox, Kilowatt, Cheerwine, Peanuts, Manwich, Schnitzel Date: 10/3/2022 Q: Schnitzel Good temps this morning, little breeze to cool things off.  Q coming off weekend of 21 hour power outage, and some long days in kitchen doing some backsplash tiling.  Respect body paying the price…  Nonetheless, off we go. Disclaimer Shorter version, […]

The Wheel of Pain Bday Celebration

Pax: Peanuts, Life Alert, Vespa, Big Bird, MC, Detention, Love Seat QIC: Heatstroke 8 men joined YHC to celebrate his mom’s special day. Disclaimer and mosey to courts with a fence hop, once Big Bird got his hips loosened up.  Chubbs would be proud. Warmarama at the courts The Thang at the nearby alcove.  Grab […]

Kore Cillers

PAX: Detention, Clickbait, Life Alert, Love Seat, Sugar, Soprano, Schnitzel, Heatstroke, Peanuts, Kilowatt, MC, Manwich, Vespa, MasterPo Date:  9/22/2022 Q: Schnitzel Have to marvel at how 10+ PAX can arrive between 0528 and 0530.1.  Awesome temps this morning and half moon hanging upside down in the sky. Disclaimer …and still nobody has just left, once […]