Category: BackBlasts

Kettlebell Strong Style

DATE: 02/03/23 PAX: Bonvoy, SS Minnow, Wexler, Gamma, Solocup, TarTar, Bearclaw, Kojak Q: Hacksaw 9 total HIM’s knocked it out for a Kettlebell Squared Circle that had the PAX talking! Warm-Up 14-SSH 14-Windmill 14-Squat 7-Calf Raises The Thang Round 1 Tabata- 45 sec on, 15 off Clean/Press Snatch Overhead Press Tricep Ext Halo Static Hold […]


Pax: 19 strong Marlboro, TStone, Love boat, frostbite, Indy, ace, DeerTick, brickyard, Psycho T, Fire chicken, Hip, FNG Steve Miller aka “junkyard”, Luthor, sand trap, Mayhem, Mountie, el Ab, Popeye Mosey toWarm up on 4th level:  20 SSH Arm circles forward and back 15 IST’s Runners stretch Toe touch left and right  Mosey to some […]

Impromptu Q

Q : Total Package Pax : Tombstone, Neverland, Scooter, PT, Deertick, Ace, Java, Popeye, Professor, Catfish, Sandtrap, Buzzkill, Hops, Mayweather Warm up in church parking lot: High knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps Circle up- Rehab Parking Lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 15 Hamstring Stretch Arm Circles Mosey to Belk’s Parking Lot The Thang: […]

Half and Half

Date: 1-26-23 Pax: Sandtrap, Hops, Tombstone, Neverland, Java, Finish Line, Professor, Homeland, Total Package, Buzzkill, Spud 11 men did what we do in the mornings and that’s wake up and improve ourselves.  Others slept the hell in because it was kinda cold. WARMUP little Butt kicker high knee Carioca action to the rock lot for […]

The Magic Number

Date: 1-12-23 Pax: Sandtrap, Tombstone, Java, Mayweather, Neverland, Hops, Tombstone, Professor (Formerly FNG Duane), Mr. Safety (Apex visitor), Indy, Total Package, Buzzkill, Hipbone, Spud (QIC) 14 men went on a counting expedition and ended up A2M.  Great and 50 degrees, here’s the plan: WARM UP Mosey to steam plant SSH x 20 ISTx 10 loose […]