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The T

On this pre-hurricane morning 7 HIMs joined YHC at The Ridge to get stronger and faster.  We’ll see how that all ended up.  The clock hit 0530 so off went.  It went something like this……   WARMUP SSH Mountain Climbers IST Windmills   THE THANG The start point was the ticket office and start with […]

Back to School

When: 9.28.22 • QIC: Bozeman • The Pax: Mountie, Skinner, LMU, Spud, Firechicken, Luthor, Brickyard, Marlboro, Tombstone, Slash, Sand Trap, Popeye, Mayhem, Frostbite, El Ab, Checkmate, Mayweather, Wildcat 19 men showed up to show out with a chill in the air. To soon begiven great quotes.  Mosey to bottom of new deck SSH Arm Circles Loose Change Head up the steps to learn the assignment.  The Thang […]


When: 9/24/2022 QIC: Java The Pax: Scooter, Tupperware. Spud, Catfish, Hops, Popeye, Tombstone. Homeland. Luther, Fire chicken, El ab, Neverland The THANG- Mosey to Coltrane-Webb Elementary schoolyard for Warmarama. Couple sets of mountain climbers, SSH’s, windmills, soap drop. Mosey to track around playground – 5 pull ups then a lap x2-3 reps then off to Carolina courts for […]

Death by Big Boy Situp

PAX: RiskyBusiness, Cupid, Squid, BigTuna, Heisenberg, Sir Topham Hat, GrandMaster, The Burgh, ChopSaw, Schnitzel, BackDraft Date: 9/28/2022 Q: Schnitzel 50 degree morning, perfect for the IPC #4, Death by Skinny Runner.  If YHC had known when he picked this day to Q… No Disclaimer Minimal warmup, mosey down to Rooster parking lot, meet up with […]

Kore Cillers

PAX: Detention, Clickbait, Life Alert, Love Seat, Sugar, Soprano, Schnitzel, Heatstroke, Peanuts, Kilowatt, MC, Manwich, Vespa, MasterPo Date:  9/22/2022 Q: Schnitzel Have to marvel at how 10+ PAX can arrive between 0528 and 0530.1.  Awesome temps this morning and half moon hanging upside down in the sky. Disclaimer …and still nobody has just left, once […]

Moan & Groan

Date: 9/20/2022 AO: ASEC QIC: Hops Pax: Private Ryan, Psycho T, Hipbone, Bozeman, Fire Cock, Tomby, Catfish, Scooter, Spud, Luthor, Homeland, Look me up!, Mayweather and FNG-Heath Dry Warmup: Head to Belk parking lot. SSH x 20 Loose Change x 10 Arm Circles Head to top of parking deck. Thang: 4 corners (stations), 4 exercises […]

Date:  9/19/22 Pax:  Peanuts, Wrong Way, Hot Pack, newly named Lil’ Heater (Hot Pack’s 2.0), Detention, Cheerwine, Kilowatt, Manwich QIC:  Manwich Hot Pack’s 2.0, FNG Lucas came back to the gloom for his second beatdown and to receive an official F3 name. Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the […]