Category: BackBlasts

Last Minute Prep Yields a Familiar Destination

Date: 5/18/22 PAX: Gamma, Wexler, Othello, Bonvoy, Starsky, Papa John, Clueless, T-Bone, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   THE ROUTE: Head east on Main St, left on Carl Parmer, take the hidden right turn into the new townhome development Run straight til you reach Roberta, turn right Right onto Harrisburg Dr, start running the BOX […]

The Most Exciting Minute in F3

PAX: Wexler, Birdcage, Zin, Woodstock, SS Minnow, Dr Lecter, Ripken, Battery, Kojak, Deadhead 10 brave souls donned their finest linens, downed a few mint juleps and stumbled into The Ridge for a beatdown that was previously promised (with almost 5% certainty) to contain no Mike Tysons. Spoiler: Mike Tysons were in there. 0530, the disclaimer […]