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12 Days of Christmas

5 Pax came and completed 2 rounds of the 12 days of Christmas routine: 12 – Overhead Press 11 – Squat with Kettle Bells 10 – Curls 09 – Tricep Extension 08 – Merkins 07 – LBC’s 06 – Upright Rows 05 – Step back lunges 04 – Bent over Rows 03 – Plank Jacks […]

Workout with friends

Backblast started with a set of 7s by the practice soccer field. Then we attempted to get into the tennis courts, but unfortunately, the doors were locked. So we traveled to the parking lot to complete our four corners exercises. At each base, we did 10 merkins, 10 LBC’s, and ten squats. We did that […]

Drunk in Publix

  On a reasonably comfortable morning, 12 HIMs gathered to try out some virgin Road Warrior pavement. Here’s how it went: THE THANG Launch from Percent. Head down Carl Palmer to Main and cross over 49 near the gas station and chick fil a. Go behind Publix and out the other end by Jamba Juice. […]

Moving Our Bells!

9 strong HIM’s, YHC, and some prerunners took to Stallings Park to embrace the Gloom and get stronger. Here is the rundown Pax: Ripken, Dr Lecter, Othello, JD, Papa John, Practice, Bearclaw, Deadhead, Wexler Q: Hacksaw Warm up Mosey to end of parking lot SSH x 10 IST x 10 OYO 3 second Merkins(prepare for […]

Cold and Fast In the Deck

Slackblast: Cold and Fast in the Deck DATE: 2022-10-19 AO: #f3concord Q: exit54 PAX: Luthor, private_ryan, Tombstone Skinner, Sandtrap, mountie, look_me_up, popeye, firechicken, El Abogado, hops , BirdDog, Brickyard COUNT: 15 WARMUP: Mosey to Carolina Courts, COP • SSH x 20 (IC) • Windmills x 15 (IC) • IST x 20 (IC) • Jihadis x […]

Walker, Harrisburg Ranger The temps were cold and the Pax were colder as 9 steely-eyed killers made their way through some familiar ground on another rendition of The Road Warrior.   THE THANG Launch from Percent, and head up Roberta. Left onto Rocky River Crossing, right on Morehead, left on Carving Tree. When Carving Tree runs out, […]

Fail Trail

date: 10-18-2022 Pax: Private Ryan, El Ab, Psycho T, Marlboro, Tombstone, Trick Daddy, Luthor, Buzzkill, Homeland, Fire Chicken, Spud 11 pax got a little old skool as things cooled down a bit.  I’m not using that fake backblast shit. WARM UP Mosey up Lake Concord to Neurosurgery office to a waiting El Ab for SSH […]

Space Mountain

Date: 10-15-22 Pax: Luthor, Catfish, Tombstone, Scooter, Gooney, Marlboro, Homeland, Total Package, Neverland, Spud Ten strong headed to go get it.  Bit chilly, but sometimes you need a bit chilly.  Headed to low 30s next week! Warm Up Mosey down Cabarrus Avenue W (😬) to abandoned Star America parking lot for SSH x 20 Hillbilly […]

No Cheating the Iron

DATE: 10/14/22 PAX: JD, Practice, Smokey, Escalade, Papa John, Banjo Boy, Static, Mayweather, Bearclaw, Gold Rush, Hacksaw, Othello, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   Lucky 13 hit the Harrisburg Iron block for some fun with heavy things… WARM-UP: Mosey to the tennis court side of the lot, COP Disclaimer SSH x 20 (IC) IST x […]