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Step Show

10/12/22 Step Show AO: OCT QIC: Mayhem Pax: Mayweather, Buzzkill, Sandtrap, Spud, Tombstone, Mountie, Fire Chicken, Scooter, LMU, Popeye, Wildcat, PR, Luther, Catfish, Bird Dog Warm-O-Rama: Carolina Courts SSH x 20 IST x 20 Arm Raises x 20 Mountain Climbers x 20 Arm Circles  The Thang Take steps and Mosey to Top of New Deck […]

The anti-Chelsea

PAX: Pox, Schnitzel, Sugar, LifeAlert, LoveSeat, BigBird, Clickbait, MC, Peanuts, Heatstroke, Vespa, Detention, Q: Schnitzel Date: 10/13/2022 Kind of hot and humid for mid-October, rain was in the forecast but cloudy, and about 65 degrees.  Multiple cars rolling in at 0531, missing the Qs disclaimer, but disclaimer given. Disclaimer Normal, but did not provide option […]

You Guys Are The Best

Backblast for 10/11/22: QIC: Luthor Pax: brickyard; deertick; fc; Trickdaddy; indie; tombstone; LMU; catfish; spud; scooter; hops; Luthor; visitor Wedding singer. Mosey to Belk parking lot for warm up The Thang: Indian run around mall and circled back up in belk parking lot. We performed a variety of exercises. During each exercise, 2 pax ran […]


Loveboat and MASH gathered on a cool, dry morning for a Dawghouse beatdown.   Warm-o-rama: Mosey’d to courtyard; did Side-straddle hops, Hillbillies, Penny pickers and windmills.   Thang: Simple circuit of 5 exercises and a lap around Pickup and Dropoff road, repeato, repeato until time is called: 10x Hand-release merkins 10x Side-plank pushups (5 each […]

I Think They Liked It

Date: 10/10/22 PAX: Static, Gamma, Othello, Battery, Mad Dog, Peppa, Kojak, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   WARMUP: Run the Extinction Mile, then partner up for the Circuit. THE CIRCUIT: With your partner, run the loop from Venture Church to Hawthorne’s, to Atrium, to the corner of Physicians and Professional, back to Venture. As you […]

The Wall

Backblast 10/06/22 AO: ASEC QIC : Total Package Pax : Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Sandtrap, Brickyard, Tombstone, Private Ryan Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke Circle up – lower parking lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Jog to Dentist office across Lake Concord Rd The Thang: […]

Up and Down Spring St

AO:  OCT PAX: Private Ryan, Neverland, Total Package, Gooney, Hops, Spud, Catfish, Luther, Homeland, Scooter Warm-up: Bum wash x15 SSH x10 mountain climbers x10 loose change arm circles x10 burpees Thang : Mosey to new deck. At each floor do a set of 3 exercises: mericans, vups, and squats. Start with 10 first round then […]

10 day today!

PAX: Gamma, Exit 54, Practice, SS Minnow, Papa John Q: Hacksaw Date: 10/7/2022 5 supermen ventured out to enjoy a Friday morn beatdown with a back to back YHC appearance, with bells in hand, the fun began! Warm-up Arm Circles SSH x 12 Hillbillies x 12 Windmills x 12 The Thang 4 rounds, 4 exercises, […]

Wait I’m the Warbaby???

4 HIM’s joined YHC on this crisp Fall morning at the Dawghouse.  YHC hadn’t posted here in awhile so I was looking forward to leading the PAX.  So before the clock hit 0530 someone said looks like it’ll just be the Respects this morning.  Then YHC realized that I was the only non-Respect there.  This […]

Leaky Jugs

Pax: Sugar, Vespa, MC, Kumho, Clickbait, Heatstroke, Life Alert, Detention, Love Seat, Schnitzel, Pox, Big Bird, Peanuts Q: Peanuts   0530 on a 50 degree October morning brought out 13 of Rolling Stone’s finest. A quick disclaimer was given which was followed by a mosey to the middle school front entrance.   Warmarama: SSH, IST, […]