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People’s Q Saved By…Vern

Six PAX met on a comfortable Wednesday morning to recognize it would be a People’s Q…or would it? Somewhat of a disclaimer was provided by @Sparky Extended mosey around the parking lot with butt-kickers, high-knees, and karaoke’s. WARMARAMA by @Sparky: Side-Straddle Hops, Toy Soldiers, Windmills, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and Weed Pickers. THE THANG, by “Vern”, decided […]

The Usual Luigi

Got to the launch site and picked up the Q at approximately 05:29. Started with 8 and picked up 1 during warmarama. Warmarama at the clubhouse. Mosey to the cart dungeon. 10 muscle ups on cart dungeon wall run to bottom of the hill for 10 WWIIs. Repeato x3 Mosey to burpee corner for 5 […]

Under the Weather

Woke up this morning not feeling too great. I decided to push through with the Q commitment anyways. Came in on two wheels at 0530 for a quick disclaimer (including disclaimer about my condition). This is how it went: The Thang 4 Stations with two exercises at each station. First exercise had a quantity and […]

Federal Holiday Mettle

On Sunday, @BuffaloBill put a digital feeler out to see if anyone would be interested in a later-starting Mettle for those who still receive Federal holidays off.  I quickly voiced my interest and after some mumble chatter of whether or not Charter schools are considered public (they ARE, by the way), I snatched the Q […]

No Shenanigans

So Monday’s usually run without a Q (pick a route and we are off). However, to not reenact my first run-day (showed up and it was a Chickenfoot day) for Bull’s first run-day, I grabbed the Q last night to make sure we ran a reasonable route (if you didn’t know chickenfoot is not reasonable). […]

Cross-Winds Landing

After waking to the sounds of gale force winds at 3am, YHC immediately engaged the What’s App network (way better than Slack) to see if others thought it was too dangerous for YHC to Q.  While some PAX were successfully deterred (including the entirety of CMS), others had no fear.  Thus, YHC honored the Q […]

Lone Chicken

1 PAX got up of the fart sack on a cold Monday morning to do a Skywalker Cruise.  For the one PAX, it was a last minute decision that proved to be lonely.  YHC debated in his mind abut doing Mettle at Highlands or running. I saw that the Valley was doing an interesting run.  […]