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Last Day of YHC Iron Q

AO: F3Highlands Q: barrister PAX: Flyer, Gordo, dropcloth, Disaster, Dogpound, hugo, Murdock, Powerball, Sandman, Illuminati, schoolbus, number_1, F3 РMoopDog FNGs: None COUNT: 14 WARMUP: Stuff THE THANG: More Stuff MARY: Gordo’s Echo ANNOUNCEMENTS: TL 2023 COT: Holidays can be stressful for some, be a beacon of light for those struggling through darkness

Visitor from Texas

AO: F3Highlands Q: barrister PAX: buffalo_bill, Dutch Boy, Powerball, Fescue, Dogpound, Murdock, KleanUp, pavarotti, schoolbus, Skipper, Gordo FNGs: None COUNT: 12 WARMUP: mobile warmup THE THANG: skyline and golf course MARY: homer to marge by gordo ANNOUNCEMENTS: time laps(e) COT: welcome home Dutch Boy