Birthday Q and remembering Knoxville

After having some warmer weather this week, temps plummeted for my Q.  So, brought out the winter gear and headed to Comanche!  Better to be cold than to be raining.

YHC brought a workout that I had done before and learned when a group of dads for a soccer tournament attended a Knoxville, TN F3 bootcamp several years ago.  We had Cardiac, Rocker, Ace Ventura, and an FNG that would be named Knoxville with us.  That was a memorable workout due to getting lost and them having a very sucky hill in which most of the workout occurred.  Everyone enjoyed it so much, that the next day (or maybe 2 days later) we did a workout around the hotel parking lot adding a few more guys, including Chicken Coop.  That was a memorable trip!  So, YHC decided to share one aspect of it with the Pax this morning.


  • Mosey around parking lot. Pax pointed out that the new usual location for the warmup exercises was on the sidewalk in front of the school entrance, so we went over there.
  • SSH x 12
  • IST x 12
  • Cotton Pickers x 12. NOTE: Couldn’t help but notice that these were being called Cherry Pickers by Dark Helmet.  Someone mentioned it might have been an alteration to be more PC.  Hopefully Cotton Pickers has not offended anyone. Cherry Pickers is a bad alternative though as you do not need to bend over and reach for the ground.

The Thang or main event:

  • Ran to bottom of hill of road leading into Cox Mill Elementary
  • Was hoping for multiples of 3 Pax, but we had 8. After a brief discussion we divided into 2 teams of 4, with each group 1 or 2 people at stations at the bottom or top of the hill and a runner in between, switching off when the runner(s) arrive at the station.
  • First Round:
    • Bottom Hill Station: Jump Squats
    • Top Hill Station: LBCs
    • Repeat x 4
  • Second Round:
    • Bottom Hill Station: Mountain Climbers
    • Top Hill Station: Apollo Ohnos
    • Repeat x 4
  • Third Round:
    • Bottom Hill Station: Burpees
    • Top Hill Station: World War II Situps
    • Repeat x 4.At least it should be 4.  Some of the Pax called an audible to switch to Mary before finishing the last set.  These Pax were running back down the hill so I am suspicious that they were trying to get out of more burpees.  We went on to Mary.


  • Low Flutter x 10
  • Box Cutter x 10
  • YHC was planning to end it with Homer to Marge, but our champion of that exercise was not there, Robins Nest. At this point, YHC took too long, and the Pax sounded off a few more exercises.
  • Low Dolly x 10
  • Pickle Pounder x ?. This was a new exercise for YHC.  Buckwheat did not get too far into it when one Pax yelled “Done!”.  With that, the Pax dropped out of form one after the other in laughter.


  • Counted off, Name-o-rama, and Jelly took us out with prayer to start the day.

Announcements / Thoughts / Prayers:

  • For those that did not come out, Comanche 2ndF at Pippa’s was a fun time. Enjoyed the fellowship with those that attended.
  • Check Slack for link on Comanche shirt order.
  • Keep France and Notre Dame in thoughts as that signature landmark was severely damaged in a fire.


YHC has seen PAX around the region signup and do a Birthday Q for several years.  This year, YHC decided to jump onto that bandwagon and very glad in that decision.  Also glad for decent, though chilly, weather!  Hope the Pax enjoyed it!

One final note:  As has been mentioned by Forgotten Jelly, workouts have been a little light in attendance the last few weeks, YHC is guilty of not attending too many thus far this year. Can understand some are having allergies, spring break, etc.  YHC plans to crank that up to be more regular most weeks, barring injury, vacation, and of course rain, with attending at least 2 of our 4 workouts each week.   For all of the Pax that we have not seen in a while, let’s reach out to them individually to check on them and encourage them to come back out and that they are always part of Comanche!  It might take a few times or a few months of chatting and gentle encouragement, but it can work.  Ace and Chicken Coop knows that works, right?    Also, in addition to Christenbury and Highland Creek, Comanche region has 4 new neighborhoods coming up around us.   Be on the lookout for those EH opportunities.   Remember some of those can take a year to make it to that first workout!