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Stifler’s VQ Birthday Beatdown

I am thankful for 2 of my fellow DL PAX who made it out for my VQ, which happened to be on the eve of my 27th birthday (proudly accepting all the hate). We had a few rounds of pain stations (with the number 27 worked in) and clocked 2ish miles, with some Christmas Mary […]

Where’s 2 Step?

With a good chunk of our DL crew out at SMR, there were only 3 PAX posting for a Saturday morning beat down… 2 Steps car was in the parking lot, but he was nowhere to be found. Warm-a-rama After a brief disclaimer and some questions around where 2 Step is, we launched into warm-a-rama. […]

Proctologist Assistant Qualifications

6 PAX gathered on a beautiful (and not snowy) April morning for a quality full body beat down Warm-a-rama After a brief disclaimer for some veteran PAX, we jumped in to a warm up that consisted of (all IC): SSH x 20, Imperial Storm Trooper x 15, Windmill x 15, Cotton Picker x 10, Mountain […]

Is Metro back for good?

It was a beautiful, crisp, gloom and 7 PAX came out for an impromptu Q from YHC courtesy of Laser being “sick” again Warm-a-rama After a brief disclaimer and explanation of YHC had the Q today, we were off for some warm-a-rama. We started with a quick lap around the clubhouse followed by (all IC) […]

A day of stragglers

The rains let up for us to enjoy a beautiful gloom, perfect for a solid beat down courtesy of YHC. We launched at 0700 with 5 PAX, but that number would change over time. Warm-a-rama After a brief disclaimer, off we went for some warm-a-rama. We did a quick lap of the DL clubhouse before […]

Jump Rope Bananza

Warmup with KJ contine warm up when peta rolls in continue warm up when 2-step strolls in Now that all are here, we proceed to mosey to the Thang: 2 guys jump rope to 50 count while other AMRAP the exercise. Once done, switch places: Air squats MerkinsBurpees Carolina dry docsWWII sit upsMonkey jumpersstep upsdipsswing […]

The return of Metro

6 PAX gathered on this beautiful Tuesday morning to enjoy a people’s Q (shared by Softwood and Schoolbus). This morning saw the long awaited return of Metro, and another Magic Hands sighting. Warm-a-rama After a brief disclaimer, we went for a mosey to the end of the parking lot (interrupted by a 5 burpee T […]

A cold broga

3 PAX posted for a cooler Friday morning Broga session The Thang YHC led Peta and Thick Burger through some good Friday morning stretching. Thick Burger came unprepared for Broga (he was getting his passport stamped for DL) but luckily, YHC had an extra blanket that he could use as a mat. We put on […]

Pre-Blast: Speed for Need at the Santa Scramble in Concord

Speed for Need is making its triumphant return to Concord’s Santa Scramble at 2pm on Saturday November 17. Then stick around for the Concord Christmas Parade immediately following. Check out last year’s race highlights. And this year will be even better. Track Commander John Fulghum will be back, and we’re working on some others to […]