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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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A day of stragglers

  • When: 03/09/19
  • QIC: Softwood
  • The PAX: Dragon, King Julian, Mort, Peta, Laser, Blip, Blowout, Schoolbus, Hot Wheels

The rains let up for us to enjoy a beautiful gloom, perfect for a solid beat down courtesy of YHC. We launched at 0700 with 5 PAX, but that number would change over time.


After a brief disclaimer, off we went for some warm-a-rama. We did a quick lap of the DL clubhouse before re-convening at the shovel flag. From there: SSH x 10 IC, Imperial Storm Trooper x 10 IC, Cotton Picker x 10 IC, and Windmill x 10 IC. While we were getting into our Windmills, Hot Wheels rolled up on his bicycle to join us.

From here, brief mosey to the end of the parking lot to grab a rock and begin….

The thang

Somewhere around now, Schoolbus rolled up just to inform us he wanted nothing to do with us this morning and was going to work out at the gym instead (some lame-o excuse about shoulder exercises) and that he would rejoin us for COT. YHC stole a workout from a time I visited our brothers out in Wilmington (I think). The workout went as follows:

2 locations – 1 at the end of the parking lot where an exercise is performed, 2 is back at the shovel flag where we do SSH to match the number of reps we did at station one. Exercises were:

Core killers x 10

Burpees x 20

Curls x 30

Jump Lunges x 40

Chest Press x 50

Low Flutter x 60

(Laser, Blip, and Blowout all joined in somewhere around here after wrapping up their runs at the Valley this morning)

Carolina Dry Docks x 70

Squats x 80

Merkins x 90

LBC’s x 100

Time ran out before most finished, so we returned the rocks and headed back to the shovel flag for…


YHC made up some new versions of some time-tested Mary exercises. Everything was done “low and slow”:

Low flutter x 10 IC, Low Dollly x 10 IC, Rosalita x 10 IC, Mason Twist x 10 IC

After wrapping that up, we spent just a few minutes doing some stretching and injury prevention followed by COT


When we launched, there were only 5 of us this morning and we had 10 by the end of it (in typical DL straggler fashion). Thanks men for going hard this morning and dropping by DL after running over at the valley.


Do your BB’s! (*cough* R2D2 *cough*) We’ve been doing good so far this month

Lots of CSAUP events coming up


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