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F3 MeCa | January 21, 2019

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The Dawg House

Some Gremlin prep work

January 18, 2019 |

After the big numbers that have been posting at the Dawg House this week it was still a surprise when 22 HIM’s rolled into the lot and ready to work.  With the Gremlin on the calendar tomorrow YHC thought that … Read More

Record Setting Peak to Peak Cruise

January 17, 2019 | | One Comment

16 Dawgs… (yes SIXTEEN) showed up in the gloom for the Thursday cruise.  YHC had promised a blast from the past cruise on slack the night before… and evidently the curiosity worked.  As YHC got out of the car … Read More

An Old Skool Medley

January 12, 2019 | | One Comment

14 Men joined YHC for a little trip down Memory Lane.  Here’s a few of the best sets that made #TheRailYard great:

Warm Up

Mosey down to the Lower Football Field lot

  • SSH x 10
  • 1 Burpee
  • Windmills x 10
  • Read More


January 8, 2019 |

8 Pax ran the neighborhood rousting residents, setting off alarms, awaking babies, scaring dogs and cats!  Not really but 8 of did run for a bit….including Dana on his first cruise.


Read More

Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

January 5, 2019 | | One Comment

14 HIM, approached today’s deceptively simple workout with some trepidation.

Warm Up

  • SSH x 15
  • Run in place 30 sec
  • Cherry Pickers x 15
  • Michael Phelps 30 Sec

The Thang

Mosey on down to the Lower Lot

Partner … Read More

Dawgs Playing in the Rain

January 3, 2019 |

4 Dawgs including FNG Blain beat the fartsack, ignored the sound of rain on the roof and knocked out the Thursday cruise.  As a result of a MIA alarm clock… Pharaoh worked his way thru a solo run looking for … Read More

The Final Murph of 2018

December 31, 2018 | | One Comment

11 #HIM, seeking to finish the year off stronger than it started, gathered solemnly in #The Gloom to celebrate the life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy.  Here’s how it went down:

The Murph

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups (Inverted … Read More

Getting Ignited by a Torch

December 28, 2018 |

9 BAMFs came out into the rain and gloom to be ignited by a Torch.

Disclaimer was giving… then the torch was lit.



Cotton pickers Hillbilly SSH Arm circles



Mosey to the bricks Partner up- … Read More

A Dawghouse Dozen

December 19, 2018 |

11 faithful plus 1 FNG decided to get stronger by rolling out of warm beds and into the gloom.  No rain, no puddles, no wind, just cold but it is the week before Christmas and it could always be worse … Read More

Splish Splash

December 14, 2018 |

The forecast for the Gloom was looking well kind of gloomy but 12 HIM’s weren’t deterred and headed to The Dawghouse.  YHC considered heading for cover for this beatdown but I was confident these manly men could handle a lil … Read More