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Wait I’m the Warbaby???

4 HIM’s joined YHC on this crisp Fall morning at the Dawghouse.  YHC hadn’t posted here in awhile so I was looking forward to leading the PAX.  So before the clock hit 0530 someone said looks like it’ll just be the Respects this morning.  Then YHC realized that I was the only non-Respect there.  This […]

The Pitchfork

Pax: @Exit54 @Maddog @Clueless @Wexler @Tbone @Pharoah @HopHunter @PapaJohn @Bonvoy @Battery @Bearclaw @Geppetto @Dr.Lecter @Zin QIC: @Othello FNG’s: 0 Count: 15 YHC posted a preblast the night before stating temps would be around 66, there will be a large BRR contingent in the gloom, and that I would be there at 0500 for a pre-run-warm-up […]

Tennis courts and figure 8s

Preblast clearly stated that there would be burpees, pull ups, and running.  No pressure to show.  Then at 5:30a, YHC was so grateful that cars were in the parking lot.  As we waited for Loveboat to get parked we started moving around.  Then at 5:31a as we waited for Buck’s car to stop, we moved […]

Dawgs Wet T-Shirt Contest

The PAX: Spaz, Talladega, Sir Topham Hatt, Honey Do, Big Country, Loveboat, Turbine, Yellowcake, Terrible Towel, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   YHC was back with the Dawgs today to serve up a 2nd helping of sweat in the gloom this week.  On Tuesday YHC was pedaling, so today it was time to join with […]

The Man Card Bird

The PAX: Spaz, Iron City, MASH, Shot Rock, talladega, Sir Topham Hatt, Honey Do, Big Country, Loveboat, Zacchaeus, Buck, Sterling, Turbine, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter Q: Hop Hunter   There was a fair amount of chatter leading into the Tuesday morning gloom around would the ruckers demonstrate they still have a heartbeat at the Dawg House.  […]

Friday the 13th didn’t stop 12 other mighty men from joining YHC in the Gloom.  After some pre-beatdown prep YHC made it back at 0529 to the PAX wondering my location.  After a disclaimer we headed off on a mosey. It went like this……   WARMUP SSH Hillbillies Penny Pickers   THE THANG Count off […]

Another block lost

10 other dudes joined YHC in the crisp gloom to keep the birthday theme going.  YHC is leading at a different AO each day after his 49th birthday this past weekend.  YHC didn’t think that the temps would almost match his age but figured once we got moving it wouldn’t matter.  The clock hit 0530 […]

Your other left

On this April Fool’s Day 13 other MEN showed up at The Dawghouse with the promise of a burpeealooza but soon found out that it was not to be.  The clock hit 0530 and YHC let the PAX know that YHC was the Q for the day so off we went with some possible surprises […]

Where’s Mash

WARM-UP Mosey around the parking lot SSH Penny Pickers Arm Circle Michael Phelps Workout Line up at the top of the lot, first line of parking spots 5 mercan, next line 30 Goblet squat, then 25 Tricept extension, and 20 Lunge.  After the lunge, back to the top, 5 mercans and repeat the rest but […]

No long sleeves needed

On this mild Winter morning the rain had left the area so 7 other dudes felt it was safe to join YHC.  What they didn’t realize was that YHC would have them damp from sweat.  The clock hit 0530 so after a disclaimer we moseyed.   WARM-UP Mericans Mountain Climbers Hillbillies Penny Pickers Squats OH […]