Category: Tradition

It’s not cold, it’s just 31°

AO: f3tradition Q: Guinness PAX: Machuman (Machu Picchu), Herbie, Skipper, Guinness FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Great work this morning, Pax! Well done! WARMUP: Side Straddle Hops x20IC Imperial Storm Troopers x15IC Penny Pickers x10IC Windmills x10IC Low slow squats x15IC Mountain Climbers x15IC Plank Jacks x15IC Merckens x10 IC THE THANG: CB Lunges CB Murder […]

A beatdown to excite @Machuman

AO: f3tradition Q: kinglouie PAX: Machuman (Machu Picchu), Frostbite MECA, r2d2, kinglouie FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: 4 laps around the AO THE THANG: kettlebell pain MARY: parts of the thang ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: prayers for r2’s Foster daughter who just had her bday w/o her brothers, safe travels for everyone

Old Glory!

AO: f3tradition Q: Skipper PAX: stash, Machuman (Machu Picchu), 6syllables, r2d2 FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Short wait for R2D2 and Guinness (#noshow) THE THANG: Old Glory circuit ANNOUNCEMENTS: F3 Dads on Sat COT: Prayers for R2D2 foster daughter and his job, 6-Syllables mother-in-law, and for all of us to grow closer to God! #ahoy