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2 for tires

AO: F3Tradition Q: r2d2 PAX: 6syllables FNGs: None COUNT: 2 2 for a tire workout. WARMUP: typical THE THANG: Run in between each round: Sideways hop walks (Plank and bounce tire sideways along a parking lot line) 5 tire burpees, 10 tire squat press 15 above and below slams, 20 low flutter with tire chest […]

Passport 1st AO

PAX: King Louis, Frostbite, Guinness Q: Hacksaw Your YHC traveled to Stonybrook Community Church at 0520 to start his Passport journey. With a group of 8-10 ladies walking in front of the entrance, the #valley guys preparing for their cruise, I scoped around and found 2 cars willing to jump in on a fine 45 […]