Category: Tradition

A Happy Pumpkin Beatdown

AO: f3tradition Q: Guinness PAX: Skipper, stash, Kazoo, Guinness FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: THE THANG: Grab some Pumpkins (aka: cinderblocks), Mosey, CB Curls, CB Chest Press, Mosey, CB Squat Press, Derby Double Tap, Mosey, Standing Skull Crushers, Lateral Extensions, Mosey to Wall of Pain: People’s Chair CB Curls, Donkey Kicks, Wall Taps, Decline Mountain […]

October Murph

AO: f3tradition Q: Skipper PAX: Guinness, kinglouie, Frostbite MECA FNGs: None COUNT: 4 The weather was pleasant, the fellowship was encouraging, and the beatdown was brutal! We prayed for our military, peace in our world and F3 men. Come out this week for Guinness Q tomorrow (Tues) and Skipper Q on Thurs. Ahoy!

Trick or Treat

AO: f3tradition Q: Skipper PAX: Machuman (Machu Picchu), 6syllables FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Typical exercises with a count of 16 for my youngest child who turned 16 years old yesterday. #feelingold THE THANG: YHC had a rough plan for the beatdown, but once we got going it was decided that the today was a […]

VQ with Kazoo

AO: f3tradition Q: Kazoo , Guinness PAX: 6syllables, Guinness, Kazoo FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Mosey around the building. 15 SSHop, 15 ISTrooper, 1, 15 MClimbers, 15 PennyPicker, 15 windmill THE THANG: 1 pax – 2x 35lb ammo can farmer carry 40m down and back (80m). The other two pax complete cinder block reps at […]

Heating up the cold

AO: f3tradition Q: kinglouie PAX: kinglouie FNGs: None COUNT: 1 WARMUP: Warmorama THE THANG: move to bars for….. 5 pull ups 10 kb swings 10 lawnmower pulls 10 kb swings 10 goblet squats 10 kb swings 10 overhead press 5 pullups AO mosey Repeato until Mary Mary: 50 KB LBCs 7 Pretzel crunches 5 Pretzel […]