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Dora 1, 2, almost 3

9 HIM (Sugar, MC, Life Alert, Clickbait, Peanuts, Vespa, LoveSeat, Soprano, and YHC) showed up as YHC picked up the Q at the evening before. I wanted another attempt at Dora and I learned from my last attempt (https://f3-meca.com/2021/03/25/up-the-ladder-well-most-of-it/) WARMARAMA Run to the rock. All IC: SSH – 10X Merkins – 10X MCs – 10X […]

KB Flow & Pyramid

Date:  5/9/22 Pax:  Pox, Detention, Kilowatt, Cheerwine, Hot Pack, Manwich QIC:  Manwich 6 Pax arrived to put in some work on a chilly spring morning.  Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the teachers parking lot and added in some side shuffles, carioca, high knees, butt kickers.  Circle up for […]

Rock Collection

Date:  5/3/22 Pax:  Pox, MC, Life Alert, Detention, All In, Backstop, Peanuts, Sugar, Manwich QIC:  Manwich 9 Pax in the gloom this AM to see what fun YHC had in store.  Short disclaimer for the F3 veterans and we began. WARM-A-RAMA: Circle up in place for 10 Running w/ scissors IC, 10 line hops IC, […]

B.O.M.B.S. RS Edition

12 brave Pax defeated the ole FS and were ready for their dose of the DRP.   0530 hit, minimal disclaimer given and off we went. PAX: Detention, Khumo, Greek, Backstop, Loveseat, Manwhich, MC, Sugar, Steel Kannon, Pox, Master Po Q:LifeAlert Warmarama Mosey to the hoops court for:: SSH x 10IC 1 burpee PP x 10 […]

Marquette Repeats

8 pax woke to a beautiful morn for improvement. 0530 disclaimer and mosey time PAX: Sugar, Detention, Backstop, Manwhich, Life Alert, Kuhmo, Peanuts, JimmyBuffet Q: Life Alert 3/22/2022 WARMARAM busted out of the Odell bus lot right at 0530 so the late arrivers would have to play catch up, none showed that we know of. […]

Kettlebell Tabata

Only 3 Pax made it out to the gloom after another week of great NFL playoff games.  Disclaimer read and we moseyed. WARM-A-RAMA: Moseyed around the parking lots mixing in butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle, carioca, toy soldiers, and inch worms.  Circle up for 10 plank jacks IC, 10 plank toe touches IC, 5 […]

Kettlebell Rock 2021

28 degrees didn’t scare away 4 HIM this morning!  With frozen bells in hand, YHC read the disclaimer and we began warm-o-rama to stay warm. Warm-O-Rama:  Bells down and circled up for 15 seal jacks IC, 15 SSH IC.  Moseyed over to the dentist office and circled up for 10 IST IC, 10 hillbillies IC, […]

YHC Celebrates 3 Years

YHC woke up ready to celebrate 3 years with my F3 brothers.  No set plans for the beatdown but YHC decided he’d use the 45 minutes to give the Pax a refresher on the F3 mission statement and core principals.  9 Pax ready to roll at 0530.  Disclaimer read and as we circled up in […]