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Math, Cold Temps & Cheek Jelly

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: forgottenjelly, Avalanche, hammer, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Jelly was the earliest to arrive, followed by those two-wheeling, right on time (barely), jabronis, Avalanche and Hammer. Where in the hell was the Q you might ask? Correct Answer: 2-3 minutes LATE. No need to provide an excuse since snoozing is […]

Million Dollar MEN

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: Avalanche, hammer, pongo, yellowcake, FedEx, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Atypical Buckwheat mosey loop back to flag for SSH, Merks, IST’s, Mountain Climbers, Michael Phelps, Shoulder Stretches THE THANG: Million Dollar Man (Heavily Modified FiA beatdown designed by the M). Six fine men EXERCISED their right to Exercise today. […]

The Voluntold Q

Moleskin: YHC started slowly coming out to F3 again a few months back.  Last week @ChickenCoop made an appearance and voluntold me to Q this Tuesday.  And so, YHC did.  Briefly thought I might be the only one and would go get coffee instead, but 3 other early risers started rolling in. In addition a […]

Boring Builds Grit

Moleskin: 6 men ventured into a boring, grit-building circuit. Good banter… I’m figuring out there is not a gas shortage. Buckwheat was late but know one noticed. PAX: Avalanche, Hammer, Ranger, Forgotten Jelly, Buckwheat Q: Opie   Warm-a-rama: – Imperial Storm Troopers x25 – hillbilly x25 – 5 burpees x25 – low slow squats x25 […]

Are you a BAMF or are you going to wear a skirt today?

The gauntlet was dropped on the pre-blast, show up and show us you are a BAMF or just put your skirt on.  4 BAMFs (Buck, MASH, Pongo, & YellowCake) showed up in the 37 degree rain and it went like this: Warmorama: Mtn Climbers Imperial Storm Troopers Toe Sweeps Arm Circles The main event: Only […]