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Level Up

AO: F3Comanche Q: yellowcake PAX: buckwheat, Avalanche, hammer, Spaz, yellowcake FNGs: None COUNT: 5 I Level Up to 45 later this week, so decided to Q at 3 different AOs this week. First up is Comanche! At 0530 Spaz, Hammer, and YHC go for a little mosey. Halfway thru the lap Avalanche descends upon us. […]

PQ 20230119

AO: F3Comanche Q: pongo, forgottenjelly, Avalanche, buckwheat, sully PAX: forgottenjelly, pongo, buckwheat, sully, Avalanche FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Jelly warmed us up THE THANG: Merkin/LBC 10-1 lightpole ladder – Jelly Indian run to the shelter Pullup, Table shoulder press, WW situp, Dips (10,15,20,25) – Avalanche Regular run to the school Step up, squat, calf […]

Nothing fancy, just hard work

AO: F3Comanche Q: yellowcake PAX: Avalanche, forgottenjelly, hammer, buckwheat, yellowcake, pongo FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Strong work by all. Here is how this morning’s events unfolded. Forgotten Jelly was alone in the parking lot when YHC arrived. 0530 hit and we started running a lap. As we finished the lap, 4 other Comancheans apparently waited […]

362 days to go

AO: F3Comanche Q: Avalanche PAX: yellowcake, buckwheat, pongo, disco ball from IL FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Motivator 7->1 forward fold lunges – 10 each calf raises – 20 OYO mountain climbers -20IC downward dog THE THANG: mosey to the rails Inclined Merkins 13-10-8 ic Dips 13-10-8 ic Declined Merkins 13-10-8 ic LBC 13-10-8 ic […]

Words to Live by in 2023

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat, pongo PAX: buckwheat, pongo FNGs: None COUNT: 2 Two of us showed up. It was cold, but we kept warm. We put in work whilst sharing words to live by in 2023. The MANly poster board was used to spell those words. #ShowToKnow for the words and exercises done. Thanks for […]

Feliz Cumpleanos

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat, pongo PAX: pongo, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 2 WARMUP: Pongo got us started w/ a little Warm-o-Rama in our usual spot while YHC got the Tailgater and trusty poster board set up.  YHC inadvertently grabbed the M’s FiA poster board instead of our handy dandy Comanche board.  It was dark in […]

That Escalated Quickly!

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: hammer, pongo, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Toy Solider, Lunge Walk, Mosey followed by BROGA, IST’s SSH’s, Arm Circles, LSS’s, and Merks. Prostate check stories were told. #ShowToKnow THE THANG: 7 Days of XMAS, Escalator style initially. However, YHC escalated it a little too much days 1-3, so we […]