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For Amway

We lost a great one on Friday night.  On Saturday, we did our best to honor our friend, our brother… Amway (Damon).  It was humbling to see the support from F3 MECA, which rallied to bring 97 pax to the Afton AO in a show of love and support.  IT’S MORE THAN JUST A WORKOUT […]

Memorial Day Murph and Mettle, and Things about Man Down you never knew before.

There were 12 total Pax for the beatdown on this beautiful Memorial Day morning. 8 Pax showed for the Murph Memorial and 4 for Mettle. The Murph was the normal 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats, ending with another mile run. The Mettle beatdown went something like this: Warmarama Mosey around […]

4 Years at Comanche w/ a Tribute

YHC arrived at 0516 thinking there would be a decent-sized group for our lightly marketed four-year AO Anny, but little did I know 45 HIM’s (including 1 FNG) descend upon the Comanche AO to celebrate.  We had 61 (I believe) for our inaugural beatdown, so 45 in a COVID world is stellar, IMO.  We truly […]

#f3mentalbattle 2/10/21

#f3mentalbattle When: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 Where: COT of your beatdown What: F3 Louisville created #f3mentalbattle where the goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues that affect everyone, with a particular focus on adult men, where mental illness and suicide is at a crisis level.  Listen to the F3 Podcast on the topic here.  […]

C25K Day 1

Four men (3 hefty’s and 1 on IR) showed up at CMHS for an OTB couch to 5K mosey.  Two miles of run/walking was completed at different intervals.  At least three of us hated it, but we were all glad we did it afterwards. #ISI