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F3 MeCa | July 18, 2019

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Is Metro back for good?

  • When: 03/19/19
  • QIC: Softwood
  • The PAX: 2 Step, Blip, R2D2, Schoolbus, Blowout, Metro

It was a beautiful, crisp, gloom and 7 PAX came out for an impromptu Q from YHC courtesy of Laser being “sick” again


After a brief disclaimer and explanation of YHC had the Q today, we were off for some warm-a-rama. We started with a quick lap around the clubhouse followed by (all IC) SSH x 15, Imperial Storm Trooper x 10, Windmill x 10, Cotton Picker X 9, Low Slow Squat x 10, Low Slow Merkin x 10. From here, it was off for…

The Thang

A brief mosey to the end of the parking lot allowed us to grab some coupons from the rock pile. We did a couple of ladders where location 1 was the end of the parking lot and location 2 was the playground. Reps would always add up to 11 (i.e. 1 rep in location 1, 10 reps in location 2, 2 reps in location 1, 9 reps in location 2). The first ladder was modified Colt 45 curls (1 rep lower half, 1 rep upper half, 1 full range rep, followed by 2/2/2, etc) and box jumps. The second ladder was jump lunges and decline merkins. After completing both ladders, we had a couple extra minutes to do some Dirty Hookups IC x 10 on our way back to the shovel flag for…


YHC has become a fan of the low/slow Mary exercises, so we did more of that: All “low and slow” and IC, Low Flutter x 10, Low Dolly x 10, Box Cutter x 10, Reverse Crunch x 10. We wrapped up Mary with a few minutes of stretching.


  • Laser sure does seem to be getting “sick” a lot lately… maybe too much German beer?
  • Was great to see Metro out for his once-a-month appearance. He provided assurances he would be out more often, but only time shall tell.
  • T-claps to R2D2 for all the pre-running and running he’s being doing in prep for SMR


  • Keep doing your BB’s!
  • Prayers for Metro and his fiancee as they embark upon their path towards marriage.

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