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The Voluntold Q

Moleskin: YHC started slowly coming out to F3 again a few months back.  Last week @ChickenCoop made an appearance and voluntold me to Q this Tuesday.  And so, YHC did.  Briefly thought I might be the only one and would go get coffee instead, but 3 other early risers started rolling in. In addition a […]

ATLAS- Monday Metal

After last week’s posting at Mint Hill Metal, YHC figured the best thing to shake things loose & out was to hit the bells one more time to get the week started. Disclaimer: the requisites were given Warmup: SSH, Mericans, Shoulder Stretches, Windmills, Hamstring Stretches The Thang: PAX performed various & sundry exercises with their weights […]

The Strangest Things in the Upside Down

5 PAX joined me on a Spring morning at 44 degrees and a little moisture. We welcomed a guest in our house this AM, Lutefrisk, from a galaxy far far away. Good that everyone showed up otherwise he’d think we were a sad AO…. Unbeknownst to most, the Comanche have a portal into the Upside Down. […]

Bringing the Love…

A 30 degree gloom of love saw 9 PAX join up for a Valentine’s Day special. I had planned a simple heart felt musical line up, starting with songs by The Romantics, then Lover Boy, ending with Guns N Roses (most men won’t take roses on Valentines, but most men WOULD take guns and roses). […]