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Half and Half

Date: 1-26-23 Pax: Sandtrap, Hops, Tombstone, Neverland, Java, Finish Line, Professor, Homeland, Total Package, Buzzkill, Spud 11 men did what we do in the mornings and that’s wake up and improve ourselves.  Others slept the hell in because it was kinda cold. WARMUP little Butt kicker high knee Carioca action to the rock lot for […]

Crescent Moon(ish)

When: 1/24/2022 QIC: PR The PAX:  Brickyard, Psycho T, Homeland, Catfish, Marlboro, FC, Tomby, Neverland, Checkmate, Java  11 showed and it was brisk. Warmup: Mosey to rehab parking SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 10 slow mercs, arm circles… Mosey back to ASEC The Thang: Circuit: bottom parking lot: 10 burpees, 10 KGB’s (IC) rockpile: 10 curl, push, […]

The Magic Number

Date: 1-12-23 Pax: Sandtrap, Tombstone, Java, Mayweather, Neverland, Hops, Tombstone, Professor (Formerly FNG Duane), Mr. Safety (Apex visitor), Indy, Total Package, Buzzkill, Hipbone, Spud (QIC) 14 men went on a counting expedition and ended up A2M.  Great and 50 degrees, here’s the plan: WARM UP Mosey to steam plant SSH x 20 ISTx 10 loose […]

Elementary school school bus

When: 1/11/23 Q: Luthor Pax: Frostbite; Popeye; LMU; Tombstone; Firechicken; Sandtrap; Private Ryan; Spud; Checkmate; El Ab; Ace; Gooney; Buzzkill; Finishline; Brickyard; Loveboat; Skinner; Mountie; 19 men showed up to a chilly, but acceptable January morning. Great to see everyone and missed the ones that couldn’t make it. Warm up: Mosey to the Q’s office […]

Because the people demand it

F3 Concord 1.10.23 AO:  All Tha Saints Episcopal Chapel Q:  LMU Pax:  Gooney, Popeye, the 1 & only Psycho T, El Ab, Hippie Hop, Luthor, TSstone, Marlboro, Scooter, Brickyard, DeerTick, Hip, Fire Chicken 14 of Concords finest went to bed shortly after halftime of a balow-out of a national college football championship and paid heed […]

Spicy as Mayonnaise

Spicy As Mayonnaise January 5, 2023 Q – Mayweather AO – ASEC Pax -Indy, Deertick, Spud, Hops, Tombstone, Finish line, Total Package, Java, Marlboro, Sand Trap, Private Ryan, Buzzkill, Hipbone, FNG Duane   15 middle aged men opted not to drive 45 minutes away at 5:30 in the morning to play soccer today. Here was their reward… Mosey the long way to the […]

Whip It Out

Backblast Date: 07 JAN ’23 SAT QIC: El Ab Pax: El Ab, Boze, PT, P Ryan, Tomby, Mount-me, Hops, Luthor, Tupp, Cat, Finish Line, Neverland, Spud, LMU, Grover, Scooter WARM-o-RAMA at OCT: -SSH -Yoga Merks -Eddie Merks THAT THING: -Indian Run (0-2 burpees choice of respective pax) to top of deck(s) and back to OCT […]


60F; Winds SSW at 8 to 10; Light Scottish Rain falling; 17PAX PAX: Spud, Mayweather, Marlboro, Catfish, Deertick, Psycho T, EL AL, Tombstone, Brickyard, Mayhem, Java, Firechicken, Hops, Hipbone, Luthor, Homeland Q: Indiana START in BIG MOUNTAIN (the new deck still under perpetual construction) Run up to 2nd level COP warmoramee PLANK x 2 minutes […]