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Legal Pad

Where:  OCT When: SAT 11 May ’24 QIC: El Abogado PAX: The Total Package, El Ab, Loveboat, Java, Neverland, Gooney, Hushpuppy, Tom B. Stone, Luthor, Scooter, TriLamb, Marlboro, Frosty and Mayhem WARM-O-RAMA at OCT Thang #1: Native American Run from OCT to New Deck (up-and-down), Old Deck (up-and-down), behind Carolina Courts, up the ramp and […]

Stormy Morning

May 9, 2024 AO – ASEC Q – Hipbone Pax – Spud, Homeland, Catfish, Neverland, Popeye Tombstone, Night Vision 4:30 am booming thunder and lightning called with an audible on location.  Probably would have been ok…maybe, but not a fan of dodging lightning bolts so the deck it was. Mosey around Levels 2-3 to warm […]

Da Dip

Date: 5-8-24 Pax: Mayweather, Tombstone, Brickyard, Mountie, Private Ryan, Fire Chicken, Scooter, Hush Puppy, Catfish, El Ab, Psycho T, Mayhem, Skinner, Beaker, Spud (Q), Java (Ran but came to COT) 15 men showed up for a workout expecting dips and not getting them, and instead getting muggy hills. A few other guys ran Skinner’s hills […]

The long way to Coltrane

5/4/24 Q Popeye Pax: Spud ,Neverland, Homeland, TP, Hops, Scooter, Loveboat Warm up Mosey to bumwash for SSH IST Arm circles 5k through the greenway with 5 pain stations through the new Wilson St park and up Edgewood to Union and Grove. Mosey to track at Coltrane Dora with partner of 100 merkins 200 squats […]

Fill Your Tank

AO: ASEC Q: Crabgrass Pax: Trick, Hush Puppy, Beaker, Night Vision, LMU, Catfish, Homeland, Neverland and Luthor appeared at mary out of thin air. Coffee: Psycho, Love Boat, El Ab, Bozeman, and Mayweather ASEC Warm Up: 20 SSH, 15 Mountain climbers, 15 Hillbillys, Arm circles Tomby was still on vacay and thoughts of a quiet […]

Stay Ready

Date: 5-1-2024 Pax: Skinner, Hipbone, Mayhem, El Ab, Psycho T, Marlboro, Mountie, Hops, Luthor, Hush Puppy, Fire Chicken, Scooter, Spud, Not Popeye 13 men got it on a Wednesday afternoon. Should have been 14, but duty evidently called.  Already be ready. Warm Up: Rapidly think about what we’re going to do as the pax moseys […]

Walk it out

BB 4/30/24 AO: ASEC QIC: Hops Pax: spud, buzzkill, phidipidies, el albogado, beaker, Popeye, love boat, Private Ryan, trick daddy 10 adventurous go-getters decided to make the right decision and move this morning. Warm-o-Rama: mosey over to the Belk parking lot. SSH x 20 Arm circles Loose change x 8 walk it out for a […]

Feeding the Hyenas

Weather: 50s..Not too cold. PAX: Crabgrass, Private Ryan, Psycho T, El Abogado, Marlboro, Popeye, Firechicken, TrickDaddy, Tombstone Q: Indy Mosey to BELK lot for WARM UPs SSH x 20 ISTs x 15 PLANK 5 Slow Merks Loose Change x 10 LINE EM UP Indian Run x 2 Laps around Mall for 1.5 miles Back Pax […]