Category: Concord

10 Year Anniversary Beatdown!

Pax:  Gamma, Sheepdog, Sugar, Misfire, Cupid, Dud, Vespa, Hokie Pokie, Koozie, R2D2, Big Blue, Bravo, Total Loss, Guacamole, Starbucks, Phidippedes, Goose, Spooner, Pantene, Gold Rush, Glenaire, Wanderer, Peppa, Uncle Floyd, Predator, Slash, JD, Disaster, Gump, Gordo, Shooter, Jiffy, Deadhead, Minion, Skipper, Little Buddy, Couch Potato, Stone breaker, ONJ, Pink, Commodore, Sunshine, Magic Mike, Constitution, Firebrand, […]

Uppercase T

Date: 6-1-23 Pax: Professor, Marlboro, Circuit Rider, Hops, Fire Chicken, Neverland, Luthor, Homeland, Private Ryan, Spud (Q) 10 men went to seek out an opportunity you may be interested in on a nice Thursday morn. Warm Up Mosey across Lake Concord to the barren parking lot at K&W, AKA territory unknown for SSH x 20 […]

Hill toss

When- 5/30/2023 Q- Java Pax –  Marlboro, Ace, Spud, Hops, Skinner, Professor, Catfish, Popeye Warmarama- mosey to Carolina rehab parking lot for the usual SSHs, ISTs, Windmills, Mt Climbers, soap drop The thang-  mosey to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences up hill. At the top of the hill in the parking lot a had placed […]

Old Man Week Day 2

May 24, 2023 AO:   OCT Q:    Hipbone Pax:  Pycho T, Luthor, Tombstone, Mayweather, Malboro, Catfish, Spud, Java, Skinner, Brickyard, El Ab, Private Ryan, Hops Mosey to Coltrane Webb Playground SSH x 15 IC Runner Lunge Walk-Out Merkins x 5 Arm Circles Mosey back to OCT – Grab a Block The Thang 3 sets of […]

Screaming at Clouds

DATE: 5/23/23 PAX: Professor, Catfish, Psycho T, Spud, LoveBoat, Total Package, Deertick, Luthor, Homeland, Hops, El Abogado, Mountie, Firechicken, Trickdaddy, Popeye Q: Indy WARM UP Mosey to Carolina Mall AO for COP SSH x 15 PLANK Mt Climbers x 15 Plank Jacks x 15 AS x 15 Loose Change x 10 Form 2 groups Simple […]

The Most Part Is The Best Part

When: 5/17 QIC: Mayhem Pax: El Abogado, Psycho T, Fire Chicken, Luthor, Mountie, Java, Skinner, Spud, Brick Yard, Total Package, Private Ryan, Love Boat, Popeye, Tombstone, Neverland Warm-A-Rama: Mosey to Bum Wash SSH x 20 Hill Billies x 20 Loose Change x 10 Arm Circles The Thang: Mosey to 5/3 lot and partner up. Dora […]