Category: Concord

Space Mountain

Date: 10-15-22 Pax: Luthor, Catfish, Tombstone, Scooter, Gooney, Marlboro, Homeland, Total Package, Neverland, Spud Ten strong headed to go get it.  Bit chilly, but sometimes you need a bit chilly.  Headed to low 30s next week! Warm Up Mosey down Cabarrus Avenue W (😬) to abandoned Star America parking lot for SSH x 20 Hillbilly […]

Step Show

10/12/22 Step Show AO: OCT QIC: Mayhem Pax: Mayweather, Buzzkill, Sandtrap, Spud, Tombstone, Mountie, Fire Chicken, Scooter, LMU, Popeye, Wildcat, PR, Luther, Catfish, Bird Dog Warm-O-Rama: Carolina Courts SSH x 20 IST x 20 Arm Raises x 20 Mountain Climbers x 20 Arm Circles  The Thang Take steps and Mosey to Top of New Deck […]

And then there was running

StarDate 10/13/22; 63F, Winds slick, Humidity about 92% post showers PAX: The Total Package, Spud, Brickyard, Tombstone, Mayweather, Marlboro, Catfish, Sandtrap, Neverland, TrickDaddy, Pvt Ryan, Indy Q Indiana Mosey the Long way to the drag strip down LePhillip Ct (love that French touch in NC) stopping at a nice quiet parking lot along way for […]

The Wall

Backblast 10/06/22 AO: ASEC QIC : Total Package Pax : Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Sandtrap, Brickyard, Tombstone, Private Ryan Jog around ASEC parking lot doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke Circle up – lower parking lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm circles Jog to Dentist office across Lake Concord Rd The Thang: […]

Up and Down Spring St

AO:  OCT PAX: Private Ryan, Neverland, Total Package, Gooney, Hops, Spud, Catfish, Luther, Homeland, Scooter Warm-up: Bum wash x15 SSH x10 mountain climbers x10 loose change arm circles x10 burpees Thang : Mosey to new deck. At each floor do a set of 3 exercises: mericans, vups, and squats. Start with 10 first round then […]

Who likes fantasy football anyway

AO:  OCT A:  Mountie  Pax:  Spud  Goonie Sand trap  Fire chicken  Tombstone  Mayweather  Psycho T Luther  Indy  FNG Ben C Ace  Deertick LMU Mountie  Slash Skinner  Wildcat Warm up: Carolina Courts for SSH, squats, mountain climbers, 5th grade hammy stretch  Indian run past the PD up the ramps to the top of the old deck, […]

Wee bit nipply

9 pax embarked on our first low 40’s mornin’ of the fall to play some frogger and climb a ladder and some other stuff… QIC: Fire Chick Pax: PR, Tom B, Spud, Red Craig, Brick Yard, Halfway to 92, TOO TALL, & MarBO Mosey across lake concord to lee ann and circle up at a […]


QIC: Luthor Pax: Slash; Sandtrap; Cat; Java; Tomby; Scoot; Mayhem; FC; Mountie; Tupperware; homeland; TP; Neverland; Gooney; PR; Wildcat; Luthor 17 men gathered on the morning supposedly taking on the femme de of hurricane Ian. Ended up barely misting on us: We ran around the area, stayed together as a group, stopped a couple times […]


Chilly. Winter is coming. 54F me thinks it was. 13 PAX : Brickyard, Psycho T, Tombstone, Luthor, Bozeman, Spud, Deertick, Homeland, Firechicken, Pvt Ryan, EL AL, TRICK, Indy Q Indy Mosey from AO to flat LOT above Hill 216 going past power plant Quadromania coming up the hill Warm Up as I remember in the […]

Back to School

When: 9.28.22 • QIC: Bozeman • The Pax: Mountie, Skinner, LMU, Spud, Firechicken, Luthor, Brickyard, Marlboro, Tombstone, Slash, Sand Trap, Popeye, Mayhem, Frostbite, El Ab, Checkmate, Mayweather, Wildcat 19 men showed up to show out with a chill in the air. To soon begiven great quotes.  Mosey to bottom of new deck SSH Arm Circles Loose Change Head up the steps to learn the assignment.  The Thang […]