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AO: ASEC QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Tomby, Professor, LMU, Neverland, & Scooter 6 pax braved another chilly mornin’ to get better Mosey to rehab for Warm-o-rama: SSH’s x 20 IC IST’s x 15 IC Soap Drop x 15 IC The THANG:  Modified MARSOC short card 1) 30 merkins 2) 30 Air squats 3) 30 LBC’s […]

The People Demanded It

Concord F3 1.30.24 AO:  ASEC Q:  Look Me Up Pax:  Spud, DeerTick, Hip, Cat, Popeye, Professor, Tombstone, El Ab, Marlboro, PR, Skinner 10 elites and 2 almost homeless showed up this morning.  It was chilly but the good kind. Mosey to bridge and 40 dips OYO Mosey on up to the college of health sciences parking lot to warm […]

Grover, is that you?

  When: 1/23/2024 QIC: PR The PAX:  Neverland, Psycho, Firechicken, Brickyard, Tomby, Professor, LoveBoat, Marlboro, Catfish,  11 Studs showed.  It was cold.  But only temporarily. Warmup: SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 10 slow mercs…walk 10 feet to the thang. The Thang: Burpee/suicides/WWII/suicides.  That’s it.  Repeato. Mary: No time, thus no wasted time. Moleskin:  Knew it was going […]


Post Rain, Humidity of 2000, blustry winds from SW, 59F but bitter cold PAX; Total Package, El Abogado, Java, Spud, Marlboro, Firechicken, Catfish, Tombstone Q Indy WARMORAMEE Mosey to BELK LOT COP SSH x 15 Mt Climbers x 15 IC Plank 5 Merkins on a slow 5 count SSH x 10 Brazialians x 10 More […]

Deez Nutz

AO: OCT When: SAT 20 de JAN ’24 QIC: El Ab PAX: Cat, TP, Neverland, Tomby, Spud, Luthor, El Ab, WARM-o-RAMA at OCT: Univ of Cincinnati Sports Institute-approved warm-ups– novel concept to warm up before running at face pace Native American Run:  0-2 burpees (each PAX respective decision) from OCT to Old Deck, New Deck, […]

What a Drag

What a Drag 6 of the AO’s hardest men showed up on another cold morning to do something so admirable that 1 man would spent 42 minutes looking for them so he could join even though he was late. Run across 5 lanes of traffic to the Dentist Office to warm up SSH x20ic Loose […]


Where: OCT When: 10 JAN ’24 WED QIC: El Ab Pax: El Ab, PT, PR, Hops, MW, Skinner, FC, Luthor, Cat, Java, Tomboy, Circuit Rider (kinda), Love Boat (kinda), Neverland Dynamic Warm-o-Rama as prescribed by Univ of Cincinnati Sports Institute (just a mere sampling) at OCT Native American Run: old deck, new deck, around Carolina […]

CK were a bad choice

BB: 1/9/24 AO: ASEC (meet at deck) QIC: Hops Pax: Tombstone, Homeland, Neverland, Hipbone, Spud   6 strong men battled through the rain and 200 mph winds to get a beat down this morning. Warm-up: Lap around 1st floor SSH x 20 Loose Change x 8 Arm Circles   Thang: Partner-up, 1 person will be […]

Cold Rainy Saturday

BB: 1/6/24 AO: OCT (at new deck) QIC: Total Package Pax: Spud, Mountie, Neverland, Tombstone, Private Ryan, Hops, Luthor   Warm-up: Jog to Level 4 of deck Circle up SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm Circles   The Thang: Five exercises times ten reps per exercise per floor times four floors Level […]

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

1/4/2024 AO: ASEC Q: Scooter Pax: Brickyard, Tombstone, Homeland, Mayweather, Deertick, Private Ryan, Total Package, Loveboat, Neverland, Hops, Scooter 11 posted. It was chilly Warm up: Belk Parking Lot SSH x15 Loose Change x10 Arm circles Burpees x5 The Thang: 3 Stations – partner up. Run out and back while your partner exercises. Dips x100 […]