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0630 BC – The Quad Bod Squat, otherwise known as the RRMS Beautification Committee

AO: F3Highlands Q: Snowsuit PAX: sully, schoolbus, Illuminati, Snowsuit FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Good work today men! We actually did some running today… surprize! Up-hill sprints, track work including 4x4s, a complete “string of pearls” around RRMS while we collected trash, bottles, lost jeans, etc. We even ran into the janitor who couldn’t say enough […]

Flu Saves No Repeat November

AO: F3Highlands Q: SugarF3 PAX: Ambassador, onj, Fescue, Snowsuit, Sandman, dropcloth, FedEx, SugarF3 FNGs: None COUNT: 8 YHC arrives right on time jamming out some John Mayer Trio with Murdock still in the Mojave looking greenish and not feeling up to snuff. “It’s yours if you want it”, he says and with that I’m the […]

Traveling the lands of MeCa

AO: F3Highlands Q: Shooter PAX: Powerball, Murdock, Disaster, number_1, Flyer, Greeter, Illuminati, dropcloth, Gordo, Ambassador, buffalo_bill, Gumby, Shooter FNGs: None COUNT: 13 WARMUP: SSHs 25, Hillbillies 20, Toy Soldiers, Penny Pickers, Windmills THE THANG: -Partner up against school wall, one pax does reps, other runs through mobile classrooms (donkey kicks, shoulder tap-ups, peoples chair hammers […]

Remember 22

AO: F3Highlands Q: KleanUp PAX: Pre-ban, Moses, dropcloth, pavarotti, Disaster, Ambassador, Powerball, Snowsuit, number_1, Gordo, Skipper, onj, Sandman, Brinkley, FedEx, Fescue, KleanUp, Chip FNGs: 1 Chip COUNT: 18 Saturday Shenanigans. Remember those who served and help prevent the the 22 a day who commit suicide.