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A Stolen Q

AO:  ASAC Q: Scooter PAX: Hops, Catfish, Marlboro, Homeland, LMU, Indy, Firechicken, Crabgrass, Mayweather, Tombstone, Luther, Private Ryan, Scooter Warm-up: Mosey to the upper lot x15 SSH x10 loose change x15 hillbillies arm circles Thang: 4 Stations upper lot – blocks – x10 Curls / x10 overhead press / x10 scull crushers Back lot – […]

The Mustard Bowl

An elite 8 gathered for the newest bowl game of 2023. Q; Neverland Pax: Catfish, Spud, Tombstone, Hops, Ace, LMU, Homeland Mosey around the lot to get the blood flowing: (high knees, carioca) landing at the lower lot for warm ups SSH x 10 IST x 10 Mtn Climbers x 10 Arm Circles Head over […]

Just a Tuesday

AO:  ASAC Q: Scooter PAX: Beaker, Luther, Homeland, Spud, LMU, Tombstone, Hops, PsychoT, Professor, Loveboat Warm-up: Mosey to Belk parking lot x15 SSH x3 mericans x15 mountain climbers arm circles x5 burpees Thang: Mosey to parking deck 4 corners x25 Mericans x10 V-Ups x24 lunges x5 burpees Run down and upstairs. Repeat until time called […]

The Go-To Saturday

QIC: Neverland Pax: Catfish, Tombstone, Private Ryan, Marlboro, Homeland, Gooney 7 Concord OG’s gathered to celebrate the continued cool temps. Warm up: Mosey to Truist lot for SSH X15 Mountain Climbers X15 IST’s X15 Arm Circles Thang: Up and down ladder starting at starting at Truist lot adding an exercise at each stop. Truist, Brazillians […]

6 and 12

When: 8/24/2023 QIC: PR The PAX: Spud, Tombstone, Deertick, Total Package, Beaker, Neverland, Hops, Mayweather, Professor, Brickyard, Gooney 12 posted. Rinse and repeat weather. August is the worst. Warmup: High knees, buttkicks, karaoke through parking lot, down to lower lot SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 5 slow mercs…time wasting done. The Thang: 4 stations around […]

Test Out the Shoulder

Q: LMU Pax: Lex, Spud, PT, FNG Quincy Adams, Josh aka Beaker, Fire chicken, Checkmate, PR, Mountie, Brickyard, El Ab, Tombstone Pax braved the cold… conditions inside their cars to get to OCT. We rolled on… Mosey to Lex office parking lot to warm up as follows: 20 SSH Arm Circles 20 mtn climbers Runners […]


Make a 3 point arch 10 merks 10 again 2 free throws in a row means we stop Miss 10 more   20 LBCS 20 more 1 Three pt to stop 30 squats 30 more 1 ft + 3pt to stop Run to pull ups 5 pull ups 10 burpees 5 pull ups 10 burpees […]

Thursday People’s Q

When: 6/15/23 QIC:  People’s Q/Neverland The PAX: Circuit Rider, Popeye, Love Boat, Deertick, Spud, Transtone, Spud, Neverland, Homeland 9 men gathered in the now tree-free parking area of ASEC Warm up • Mosey over to lot near that building. • SSH x 20 • IST x 10 • Loose Change x 10 • Arm circles Thang People’s Q around the […]

Back to CHS Stadium

Q : Total Package Pax: Neverland, Spud, Tombstone, Homeland, Ponch, Finish Line, Lex Luthor, Popeye, Gooney, Private Ryan, Psycho T Warm up: Enter the newly renovated Robert C. Bailey Memorial stadium and jog a lap on brand new rubberized track! Circle up at midfield around the big “C” logo SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 […]

News from the Front

Date: 25 Jan ’23 WED Location: OCT QIC: El Ab PAX: Tomby, Finish Line, Sandtrap, Indy, Cat, Checkmate, Firecock, Spud, Java, Mayhem, Ticky, LMU, Loveboat, Luthor, Hops, Brickshithouse, PT, El Ab– 18 strong! WARM-O-Rama at OCT: SSH, Soldier Kicks, Yoga Merks THAT THANG (part 1): Indian Run (0-2 burpees respectively) from OCT to top of […]