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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2019

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Up the Irons!

February 22, 2019 | | One Comment

Seven PAX – plus a lone runner who made it back for COT – braved the elements for today’s ‘Burg Iron…


Mosey out into the rain, circle up:

  • Upper arm / shoulder stretches
  • Arm circles
  • Yurpees x 5
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Honoring Robbie Miller

February 21, 2019 |

10 men braved the soggy gloom and honored Army Ranger Sgt Robbie Miller. Everyone was stronger for it.



  • Mosey around the Ridge lot with defensive slides, high knees, and buttkickers
  • SSH x15
  • IST x10
  • Slow windmill x10
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Traffic, Trains, and Skunks

February 20, 2019 |

5 men put in some miles in the cold and damp gloom.  We were stopped by Traffic, Trains, and a skunk, but we pushed through anyway and got faster and stronger in the process.

Some days it’s easy to make … Read More

A Little Rusty…But I Still Got It

February 20, 2019 |

Last week’s people’s Q at Warrior One inspired me to go ahead and commit to lead a whole Warrior One workout for the first time in years.  Gamma and Big Tuna were the test subjects I used to see just … Read More

Field of Dreams

February 19, 2019 |

11 of Harrisburg’s MVPs and All-Stars came out for a baseball themed beatdown. Despite being a Baltimore Orioles fan, YHC loves baseball and the hope that spring training brings each year (unless you’re an Orioles fan). Once the field was … Read More

The Magnificent 7 or A Workout with All Left Turns

February 18, 2019 | | One Comment

7 Men, not bothered by the thought of a little rain, crashed into the Gloom to get a little better.  YHC had a plan in place that included no Shelter From the Storm.  Here’s how it went down:

Warm up … Read More

4 and multiples there of…

February 16, 2019 |

The workout theme was 4 and multiples there of because that’s what felt right for YHC on this ruck friendly workout.  8 men cam out to get stronger dispite the rain.  Kudos to the pre Runners (Strong runners doing 17+ … Read More

Return to the Ladder

February 15, 2019 | | One Comment

12 men returned to yet another variation of a Ladder workout.  YHC decided to print out the instructions for this one in an effort to eliminate the frustration for those who buckle under the Algebra that we enforce in a … Read More

No achy breaky hearts here

February 14, 2019 |

14 mighty dudes beat the fartsack to get all swole for their sweeties on this special day of love.  The weather was clear and crisp so it went down like this…………………



Windmill x 14

SSH x 14

IST … Read More

Familiar Streets

February 13, 2019 |

Nine men rose early on a crisp 42 degree morning to get the blood flowing with a 5 mile tour of the streets of old Harrisburg. Route is pictured here.

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