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Red Shirt Tabata Friday

Friday, February 23rd, 2024 – Stallings Road Park, Harrisburg, NC Thirteen of F3 MeCa’s most undaunted converged under the shelter in the warm (for winter) pre-rain weather bringing along their favorite kettlebells/dumbbells for a Tabata styled workout in hopes of getting a little stronger.  Four HIMs got the memo about the red shirt effort… the […]

A Walk in the Park

PAX: Deadhead, Misfire, Bearclaw Q: Bearclaw Warmup: (15) SSH (15) IST (15) Windmills The Thang: Mosey to Shelter and do 4 sets of 13 exercises with 15 rep’s per exercise. And there was running between each set.  It was like this: 15 Lunges (each leg) 15 Squats 15 Bobby Hurley’s 15 Side Squats 15 Dips […]

To Extinction, and Beyond

A team of nine journeyed through the extinction loop. Nine went in, 16 came out! PAX: Exit 54, Uncle Floyd, Kojak, Salty Dog, Mad Dog, Constitution, Othello, Gilmore, Gold Rush, Scrum, Firebrand, Talladega, Dr. Lector, Solo Cup, Gamma, JD Q: Gold Rush The Route Main Street to Kee Lane Town Center Rd to Carl Parmer […]

Taylor who?

Date: 2/12/2024 PAX: BearClaw, Kojak, Othello, Talladega, Deadhead, Exit 54, Gilmore, Mad Dog, JD, Sheepdog, Red Tape, Peppa, Constitution Q: Dr. Lecter   YHC gave early warning Sunday afternoon that the beatdown would be in the hands of the Chiefs, 49ers, coaches, referees and Taylor Swift. Most PAX were intrigued and slightly worried that their […]

Watch Your Footing

Nine men explored new roads in the ‘Burg. Five ruckers went their way… DATE: 02/07/24 PAX: Zin, Talladega, Salty Dog, Uncle Floyd, Constitution, Magic Mike, Gilmore, FireBrand, Hacksaw, Scrum, Kojak, Gamma, Gapper, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54 THE ROUTE: Take the long way around Town Center (Carl Parmer to 49) Right on 49, cross at […]

Curbs of Enthusiasm

Title: Curbs of Enthusiasm Date: Tuesday January 30, 2024 PAX: Red Tape Exit 54 Lugnut Gilmore Uncle Floyd Constitution SS Minnow Escalade Othello Q: Red Tape Warmup Stretching at the Cars followed by: • SSH x 15 • Bobby Hurley’s x 15 • Windmills x 15 Mosey to the center island stop sign. The Thang […]

January Murph

Pax: Kojak, Peppa, JD, Othello, Bearclaw, Talladega, Uncle Floyd, FireBrand, Gilmore, Constitution, Gamma Q: Dr. Lecter Date: 1/29/2024   11 men joined YHC for the first Murph of the year to test themselves and get stronger. A quick review of the plan and off we went.   1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push […]