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Towne Center Loops

Q:  @Othello Pax: @Solocup @Gulfstream @Oz @Scrum @Deadhead @Loveboat @GoldRush @FireBrand @Kojak @Talladega @Exit54 @Constitution @SaltyDog @TarTar 15 Road Warrior #studs took the DRP and decided to better themselves this gloom. The rest didn’t.  It went like this… 0515 YHC arrives – Acknowledges Rucking Crew & @Deadhead early start #strong 0520 YHC engages in leg […]

Tabata Tuesday!

Tabata Tuesday: 11 manly men beat back their bedsheets and motored to The Ridge to complete an arduous Tabata workout challenge (good for what ails ya) in the early gloom while others remained fast asleep—muscles were left twitching. Date: 09/19/23 AO: Harrisburg PAX: @Gold Rush, @Constitution, @TarTar, @SS Minnow, @CPAP, @Othello, @Bucky, @MadDog, @LugNut, @Red […]

Post Leg Day Blues

Date: 09/16/23 Workout: The Rail Yard Pax: Deadhead, Mullet, Zin, SS Minnow, Misfire, Talladega, Goldrush, Firebrand, Teen Spirit, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 of Harrisburg’s finest chose to better themselves this morning. The rest made other choices… #disclaimer Warm-up Stretch out the legs, because Red Tape is mean SSHs x10 Slow Air Squats x5 Down […]

The Return to The Box

Pax:  Talladega, Landon (FNG), Solocup, Oz, Tbone, Clueless, Birdcage, Zin, Firebrand, Tar Tar, Constitution, Gold Rush, Wexler Q:  Wexler   13 came out to run and ruck on a beautiful Spring Morning!  We did some speed work at the Box while others rucked it.  A few even got an early start for it   The […]

Man-Makers at Work

Twelve PAX stepped into the cool Sept. 11 gloom and started their week off right with Monday strength training and mutual encouragement. Warm-A-Rama. Side Straddle Hop  x10IC Imperial Storm Trooper x10IC Hillbillies x10IC Arm Circles x10IC Apollo Ohnos x10IC Low-Slow Merkins x10IC The Thang Extinction Mile… then… Teams of 2 with Cinder Block. At each […]

Accountability Partner

Date: 09/08/23 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: SS Minnow, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Zin, JD, Red Tape, Othello, Misfire, Hacksaw, Constitution, Gamma QIC: Gamma 11 of Harrisburg’s finest came out to get strong and hold each other accountable. Because that’s what we do. Warm-Up Mosey to the end of the lot SSHs x15 Couple slow Yurpees and […]

Broga Stretch

PAX: @UncleFloyd @PapaJohn @Goldrush @SSMinnow @Bucky @Zin @Consti2tion @RedTape @JD Q: @Othello Nine brothers joined YHC for the Broga Stretch!  Our bodies take a repetitive beating at every BD during the week.  Once in a while we need to show it some love with a little healing that can only come from stretching.  It’s been […]