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Oldie but goodie

Date: 6/17/2024 PAX: Uncle Floyd, Bondo, Night Vision, CPAP, Kojak, Talladega, Mad Dog, Bearclaw, Constitution Q: Dr. Lecter   YHC plucked this one from the archives and posted it on Slack. 9 other men saw it and posted anyways. Or they showed up totally oblivious to what they would be doing. Here’s what happened. Warm […]

Pitchfork with a Nantan twist

Pax: @Guinness @Exit54 @TarTar @Constitution @MagicMike @UncleFloyd @Misfire @Loveboat @SaltyDog @Talladega Q: @Othello 11 HIM’s, including our MECA Nantan, decided to go for the “win” this morning by meeting at Abbington Pool for a little Pitchfork action.  YHC got there at 0515, listened to his daily bible verse podcast and waited for the troops.  Two […]


Date: 6/11/2024 PAX: Constitution, Othello, Zin, Uncle Floyd, Gilmore, Bearclaw, Tar Tar Q: Dr. Lecter   7 men joined YHC this morning in search of freedom from sad clown syndrome and William Wallace had just the thing. Disclaimer given and then mosey through parking lot to the stop sign by the gate, circle up. Warm-o-rama […]

2nd F

Date: 6/6/24 Workout: The Ridge Pax: Constitution, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Zin Q: Zin 4 of us gathered in the high school parking lot. At about 5:35 we realized it was just going to be us, so off we went. –Warmup– Mosey to the ticket booth for some warmup excercises. SSH x10 Low slow squat x10 […]

Moving down the line

Date: 5/31/24 PAX: Constitution, Othello, SS Minnow, Uncle Floyd, Tar Tar, Zin, Hacksaw Q: Dr. Lecter   7 men joined YHC for a kettlebell conveyor belt. Mosey over to the end of the parking lot. Disclaimer given. Warm-o-rama SSH x15 IC Hillbillies x15 IC Penny Pickers x15 IC Various Arm Circles Mosey back to the […]


Date: 5/25/24 PAX: Constitution, Red Tape, Mullet, Mad Dog Q: Dr. Lecter 4 HIM joined YHC for a celebration of his six year F3 anniversary. Not a bad showing for a holiday weekend. Here’s what they did. Disclaimer given. Mosey down to the track and over to the football field. A flying ring was found […]

All you need is 3 hours sleep

Date: 5/24/24 Workout: Harrisburg Iron (Kettle Bells) Pax: SS Minnow, Deadhead, Constitution, Murtaugh, Red Tape, Bear Claw, Zin Q: Zin 6 of Harrisburg’s dedicated men joined a sleep-deprived YHC for a workout in the parking lot at Stallings Park. Here’s how it went: Warm-a-rama: Mosey to end of the parking lot. SSH x15 Low, slow […]


Date: 5/23/2024 PAX: Constitution, Mad Dog, Tar Tar, SS Minnow, Gold Rush, Uncle Floyd Q: Dr. Lecter That’s the best way to describe this beatdown. There’s a reason it hasn’t been repeated since October 2020. But YHC’s memory was a little fuzzy and didn’t remember how bad it was so thought it was about time […]