Proctologist Assistant Qualifications

6 PAX gathered on a beautiful (and not snowy) April morning for a quality full body beat down


After a brief disclaimer for some veteran PAX, we jumped in to a warm up that consisted of (all IC): SSH x 20, Imperial Storm Trooper x 15, Windmill x 15, Cotton Picker x 10, Mountain Climber x 10

We began a mosey to start…

The Thang

YHC led us on a mosey to the HT parking lot. Along the way, we stopped at Monkey Humper Island. After patiently waiting for the school bus to pass, we proceeded with Monkey Humpers x 10 IC and Low Slow Squats x 10 IC, then continued on our mosey to the HT parking lot. We did some circuits around the parking lot with 4 stations in total.

Rounds 1/2: Burpee x 10, Incline Merkin x 15, Decline Merkin x 15, Merkin x 15

Rounds 3/4: Burpee x 10, Box Jump x 15, Air Squat x 15, Jump Lunge x 15

Round 5: Burpee x 10, Leg Lifts x 15, WW2 sit-ups x 15, Core Killer x 15

As we departed to head back to the shovel flag, Blowout asked YHC how the job hunt was going. I said I was hopeful to be receiving a job offer at some point this week. It was at this point, Laser expressed his shock that my “personal experience” qualified me to be a proctology assistant. Thankfully, that’s not the true profession I’m aiming for.

Upon arrival back to the shovel flag, we proceeded for some…


YHC instructed the PAX to not let their feet touch the ground for the entirety of Mary and we proceeded to do (IC) Low Flutter x 20, Low Dolly x 10, Rosalita x 10, Reverse Crunch x 10, Homer to Marge


  • You gents are a fun bunch, and I love the mumble chatter
  • Warmer weather should mean some PAX emerging from their Winter slumber right? Where you at?


  • Prayers for 2 Step and company headed to Ghana tomorrow for their mission trip
  • DL Happy Hour next Tuesday, 7 PM, Hawthorne’s Pizza