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The 12 Exercises of Friday (?)

Date: 12/8/2023 Workout: Harrisburg Iron Pax: Kojak, Mad Dog, Bear Claw, Othello, Constitution, Uncle Floyd, Magic Mike, JD, Gamma, Zin Q: Zin 10 of Harrisburg’s most festive gathered around some picnic tables at Stallings Park to listen to some Trans-Siberian Orchestra and slang some iron in a workout inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas […]

Happy Hill-A-Days!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 – Harrisburg Town Center Nine of F3 MeCa’s swiftest gathered in the post-rain-humid-upper-30-degree weather to let fate determine their weekly running beatdown.  Heads we venture over to Harris Depot for some hill work and tails we do longer distance down Shamrock road and back.  Quarter was flipped, heads it was, 5:30 […]

The Flapper

AO: f3harrisburg Q: Kojak PAX: JD, SS Minnow, solocup, Othello, Uncle Floyd, MadDog, Bucky, Vance Mcgee, Constitution, Zin, Red Tape, Gold Rush, Wexler FNGs: None COUNT: 14 WARMUP: Hillbillies Merkins Slow Squats OH Claps Arm Scissors 10 Mountain Climbers between each THE THANG: Jackass Burpee Webbs 1 Burpee to 3 Donkey Kicks Up to 10 […]

Pyramid O Fun or If you run the loop clockwise it’s shorter…

AO: f3harrisburg Q: JD PAX: SS Minnow, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, gamma, talladega, Kojak, MadDog, Vance Mcgee, Wexler, Constitution, exit54, Peppa FNGs: None COUNT: 13 WARMUP: Run the 1/2 mile loop. THE THANG: 10 – Burpees 15 – WWIIs 20 – Declined Merkins 25 – Step-ups L/R=1 30 – Dips 25 – Jump Squats 20 – […]

10-4 day!

Pax: JD, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, Othello, Exit 54, Constitution, Red Tape, Mad Dog, Zin, Magic Mike, Solocup, Wexler, Birthday guy Deadhead Q: Hacksaw Date: 12/1/23 A lively group of 14 gathered, at first unsure where to meet, but eventually followed the music and rock songs to the designated parking lot area for a beatdown including […]

I’m Tired

Pax:  Gamma, Bearclaw, Murtaugh, Uncle Floyd, Constitution, Othello, Mad Dog, Wexler Q:  Wexler 8 studs came out early this morning to continue to work off all those Thanksgiving desserts they treated themselves with last week.  Freezing when I stepped out of the car but warmed up pretty quick.  This is what we got into. Warm […]

Can’t stop, won’t stop, can’t slay us! (November Edition)

Moleskin The biggest contribution to the Slayer workout since it started was made by newcome Gapper. He made the suggestion to find an Australiann musician since the inspiration for the workout came from Melbourne’s F3 AO. From that came the music that will be played for at least the 2023 edition of the Slayer. It’ll […]