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F3 MeCa | December 9, 2019

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Just another KB workout

  • When: 1/28/2019
  • QIC: Mr McFeeley
  • The PAX: Dr Seuss, Robins Nest, Easy Rider, Avalanche, Jackpot, Oboe, Ace Ventura, Mr McFeeley

YHC decided to step up and ensure Comanches started the week off well.  It was going to be tough to step in place of Chicken Coop (get well brother!), but took some stuff from the first few Comanche KB workouts and some stuff I remember from Highlands Mettle to try and put together a good full body workout.  The men brought out their kettlebells, dumbbells, and hammer.  Looks like Robins Nest was missing Hammer’s presence!
As YHC kept seeing men arrive so gave them some time, thinking we had another 1 or 2 minutes.  TClaps to Oboe for kicking my butt into gear with it being time.  Disclaimer was given and we were off!
To start the warmarama, YHC decided to do a slow mosey to help warm up the body.  Heard some concerns about running immediately.  YHC emphasized that it was stated there would be little running, which means a little.
And thus, here we go:
-Mosey to far end of the Christenbury parking lot and back
-SSH x 15
-IST x 15
-Windmill x 15
-Cotton Pickers x 15
-Arm Circles x 20 sec forward x 20 sec backwards
On to the core of the workout:
-Farmers Carry (1 KB (some over achievers, tried to do 2) to closer end of the parking lot, switch arms on the way back.  Doing this while using your core to keep your body upright
-Chest Press x 10
-Skull Crusher x 10
-Curl x 10
-Goblet Squat x 10
-Lawnmower Pulls x 10
-Overhead Press x 10
-Sumo Squat x 10
-KB Push Up – right hand on KB x 5
-KB Push Up – left hand on KB x 5
-Tricep Extension x 10
-Shoulder to Shoulder (over the head (do not know the name of it)) x 10
-KB Swing x 10
-Repeato but most exercises were upped to 15 reps (except KB Push Ups and Shoulder to Shoulder)
-Repeato again
Next with some extra time, YHC had each PAX present lead a KB Exercise.  Apologize if I get any of these wrong but here is what YHC thinks he remembers:
-Oboe: KB Curl + Overhead press
-Easyrider: Slow Goblet Squat
-Ace Ventura: Wood choppers
-Dr Seuss: Chest Press + Skull Crusher
-Avalanche: Burpees.  However, with some push back from packs, switched to something else.  What that was, YHC does not remember.
-Robins Nest:  KB version of Homer to Marge
-Jackpot: KB LBCs
With 3 minutes left, and Robins Nest and Jackpot adding abs in already, YHC asked Robins Nest to lead a little stretching in the final 3 minutes.
Counted off.  No announcements.  Robins Nest took us out in the COT.
Thanks men for coming out and joining YHC today.  With so many layers on, YHC felt like it was in the 50s outside instead of 35.
Hoping Chicken Coop makes a speedy recover from the flu/norovirus thing he has!
Thanks for coming over and joining us today Dr Seuss!
And was great to see all of the Comanche PAX out there as well!
Everyone have a great Monday!


  1. Avalanche

    Goblet Press

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