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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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F3 Dads Comanche: Was it 150% humidity or 150+ PaX and Kids? Perhaps both!

F3 Dads Comanche: Was it 150% humidity or 150+ PaX and Kids?  Perhaps both!
  • When: 7/22/2017
  • QIC: Buckwheat, Hammer, Sizzlean, Mr McFeely, Jackpot
  • The PAX: Many many MeCa Dads and 2.0s


First of all…. Wow, what a great morning!

150+ (I think 153 or 154) Pax and 2.0s got out of the #Fartsack to have some fun and bonding time this morning!    In addition, it felt like 150% humidity!

Last week we had about 20 HCs, but in the last few days, those HCs really started coming in, even as I went to bed last night!  Kudos to our breakfast team for handling it all!

PAX started pulling in around 7am, with @JackPot leading the way.   YHC arrived around 7:30 (shocking for YHC to actually be early to a beatdown) and before we knew it, Hammer and Buckwheat were giving the 2 minute warning.  Coolers ready, tables set and prepared, food, water, drinks and the most important, coffee, all in place.

Buckwheat rounded everyone up, and here is what went down..

Mosey to big field behind the school.  This was an endeavor by itself.

After everyone got down to the field and circled up, a full disclaimer and reminder to Dads to watch out for the little ones :-)….. then Warm-o-rama started:

What is the defecto 1st exercise in the warm-o-rama,   the Side Straddle Hops (SSH).

And thus we did (YHC does not remember all the counts, apologize):

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Imperial Storm Troopers (IST) IC x 15
  • Yurpees, demonstrated, attempted IC for first one, then Hammer made the wise choice to switch to OYO x 10
  • WindMill x 15
  • ArmRolls
  • Wacky Jacks, demonstrated, and then IC x 15

Now all the 2.0s and Dads were warmed up, and thus The Thang:

  • Toilet Tag –
    • Round 1: 2.0s chased all Dads, once tagged, Dads had to do Al Gores until all Dads were caught.
    • Round 2: Dads chased 2.0s and once they were tagged, they had to do Al Gores.  This round seemed to take a little longer to complete than the first round.  Some fast 2.0s!
    • Perhaps we should not have called it Toilet Tag as Buckwheat informed me he got a proper demonstration from one of the 2.0s on how to become untagged.  Guess some more details from our 2.0s during planning might have been good :-).
  • Animal Relay Race
    • This big field was conveniently lined for football practice and thus helped out.. Thanks Odell Rec! 🙂
    • Split everyone up to 2 lines on opposite sides of the field.  One line will do an animal exercise across the field and tag someone, and they will do the exercise back.
    • Bear Crawls to start.  There were some fast 2.0s and one really fast Dad out there for this.
    • Though it was on the list and some kids were calling for it, the Dads were spared the pain of the crab walk
    • Instead @ChickenCoup had demonstrated the Frog Hop to Hammer and Buckwheat earlier and thus Frog Hops were next
    • Time to solicit the 2.0s for what the next animal exercise would be
    • We then did the same with:
      • Orangutan walk (this was YHC’s favorite).  Will have to incorporate that into the future, or let Ace Ventura on his next Pet Detective beatdown
      • Cheetah run
      • Cat run, but I think it was the startled cat jump run…  was very creative
  • With everyone now sweating a lot from the humidity and beatdown, it was announced that water was back up top.  Lesson learned… bring the water down as a huge chunk of 2.0s headed up to quench their thirst.  Should have brought some down to the field.  But still, we carried on!
  • Hot Potato
    • Pax and 2.0s split into 3 big circles.  Each circle had 3 balls (hot potato) being passed around.  When the leader of the group said stop, then dad or (dad of 2.0) were to do 3 burpees.
    • After a few times, Hammer and Buckwheats circles started getting more creative.  YHC didn’t catch on until we were calling it.  Kudos to you guys for creativity.  Sorry to my circle for not living it up.
    • The 2.0s and Dads getting water started re-entering the circles
  • Wow time flies.   We decided to head back to the top field.  Looks like many were exhausted so it is a very very slow mosey back.
  • Once there, Merkin Monster Tag
    • 2.0s tried to tag the Dads and if tagged, the Dad had to do 10 merkins.  YHC thinks many pax after the 3rd time just stayed down, YHC included, as some 2.0s were just waiting for the merkins to be done, you to get up and then attack!  Lots of fun!
  • One more exercise left.  Buckwheat started to explained that we were doing a water balloon fight, kids go attack your dads, but as soon as the kids knew where the balloons  were, all attention was on that blue bucket.  Needless to say the water balloon fight occurred very swiftly, and it was over.


  • Circled up for Mary and did:
    • LBCs x 15
    • Dying Coachroach x 15

And we were done.  Buckwheat had everyone circle up for Name-o-rama.  Was amazing how the count just kept going.  It hit 150, but YHC was informed later that a few had to leave early and thus the total was around 153 or 154, will just go with 153!   With that many PAX and 2.0s, an audible was called to not go around and do the names.  There was at least 1 FNG, who will get named the next time they post!

Everyone came in for the BoM, with Hammer taking us out, and then 2nd F time with the breakfast!

During the whole time, it was great meeting new faces and catching up with others that YHC had not seen in a while.

The Comanche crew, especially @Sizzlean, @DepthCharge, and @ChickenCoup really did an amazing job with the food and coffee.  @Sizzlean did a great job coming up with the menu.  @ChickenCoop, loved that coffee!   Thanks to @RobinsNest, @Hammer, @BlindDate, @Jackpot and others that brought in additional Gatorade, Fruits, juices, and donuts (@Jackpot those donuts went very fast!).  Other Comanche PaX contributed donations, tables, coolers, etc that really helped this event! Thanks to all of you!

Special thanks to @Hammer and @Buckwheat for being awesome leaders and covering most of the exercises and keeping things rolling!  The workout would not have turned out so well without them!

Also, thank you @JackPot!  He did an awesome job helping to keep things organized before hand and during the event!  In addition, he took a lot of awesome photos and went on a quick water run to be sure we had enough!

And finally, thanks to all the MeCa PAX that came out to do this and made it a great event!

Here is a link to the photos that @JackPot took.  He claims to not be a professional, but some of those shots were awesome!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Skipper

    Awesome job @Comanche pax! From the fun workout to the excellent breakfast spread, T-Claps all around. The @Skipper kids (@LilBuddy, @Ruthless, @CoachPotato, and @Stonebreaker) all had a great time! #ahoy

  2. kilowatt_MECA

    Little late here, but thanks so much for putting this together. 2.0s all had a great time.

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