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10 Year Anniversary Beatdown!

Pax:  Gamma, Sheepdog, Sugar, Misfire, Cupid, Dud, Vespa, Hokie Pokie, Koozie, R2D2, Big Blue, Bravo, Total Loss, Guacamole, Starbucks, Phidippedes, Goose, Spooner, Pantene, Gold Rush, Glenaire, Wanderer, Peppa, Uncle Floyd, Predator, Slash, JD, Disaster, Gump, Gordo, Shooter, Jiffy, Deadhead, Minion, Skipper, Little Buddy, Couch Potato, Stone breaker, ONJ, Pink, Commodore, Sunshine, Magic Mike, Constitution, Firebrand, […]

2023 Memorial Day Murph

First off, what is “the Murph”? Some background on the Murph & Memorial Day The following AOs will be hosting “the Murph” on Memorial Day: Dawg House (0530) Harrisburg (0530) Highlands (0700) Rolling Stone (0700) Tradition (0700)

Mettle Celebrating My Dad

My father, Larry Frederick Zufall, passed into Glory last Tuesday at the age of 79. Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia had ravaged both body and mind for over a decade, but now he is Healed. Before he lost his faculties, Dad was a wicked smart and physically strong man with a great sense of humor. He […]

F3Kannon – Busboy Shuffle

Q – Cupid Pax – Grandmaster, Heisenberg, Snowman, Cupid 3 pax showed up to learn the busboy shuffle. As highschooler, I had the experience of bussing and dishwashing at a seafood restaurant for 2 years. It taught me a lot and made me smell like a filet-O-fish sandwich. Couldn’t resist the urge to do something […]

F3Cannon – Facing the Terrible Tab of TAH

Q: Cupid Pax: Hi-Vis, Cupid A nasty tabata of pleasure: 45 seconds on, 15 off/. 10 different cycles per tabata, 4 tabatas total. Curls* Crunchy Frog Squats* Merkins Bicycles Calf Raises* Lateral Rows* Mason Twist* L/R knee bends* Man Makers* *Incorporate smaller cinder blocks where appropriate. Coffee followed & pretty much had the whole place […]