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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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The Valley

World Famous (Iced) Coffee Run

February 21, 2020 |

Are we manly men or stupid for running this morning? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Truly, there wasn’t a lot of ice on the sidewalks. But, we are in the South, and you know how we do … Read More

Expecting Great Things

February 19, 2020 |

7 PAX answered the call of the gloom for another Valley mid week soggy stroll through the fine neighborhoods of Prosperity Village.

We expected to have some rain, but were delighted to catch a break in the action.

We expected … Read More

R2-D2 Runs 10 Miles

February 17, 2020 |

7 PAX showed for a frigid (27 degrees) 10-miler split between 2 routes. 6 (Blowout, No-H, Sterling, Landlord, R2-D2, Pleasure) of us took on the first route leaving from Corvian Community Elementary for a Greenway Loop including the Hill of … Read More

Torture at the Farmlands

February 17, 2020 |

6 pax braved a cold morning to conquer the Farmlands over and over again.  The route was easy.  Go down, turn around, then go up.  Rinse and repeat.  Everyone got at least 10 reps in (except for Sterling – late … Read More

World Famous Back Blast

February 14, 2020 |

We ran to Starbucks

The Farm was there

Blowout was too hot

Hot wheels was sleeveless

No H loved the pace

Escobar was new (welcome!)

Sterling was late

We talked about t … Read More

Pre-Blast: 2020 Passport Challenge back by popular demand

February 8, 2020 |

Back by popular demand, we will kick off the 2020 Passport Challenge on March 1st. with a completion date of no later than April 30th.  The idea behind the Passport Challenge is for the PAX to attend beatdowns … Read More

Precinct Card Sharks

February 6, 2020 |

YHC had every intention to create an innovative workout for the #Precinct pax on Monday night, but then a co-worker walked in the office and offered tickets to the Hornets game.  Grab the cards!

After a typical warm-up (mosey, SSH, … Read More

Slowing Down to Speed Up

February 5, 2020 | 1

8 pax posted for a cruise focused on slowing down and getting in good fellowship (started with 5 then picked up 3 at various points along the way).  The route started at Tradition, ran to and then down Senator Royale, … Read More

Triple Threat

February 3, 2020 |

3 PAX took on 3 hills at five three zero in the gloom.

Hill day at The Valley included the 8% grade of Senator Royal, the 3% grade exiting The Arbors and one last 5% grade on Governor Hunt.

Prayers … Read More

Sunday Fun Run (for the cure)

February 2, 2020 |

Where there is a Valley OTB run, you know there’s gotta be a BB #BackBlastOrItDidntHappen

YHC wanted to take advantage of this fantastic weather, and was hoping some other PAX would as well. Thanks for joining me Laser. We went … Read More