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Double Digits

AO: Valley Q: pleasure PAX: no-h, Marlboro Man, Soprano, Greek, trailmix, landlord, 2step, Barney, r2d2, jumanji, pleasure FNGs: None COUNT: 11 The Thang: 11 ran and 5 stayed for coffee. . Moleskine: Greek was sighted on a not-Saturday Announcements: 321 5K tomorrow; Landlord moving March 25 (Saturday, not Friday); Craft Beer Half Apr 1; F3 […]

Sometimes its good to break up the monotony by changing the spelling to monotomy

AO: Valley Q: r2d2 PAX: pleasure, landlord, no-h FNGs: None COUNT: 4 This RIDICULOUS cold snap made me think everyone fart sacked it so at 5:34 I left to find the Highland Creek guys and check one more off for the passport challenge. When I ran across No-H I doubled back and we were soon […]