Category: The Valley

MeCa Weight Loss Challenge – January 2021

While we all definitely try, the fact is, you can’t outwork a bad diet.  So…for at least one month, let’s work on that.  As January is the month of new year’s resolutions, it seems as good a month as any to knock off any unwanted holiday pounds.  In F3 vocabulary, we will be working on […]

PAXMiner – The Friendly Attendance App

TLDR: We have a new beatdown attendance app on Slack – PAXMiner Why? It could help provide knowledge, insight and even maybe some fun Let’s give this a good go to see if this is a useful tool – use format provided This is not a substitute for backblasts on the site – this is […]

Hills, Pit Stops, and Pools

6 PAX ended up in the COT after 4 or 5 miles obtained in various ways. 5 PAX launched from the Winchester pool for a run across the greenway and into Radborne for some hill work. 1 PAX broke off for a pit stop that lasted most of the run. 1 PAX, that YHC swears […]

Some shouted Stab, Stab, Stab while others Why?, Why? Why? this Halloween day

YHC thought long and hard last night what to do for the Halloween them beatdown that would different, but also fun and challenging.  Since several of the exercises were new, thanks to the F3 website exercise section, some new exercises were added.  Some promotional messages were sent on Slack and therefore 17 PAX showed up […]

Hey Look, It’s the Nantan

Nine men gathered for the weekly running of the World Famous Coffee Run. 2 launch options were given, only one was utilized. The run, run, coffee pax — including a Passport post from the Nantan himself — launched at 5:30 from the North Starbucks and ran to Tradition to pick up any run, coffee, run […]