Tag: White Lightning

Thank goodness for the Passporters

There was talk on the Slack Passport Challenge page about some passporters heading to the Speedway for some White Lightnin’.  YHC felt some pressure to make it worth their while to make the trek for their stamp.  By the time the clock hit 0530 5 passporters were primed and ready to go (they outnumbered the […]

It’s Monday, heck yeah

7 men celebrated a typical Monday by starting out the day getting stronger.  @Coppertone was at home dreaming of the workout with the right mix of NyQuil and Orange Juice. The beat down was a mixture of WhiteLightning classics.  It went like this. Warm Up SSH x 20, IST x 15, Windmill x 12, Mountain […]


2 Faithful got it done this morning. YHC knew there was rain in forecast when the choice to sign up to Q was made at 5pm last night. YHC knew @FlipPhone would have jumped on it since it was available, but YHC didn’t want to force his hand… he just rocked an awesome HBurg gathering […]


YHC got there early to do some reconnaissance to find the shelter he had read about in previous backblasts (and some guidance from FlipPhone) and on the first drive by the parking lot, there was not a car to be found. Granted, it was 5:15, so there was still time. YHC found the covered area […]

Speedway Lights

11 men gathered at the Speedway for White Lightning, and Day 1 of my Iron Q Challenge. Some men lead and some men follow, but F3 is all about leadership. A couple years ago, MeCa OG Escalade threw out a challenge to all Harrisburg Q’s (and would-be Q’s) to lead every workout for a week. […]