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10 Year Anniversary Beatdown!

Pax:  Gamma, Sheepdog, Sugar, Misfire, Cupid, Dud, Vespa, Hokie Pokie, Koozie, R2D2, Big Blue, Bravo, Total Loss, Guacamole, Starbucks, Phidippedes, Goose, Spooner, Pantene, Gold Rush, Glenaire, Wanderer, Peppa, Uncle Floyd, Predator, Slash, JD, Disaster, Gump, Gordo, Shooter, Jiffy, Deadhead, Minion, Skipper, Little Buddy, Couch Potato, Stone breaker, ONJ, Pink, Commodore, Sunshine, Magic Mike, Constitution, Firebrand, […]

For Amway

We lost a great one on Friday night.  On Saturday, we did our best to honor our friend, our brother… Amway (Damon).  It was humbling to see the support from F3 MECA, which rallied to bring 97 pax to the Afton AO in a show of love and support.  IT’S MORE THAN JUST A WORKOUT […]

Gun Day

YHC had the Q and in the spirit of The Body, had everyone wear their “Gun” Shirts (aka sleeveless).  At 0529, YHC said a very lousy disclaimer and by 0530, with 9 pax in hand, we began with a little… Warm-O-Rama SSHx15 IC Gpa Jacksx10 IC Windmillx10 IC LSSx10 IC LSMx10 IC 10 Burprees OYO […]

1/1 : 7/7

Now this was fun!  We didn’t sprint.  We didn’t even really run too fast (well clearly Swiss Miss did).  But we covered over 3.5 miles according to Big Tuna and BLC.  So a nice light jog will tick you some mileage. Today’s goal was to learn to use the “jogging” as a refresher/breath-catcher in between […]

Mint Hills

Mint Hills We started out as usual when Pantene showed up. YHC gave the traditional disclaimer and we moseyed to the memorial for warmup. SSH, Windmill, Penny Pickers, Imperial Troopers, and Arm Circles. With the upcoming Huntersville Half YHC decided to work on hills, even though there are no hills in the Huntersville Half according […]

Spilled Milk

After a disclaimer and assurance of Tutu and his 2.0’s manhood, all PAX made their way to the tennis courts for the main bd. Warm-o-rama 15 SSH IC 15 Penny Pickers IC 15 Windmills IC 15 Grandpa Jacks IC   The Thang: One PAX runs around the four tennis courts while the others do suicides. […]

Reruns are Great!

At this morning’s Broga McStretchy Stretchy Pants, we re-watched an episode from last week. We worked through a 35 minute lower back “deep stretching” routine that featured new and improved interval timer sounds.  Bangs are so much better than gongs.  The last 10 minutes featured people’s choice and was supposed to consist of everyone choosing […]

The Pantene Show at the Vet

11 guys made up the Pax at the Vet on 06/05/21.   As it was revealed that I turned one year older, I had to make sure to prove I was still up for a workout.  Started with the disclaimer and then headed out to do the warmup.  This included: 20 SSH, 20 Windmills, 15 River […]