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F3 MeCa | May 18, 2019

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Mint Hill

Farmwood, Morris Farms, Bain, Clear Creek, Truelight Church, Wilgrove, Fairview, Goose Creek, Flowes Store, Midland, North Stallings, Stevens Mill, and other area neighborhoods in and around Mint Hill, NC

Send Me on My Way

May 17, 2019 | | One Comment

I only have a few more posts in the F3 MeCa region before I move to Granite Falls and become a member of the F3 Hickory region.  I have made so many friends in MeCa and would love to see … Read More

Ho! Ho! Ho! 12 Days Of Christmas At Pain Academy!

May 15, 2019 |

Last week I somehow was double booked and missed my Q at Pain Academy, so I told Chum I would make it up to him and Q this week instead.

With the exception of Bullwinkle, I think this was a … Read More

No day at the Beach

May 9, 2019 |

Warm Up:

Mosey around parking lot with High Knees, But Kickers and karaoke ending at Fire Lane.  Continue mosey stoping at each fire lane marking for warm up exercise as follows – SSH 20IC, Cotton Picker 15IC, Wind Mill 12IC, … Read More

Another Thursday at The Gunnery

May 9, 2019 |

Six men from the MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed some dry weather and comfortable temps for a challenging beat down at The Gunnery this morning. YHC planted the flag at 5:25 AM and we welcomed back Deuce from his recent travels … Read More

Solo Broga scouting mission…and then there were 4.

May 7, 2019 |

YHC showed up at 0500 this morning to perform a Broga location Scouting mission.  The AO decided that it might be a cool idea to start a Thursday Run/Broga stretching day.  However, first, you must find a good location.  So, … Read More

Monday Morning Piledriver

May 6, 2019 |

The morning air was just right. The gloom, still and dark. The pax, ready to wake up and get started. The Q, a little disappointed with the number 7, but that is only a small adjustment to make. An explanation … Read More

Friday Morning Metal

May 3, 2019 |


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Grandpa Jax x 10IC
  • Kettle Bell Tutorial
    • Dead-Stop Swing
    • 2-Hand Swing
    • 1-Hand Swing
    • Dead-Stop Cleans
    • Cleans
    • High-Pull
    • Snatches


  • Set the pax into 2 groups (1 set … Read More

Substitute Teacher

May 2, 2019 |

7 dudes showed up for their weekly lesson at the Pain Academy just to find out they would be following a substitute Q around in the gloom for 45minutes. Makes sense since the public school was closed today for a … Read More

2019 AO EH Challenge

April 29, 2019 | | One Comment

Alright boys, this is the official announcement that May 2019 is the month of the MeCa AO EH Challenge!!  For the slightly uninitiated, EH is short for Emotional Headlock…basically the recruitment of FNGs.

This is simple, the AO that recruits … Read More

4 corners of pain (and some burpees too)!

April 23, 2019 |

Six men from the MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed some dry weather and warm temps for a challenging beatdown at Boondocks – The Village. YHC planted the flag at 5:25 AM and welcomed back Motown from his recent travels. Begin with … Read More