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Hurricane Winds

F3 Backblast 09/23/23 OCT 6:20am: contemplate going back to bed 6:30am: overcome temptation The Winds of Hurricane Gussy Q : Total Package Pax : Private Ryan, Beeker, Circuit Rider, Neverland, Scooter, Loveboat (at coffee) Jog to Suntrust parking lot: Circle up SSH x 20 Hillbillies x 20 Mtn climbers x 10(IC) Hamstring stretch Arm circles […]

Pity Q

AO: ASEC QIC: FIRE CHICKY PAX: Willy, Lex Luthor, Homie, Phidip, Ticky, Hops, Professor, The Lawyer, Beaker, Look em up.   9 men, this weeks admin, and one pax feeling pity for the admin showed on a crisp 58ish degree morning… Mosey to nuke plant for: SSH’s IC x 30 which Homie thought was too […]

We got wet

AO: ASEC QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Little Willy, Luthor, Spud, Professor, LMU, Crabgrass, Circuit Rider, Brickyard, El Ab, Catfish, Deer Tick, Neverland, & Beaker 14 of concord’s finest awoke, showed up, and got wet on a Tuesday beatdown…here’s what went down Warm-up: head to upper lot and grab a weight of your choice:  SSH’s IC […]

The Go-To Saturday

QIC: Neverland Pax: Catfish, Tombstone, Private Ryan, Marlboro, Homeland, Gooney 7 Concord OG’s gathered to celebrate the continued cool temps. Warm up: Mosey to Truist lot for SSH X15 Mountain Climbers X15 IST’s X15 Arm Circles Thang: Up and down ladder starting at starting at Truist lot adding an exercise at each stop. Truist, Brazillians […]

Useless trivia

BB 8/26/23 QIC: Gooney PAX: PR, Cat, Spud, Hops, FC, Tomby, Beaker, Indy, Loveboat, Scooter, Grover Warm-o-Rama Mosey to old old Concord Middle School: No SSH’s cause we ran half a mile and warmed up. Circle up and plank for 1 min Mt Climbers IC x 15 Arm circles Mosey up Marsh, right on Union […]

6 and 12

When: 8/24/2023 QIC: PR The PAX: Spud, Tombstone, Deertick, Total Package, Beaker, Neverland, Hops, Mayweather, Professor, Brickyard, Gooney 12 posted. Rinse and repeat weather. August is the worst. Warmup: High knees, buttkicks, karaoke through parking lot, down to lower lot SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 5 slow mercs…time wasting done. The Thang: 4 stations around […]

Up and Down

Q Mountie OCT False fall morning. 11 pax came to play. Tombstone Homeland Crabgrass Neverland Marlboro Beaker Catfish Brickyard Spud Total Package Mountie Mosey to the new courthouse plaza so the early morning construction workers can mock us and giggle. Tombstone gave them a few monkey humpers, because that’s what they really needed to see. […]

Think Cool!

Q : Total Package Pax : Professor, Look Me Up, Fire Chicken, El Ab, Psycho T, Tombstone, Homeland, Spud, Lex Luthor, Crabgrass, Josh(FNG) Warm up in church parking lot: High knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps Circle up- Lower Lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring stretch Arm Circles Mosey to upper parking lot […]

We bid you farewell GWC

AO: OCT QIC: FIRE CHICKEN PAX: Homie, Scooter, Crabgrass, Cat, Mayhem, TP, Neverland, Marl-bo, PR, Shirtless Grover, Spud, and last but not least our super hero Mount Me 12 pax plus a shirtless one showed for the last GWC coffee day Mosey over to 1st Prez for warm-o-rama: 25 SSH’s IC 15 IST’s IC 10 […]