Tag: Backblast

ASEC Grinder

6/11/24 Backblast QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Spud, Pyscho, El Ab, Ticky, Willy, Scooter, Popeye, Tricky, LMU, Cat, Marlboro, Homie, Lexster, & Love Boat 15 men set off on a nice Tuesday mornin’ to get their workout on…mosey to lower lot with the extremely chatty group for Warm-o-rama: 25 SSH’s IC 15 IST’s IC 10 Slow […]

Hump Day Humidity

Pax: Pyscho, El Ab, Skinner, Spud, Scooter, Hops, Tom-B, Mountie, Luthor, & Mayhem QIC: Fire Chicken 11 of Concord’s finest embarked on a ridiculously humid hump day. Mosey to Parking lot beside entrance to Mugga for: SSH’s x 25 IC, IST’s x 15 IC, Slow Soap Drop x 10 IC, and some arm circles… Mosey […]

Union Street Factorials

14 of the hardest men this city has ever seen decided to get even harder together this morning. The Q has been fighting off a sinus infection for about a week and finally decided the best way to beat it was to beat the shit out of it at 0530 with the homies. (2230 update: […]

6 of 1, half dozen of another

Date: 4/25/24 Workout: The Ridge Pax: Constitution, Bearclaw, Uncle Floyd, Othellow, Tar Tar, Zin Q: Zin 6 men met in the high school parking lot this morning in an attempt to better themselves. Here’s how it went: –Warmup– Mosey to the ticket booth for some warmup excercises. SSH x15 Imperial Storm Troopers x15 Windmills x15 […]

Master’s Thursday

Master’s Thursday…mid 50’s and fortunately no rain. AO: ASEC QIC: Fire chicken Pax: homie, Willy, love boat, and miraculously LUTHOR posted for my Q Warm-up: jog to upper deck for standard side straddle hops, IST’s, soap drop and some arm circles Master’s Thursday beat down: timer would call out an exercise with or without block […]

Spring into Iron

Eleven of the Burg’s strongest kicked off Spring at Harrisburg Iron… DATE: 03/01/24 PAX: Papa John, SS Minnow, Firebrand, Uncle Floyd, Gamma, Othello, Hacksaw, Bearclaw, Zin, Deadhead, Exit 54 QIC: Exit 54   WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis court, COP SSH x 20 IST x 20 Penny Pickers x 15 Upper Arm stretches Mosey back […]

Tearing Down Walls, Sprinting and Climbing Hills

Date: 02/27/24 AO: Harrisburg PAX: @Gilmore, @Constitution, @Bearclaw, @Zin, @Hardhat, @DrLecter, @SSMinow, @Goldrush, @MadDog, @Uncle Floyd Q: @Uncle Floyd Count: 10 YHCs: 0 Ten PAX beat back the bed sheets for the early morning win, hightailing it to The Ridge for an arduous beatdown in the gloom. Here’s what we did… Warm-up: 12-IC: Side Straddle […]


AO: ASEC QIC: Fire Chicken Pax: Tomby, Professor, LMU, Neverland, & Scooter 6 pax braved another chilly mornin’ to get better Mosey to rehab for Warm-o-rama: SSH’s x 20 IC IST’s x 15 IC Soap Drop x 15 IC The THANG:  Modified MARSOC short card 1) 30 merkins 2) 30 Air squats 3) 30 LBC’s […]

The People Demanded It

Concord F3 1.30.24 AO:  ASEC Q:  Look Me Up Pax:  Spud, DeerTick, Hip, Cat, Popeye, Professor, Tombstone, El Ab, Marlboro, PR, Skinner 10 elites and 2 almost homeless showed up this morning.  It was chilly but the good kind. Mosey to bridge and 40 dips OYO Mosey on up to the college of health sciences parking lot to warm […]

Grover, is that you?

  When: 1/23/2024 QIC: PR The PAX:  Neverland, Psycho, Firechicken, Brickyard, Tomby, Professor, LoveBoat, Marlboro, Catfish,  11 Studs showed.  It was cold.  But only temporarily. Warmup: SSH, loose change, mtn climbers, 10 slow mercs…walk 10 feet to the thang. The Thang: Burpee/suicides/WWII/suicides.  That’s it.  Repeato. Mary: No time, thus no wasted time. Moleskin:  Knew it was going […]