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F3 Dads Davis Lake

Backblast: F3 Dads Balloons and choo choo trains Lax Put on Rojo or Amarillo flags as they arrive even colors Basic warm up with lots of animal trots. Flamingos, elephants and Donkey kicks Mosey to playground Flag tag – 1 person is it for a few minutes and grabs flag. When you lose a flag […]

F3 Dads at Davis Lake

F3 Dads is officially ON next week Saturday 7am at Davis Lake! Bsring all the 2.0’s (ages 4 and up) for a kid friendly, high energy and fun beat down. We will crawl like Spiderman, “grass sled” down hills, and slither like a Gila Monster all over the playgrounds, tennis courts, and tunnels of Davis […]

Unsolicited AAR for a Concord-Centric Plague Doctor 12 Miler

References Plotted Course: What actually happened: 9-Volt and I had signed up for the A Shau Valley Light and my entire crew for the 10K Star Course to follow. This was not to be. Given the #beatf3louisville challenge to log miles and my son’s appetite for a patch – Saturday seemed perfect and […]

F3 Dads Camping – Summer 2020

The MeCa F3 Dads Camping Trip is having it’s 6 year anniversary this year!  That’s right, we’ve been getting dads and their 2.0’s out into the woods since 2015.  There’s been prehistoric sized snake encounters, there have been yellow jacket swarm attacks, and even an epic night time bear visit.  We’ve had kids laughing, crying, […]

PREBLAST – Charlotte Santa Ruck Light – December 7th

What: Charlotte GORUCK Santa Ruck Light When: Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 11 AM – 4:30 PM QIC: Sugar Bags (AKA Katherine Danko) (YHC Kilowatt will keep up with details for MECA) Where: Launch TBD Latest updates will be on the Event’s Facebook Page. Details: It’s a GORUCK Light. The adults will carry 10 or […]

Pre Blast All American 4 Miler w/NFS

Start of the 4th of July off right in pure F3 style celebrating all 3 F’s We all have the gifts of Fitness / Fellowship / Faith, that we share, our purpose is to freely share or give our gifts away, to that end, Speed for Need ( Who Pushes Who ) is celebrating their […]

F3 Dads @ Davis Lake

Davis Lake F3 Dads Your YHC knew that For the beginning of February it was a crap shoot on the weather but 63 degrees made for the PERFECT F3 Dads Beatdown. It started off with a wide range of emotions: Some sleepy eyes, Bronco’s 2.0’s cartwheeling away from the truck in anticipation and a F3 […]

F3 Dads Highlands Style

Eighteen of MECA’s finest showed up at Mallard Creek Community Park this morning for yet another round of F3 Dads. After scrambling to locate each other amongst the thousands of youth soccer players and their parents we had a quick and simple disclaimer and then we were off. Here’s how it went down: @Gordo, @Flying […]

Dads Loving Their Kids

Doing anything positive with your kids is a treat for us and great benefit for them.  I highly recommend All-Pro Dad’s, whether going to their events at your kid’s school or getting their daily email here:  T-claps to Clueless, Gamma, and Bearclaw for the delicious smoothies after the workout!   Here’s how Harrisburg’s #F3Dads went […]