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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Serving the Hidden Valley, Shamrock Gardens, Country Club Heights, Kilborne, and Sugaw Creek neighborhoods and areas in East Charlotte

Rock, Table and Steps!

October 8, 2019 |

Four pax and one 2.0 from MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed the cooler temperature, lower humidity and nice weather this morning for a stroll around The Village.   The goal was to keep moving across several different areas of the AO for … Read More

Bells, burpees and a tire!

September 17, 2019 |

Two HIM from MECA Boondocks AO swung some bells, flipped a tire and ran with some burpees added for good measure. Today’s beat down was designed by YHC to be a recruiting session at the Village but was modified slightly … Read More

4 X 100 and Brick Work!

September 5, 2019 |

Four HIM from the F3 MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed the nice temperature, lower humidity and cool breezes this morning for a comfortable stroll around the grounds this morning at The Gunnery.   The goal was to keep moving with a combination … Read More

Burpee Dan visits The Vet

August 24, 2019 |

YHC arrived at The Vet at 06:30 to find the shovel flag already delivered by Nimbus but no sign of Nimbus for delivering on his burpee penalty or any pre-runners for the advertised 6:30 launch. Check Slack – Mint Hill … Read More

Island Travel (but just around the parking lot)

August 13, 2019 |

Seven HIM  from the Boondocks AO enjoyed the hot and steamy weather this morning for some island travel (sorry – this was the parking lot version) at Boondocks – The Village.   YHC rolled in at 5:20 AM to be greeted … Read More

Afton AO – 1 Year Anniversary Beatdown

August 3, 2019 |

YHC can not believe it has been 1 year since the Afton AO has started. To help celebrate, 40 pax of the MECA region converged to Dorton Park for some fun. No shoes, shirts, and shorts were dry at the … Read More

Hit The Bricks

August 1, 2019 |

Five pax from MECA Boondocks AO were told to “hit the bricks” this morning at The Gunnery. Bricks were removed from storage, flag was planted, disclaimer was given by YHC and we got started at 5:30 AM. We did not … Read More

Pre-Blast: Afton 1 Year Anniversary Convergence

July 10, 2019 |

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since AO Afton has launched. All are welcome to join in the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Beatdown. Last year we had 60+ PAX join for the launch. Can … Read More

Pre Blast All American 4 Miler w/NFS

June 30, 2019 | | One Comment

Start of the 4th of July off right in pure F3 style celebrating all 3 F’s

We all have the gifts of Fitness / Fellowship / Faith, that we share, our purpose is to freely share or give our … Read More

Hills at The Village

June 4, 2019 |

Three men from the MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed the beautiful weather this morning for a hilly beat down at Boondocks – The Village. YHC planted the flag at 5:25 AM and at 5:30 two of us headed next door to … Read More