The Voluntold Q


YHC started slowly coming out to F3 again a few months back.  Last week @ChickenCoop made an appearance and voluntold me to Q this Tuesday.  And so, YHC did.  Briefly thought I might be the only one and would go get coffee instead, but 3 other early risers started rolling in.

In addition a few of us saw a show on TV with a guy with an interesting name that captured our imaginations and thus I decided to integrate that into the work out.  The workout was created to allow for anyone injured/recovering from injuries to be able to stay close to the PAX and modify as needed (stayed mostly in one area).


Short mosey lap
Arm Circles

Segue to the name:
Penny picker

Respect the name:
(T)empo Merkin
(N)ewton’s Cradle
(K)raken Burpee

For the rest of the thing:
Get a rock and go back to the parking lot
One man as a timer running to end of the parking lot and back, switch to the next man continuing the same exercise until everyone has run and acted as the timer.

The exercises included:
World War II Situps
Chest press with rock
Tricep extensions
Goblet squat

Return rock to where they were found


Pretzel Crunch (Pongo)

And then COT

Thoughts out to PAX with COVID (and family + those that were in close contact) and other maladies that are impacting us and the war in Ukraine.

Thanks to all PAX that came out.


Hammer, Buckwheat, Pongo


Mr McFeeley