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Dawghouse 7th Year Anniversary

AO: F3Dawghouse Q: Honey Do, Buck, Loveboat, Ticonderoga, Liquid Courage PAX: F3Pharaoh, Iron City, Bravo, number_1, Loveboat, Mayhem, Big Tuna, Othello, Kojak, SugarF3, Buck, Liquid Courage, Slash, talladega, Cupid, bigblue, 4-wide, hop_hunter, hokie_pokie, Audit, JD, mightymouse, Thickburger, heatstroke, f3_chowder, chachif3, Model T, majorpain, buckwheat, pongo, dingo, Dawghouse MASH, Brinkley, Skipper, SS Minnow, Machuman (Machupicchu), Opie, […]

It wasn’t me, I was just doing wht the AO told me to do! #theAOwhisperer

AO: F3Comanche Q: SugarF3 PAX: buckwheat, forgottenjelly, Machuman (Machupicchu), hammer, yellowcake, pongo, stash, sully, Opie, Iron City, Avalanche, SugarF3 FNGs: None COUNT: 12 As the title suggests, somedays (most days) there is no plan. Why? Cause just like ya’ll, I don’t want to know what’s coming! Today was one of those perfect days that the […]


AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: Avalanche, buckwheat, hammer, pongo, yellowcake FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: YHC rolled in right at 5:30 and 30 seconds. Late Again :-(. Our resident early bird, Yellowcake was already doing his pre Warm-o-Rama mosey. The rest of the pax started rolling in whilst and after YHC got the shovel flag […]

Title Feb 9

AO: F3Comanche Q: Avalanche PAX: sully, buckwheat, pongo, Avalanche FNGs: None COUNT: 4 mosey up to the street and zig zag the playground hill. WARMUP: at the playground shelter penny picker icx10 wind mill icx10 running with scissors icx10 ssh icx10 mtn climber icx10 plank jack icx10 stomp jumper icx10 arm circles THE THANG: Station […]

Your wife must be hot

AO: F3Comanche Q: forgottenjelly PAX: Avalanche, Spaz, yellowcake, pongo, forgottenjelly FNGs: None COUNT: 5 YHC took today’s Q to celebrate the M’s birthday. Alas, the rain led to using the cards again. WARMUP: Ran under the awning of the school and then did SSH, penny pickers, and ISTs. THE THANG: I explained to everyone how […]

Diamonds, Threesomes & Yellowcake’s Abs

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: buckwheat, hammer, pongo, yellowcake, sully FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Mosey, Frankensteins, Lunge Walks, Warm-O-Rama: SSH’s, IST’s, LSS’s, MC’s, Arm Circles, Downward Dog, & Pigeon. THE THANG: Queue some classic rock and get rolling. 7 of Diamonds: Using the teacher lot oval as a diamond, do 7 burpees at each […]

Nipply Winds and Cold Bells

AO: F3Tradition Q: pongo, buckwheat, Frostbite MECA PAX: buckwheat, Frostbite MECA, pongo FNGs: None COUNT: 3 It was chilly w/ the breeze. Pongo’s nipples got hard while Frostbite wasn’t fazed. Buckwheat was fazed, but didn’t tell anybody. People’s Q occurred. Bells were lifted, tugged, pulled, and carried. A total body experience we’re all better for. […]

PQ 20230119

AO: F3Comanche Q: pongo, forgottenjelly, Avalanche, buckwheat, sully PAX: forgottenjelly, pongo, buckwheat, sully, Avalanche FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Jelly warmed us up THE THANG: Merkin/LBC 10-1 lightpole ladder – Jelly Indian run to the shelter Pullup, Table shoulder press, WW situp, Dips (10,15,20,25) – Avalanche Regular run to the school Step up, squat, calf […]