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Diamonds, Threesomes & Yellowcake’s Abs

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: buckwheat, hammer, pongo, yellowcake, sully FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Mosey, Frankensteins, Lunge Walks, Warm-O-Rama: SSH’s, IST’s, LSS’s, MC’s, Arm Circles, Downward Dog, & Pigeon. THE THANG: Queue some classic rock and get rolling. 7 of Diamonds: Using the teacher lot oval as a diamond, do 7 burpees at each […]

Level Up

AO: F3Comanche Q: yellowcake PAX: buckwheat, Avalanche, hammer, Spaz, yellowcake FNGs: None COUNT: 5 I Level Up to 45 later this week, so decided to Q at 3 different AOs this week. First up is Comanche! At 0530 Spaz, Hammer, and YHC go for a little mosey. Halfway thru the lap Avalanche descends upon us. […]

Nothing fancy, just hard work

AO: F3Comanche Q: yellowcake PAX: Avalanche, forgottenjelly, hammer, buckwheat, yellowcake, pongo FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Strong work by all. Here is how this morning’s events unfolded. Forgotten Jelly was alone in the parking lot when YHC arrived. 0530 hit and we started running a lap. As we finished the lap, 4 other Comancheans apparently waited […]

That Escalated Quickly!

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: hammer, pongo, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WARMUP: Toy Solider, Lunge Walk, Mosey followed by BROGA, IST’s SSH’s, Arm Circles, LSS’s, and Merks. Prostate check stories were told. #ShowToKnow THE THANG: 7 Days of XMAS, Escalator style initially. However, YHC escalated it a little too much days 1-3, so we […]

Dragon special day

AO: F3Comanche Q: Avalanche PAX: sully, forgottenjelly, yellowcake, hammer, Avalanche FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: mosey up the road and down to the usual spot for Motivator 7 – 1 Penny picker ic10 Mountain climber ic20 Runner stretch Spiderman Squat ls OYOx10 THE THANG: Welsh Dragon Pyramid 1-5 Bear crawl to pillar 1+ 1 hand […]

Snarky Turtle

AO: F3Comanche Q: Avalanche PAX: forgottenjelly, FedEx, pongo, hammer, Avalanche FNGs: None COUNT: 5 1st 5.30 of the day, started with the disclaimer acknowleding non responsible people and entities, moseyed arpund the lot up to the road and back to upper lot for warmorama. Fedex delivery was late today. WARMUP: Motivator 7 – 1 Penny […]

Math, Cold Temps & Cheek Jelly

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: forgottenjelly, Avalanche, hammer, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Jelly was the earliest to arrive, followed by those two-wheeling, right on time (barely), jabronis, Avalanche and Hammer. Where in the hell was the Q you might ask? Correct Answer: 2-3 minutes LATE. No need to provide an excuse since snoozing is […]

Million Dollar MEN

AO: F3Comanche Q: buckwheat PAX: Avalanche, hammer, pongo, yellowcake, FedEx, buckwheat FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Atypical Buckwheat mosey loop back to flag for SSH, Merks, IST’s, Mountain Climbers, Michael Phelps, Shoulder Stretches THE THANG: Million Dollar Man (Heavily Modified FiA beatdown designed by the M). Six fine men EXERCISED their right to Exercise today. […]