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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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You know who is a really nice guy? – Othello

February 17, 2020 |

Five Pax including one visiting Pax posted for the Monday beatdown. The Q showed up just in time to get everything set up and who was there to great him with a smile? Othello. He is always there early, planting … Read More

“Not in the park, not in the dark, not in the woods, even if I could, I don’t like Monkey Humpers at all!”

February 10, 2020 |

How ’bout by a lake? While eating cake?

Then I’d look like a flake while eating cake!

Or while driving a car?

That’s just taking it too far!

On a boat? On a shiny new boat?

Not on a boat! … Read More

Mamba Mentality

January 27, 2020 |

I was never a big Kobe Bryant fan. I always thought he was arrogant on the court and that rubbed me the wrong way for whatever reason. However .. dude could BALL. I’ve watched a ton of NBA and I … Read More

Rain, Rain go away, let’s remember Gremlin today

January 13, 2020 |

YHC saw the forecast was for rain but knowing the fortitude of the Mint Hill Pax, I am sure they will scoff at the elements and post in large number.  Only 4 (including YHC) showed up.  Oh well, I plant … Read More

Are you ready for some foos-ball!?

January 6, 2020 |

YHC wanted to switch things up a bit for today’s beatdown.  Wondering what to do while watching the games last night it hit me…let’s bring a football and run some drills.  I rummaged in the garage for the ‘ol pigskin … Read More

Lungaree Lungaroo

December 30, 2019 |

Piledriver was without Q so bring the mostly HIM I am I volunteered ready to workout in the rain. Instead it was warm, dry and gusty.  Quick weinke change and off we went.



Take a lap to pick … Read More

Piledriven Mint Hill Christmas

December 16, 2019 |

Since it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, YHC decided to celebrate the day with a Christmas Tree Style beatdown.

0520 YHC parks and hurriedly creates a very poor cardboard list of exercises (elementary school kids could have … Read More

The Other Side

December 9, 2019 |

The east side of Veterans Memorial park is perfect.  It has a track, two soccer fields a half dozen tennis courts, four wall ball courts and almost everything you need for a good beat down. However, since the pay to … Read More

Post Turkey Pain

December 3, 2019 |

YHC was feelin’ a little “fat” after all that pie, giblets and gravy this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  No better way than to hold a beatdown where we can burn a few calories and get back on track.  0520 … Read More

Old Glory comes back to the Hill, NEVER run without the Flag!!

November 26, 2019 |

YHC was filling in for a beloved brother who is on the IR (Get well soon Crabs!).  It’s a cold one today, hovering around 32 degree, the best way I know to keep warm is…OLD GLORY.

Shovel flags planed at … Read More