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F3 Dads Sledding Workout take 3

AO: 1st-f Q: r2d2 , Machuman (Machu Picchu) PAX: trailmix, Machuman (Machu Picchu), stash, Greeter, SS Minnow, barrister, piledriver FNGs: None COUNT: 20 8 Pax and 12 2.0’s showed up for reindeer sled pulls, downhill Grass sledding and Soccer. The pallets went down through the parking lot at an incredible speed only to be barely […]

Shopping at Piledriver

So the plan for the day was simple, but the pax still managed to mess it up. For the warm-up we moseyed around the parking lot and down to the rock pile. Everyone picked up a “coupon” and brought it to the shelter by the playground. When everyone got there I explained what the Thang […]

Partner Murph

Lt. Michael Murphy made the ultimate sacrifice for his team when he stepped into harms way so that he could call in support.  Today we honor all those heroes that, like Murphy, sacrificed it all for our freedoms.  On Memorial Day and out of respect for those heroes we normally attempt the Murph.  1 mile […]

I’m on Q?

As if the Othello family did not have enough going on in their lives right now, YHC missed seeing the Slack post indicating he was on Q today.  it went like this: 0500-YHC enters car and thinks, “who is on Q today?” 0515-YHC arrives and sees 2 other Pax. 0520-YHC gets out of car to […]

Simple 5×5

YHC had the Q for this AM so why not pull out an old favorite.  UvsU 5×5 around the soccer field. Capri Lap: Head to the memorial for mixed warm-o-rama SSH IW Happy Appy Penny Pickers Windmills Grandpa Jacks Tha Thang: Mosey to dry creek and pick a coupon 20x OYO Curls (because why not) […]

60th Day of the Year

The day started off with some of the best weather for a workout ever. It’s nice having it not be 34 and raining here in Seattle. Everyone got out of their car and had some nice mumble chatter for the first 10 minutes. Well everyone except Booyah who was just leaving his house at 530. […]

Pyramid Scheme

YHC had the assigned Q for this morning.  Awesome! After a quick search in ye old garage, YHC found an old Winkie that was borrowed from some unnamed Q from the past.  Thank you unnamed mystery Q! Carpi Lap: Mosey to war memorial for some warm-o-rama SSH IW Slow count merkin MC Grandpa Jacks Penny […]

Bean the Q

Arrive at 0528:30 and disclaim while I finish getting dressed. Run around Main Bain(that’s what the staff calls it anyway) to the bus lot for COP   SSH 10 Merkins IW 9 Merkins Happy Appy 8 Merkins Windmills 7 Merkins Penny Pickers 6 Merkins Arm Circles 5 Merkins Low Slow Squats 4 Merkins Big League […]