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F3 MeCa | May 11, 2021

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I’m on Q?

  • When: 04/26/21
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Starbucks, The Body, Delta, BLC, Headnshoulders, Toughskins, Silas, Mogwai, Hot Corner, Booyah, TuTu, Epsilon, Gopher, Crypto

As if the Othello family did not have enough going on in their lives right now, YHC missed seeing the Slack post indicating he was on Q today.  it went like this:
0500-YHC enters car and thinks, “who is on Q today?”
0515-YHC arrives and sees 2 other Pax.
0520-YHC gets out of car to enjoy some pre-beatdown stretching
0525-After striking up a conversation with some of my peers, Toughskins says, “he usually brings a clipboard”
0526-YHC felt like that comment was directed at him and asked, “why do you say that?”
0527-Toughskins reply’s, “because you are our Q today”
0528-YHC, in utter shock states: No F’n way!!
0529-Touskins laughs and says, “WAY!”
0530-YHC gives a lousy disclaimer and off we go (this is going to be really interesting)

SSH x10 IC
Air Squats x10 IC
IST x10 IC
Wind Mill x10 IC
10 Burpees for TuTu arriving late
Gpa Jacks x10 IC
Mosey around the parking lot with a little high knees, Karaoke L/R, butt kickers and end up at the top part of the parking lot near the entrance.  20 Burpee penalty for Hot Corners and Booyah arriving late(er).

The Thang
1.  Broad jump from one parking line to the other, 1 Merkin. Increase Merkins by 1 for each line (there were approx 17 lines).  Plank for six, flutter kicks x20 IC
2. Broad jump from one parking line to the other in reverse direction, 1 CDD. Increase CDD’s by 1 for each line (there were approx 17 lines).  Plank for six, flutter kicks x20 IC
3. Mosey to the Soccer fields
-Line up on sideline: 1 Air Squat, run across the field, 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Run back across, repeato increasing AS’s by 1, decreasing BH’s by 1.  End up at far side of field. Plank for the six with flutter kicks x20 IC.
4. Line up on Track for an Indian Run, man off back does a Burpee then runs to front of line.
5. After last man, repeato the IR back towards the flag with last man doing 2 Burpees.

LBC’s x20 IC – thought it was going to be flutters didn’t you? 😉


1. Prayers go out to all the fallen and Pax that need to post but who are not here (Hey, where was Nimbus?)
2. Thank you to everyone who helped The Body finish his rock work – AYE!
3. Prayers for our Military and First Responders.
4. Morrow Mountain Hike 5/1, 12pm-??  Sanctions, tell us a little about it. Sanctions? Oh, he’s not here.

I’m your Q?-skine
1.  Thanks for putting up with my pathetic last-minute workout.  Nothing wakes you up faster than missing your own funeral.
2.  Thank you TuTu, Hot Corners and Booyah for coming late.  You gave me an excuse to add some burpees!
3.   Nothing like laying in some nice wet grass at 0600.  Get out of your comfort zone fellas
4.  Clover, nice to have you join us, sorry it hurt you so bad.
5.  Always an honor but never a pleasure to lead you men. AYE!



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