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10 Year Anniversary Beatdown!

Pax:  Gamma, Sheepdog, Sugar, Misfire, Cupid, Dud, Vespa, Hokie Pokie, Koozie, R2D2, Big Blue, Bravo, Total Loss, Guacamole, Starbucks, Phidippedes, Goose, Spooner, Pantene, Gold Rush, Glenaire, Wanderer, Peppa, Uncle Floyd, Predator, Slash, JD, Disaster, Gump, Gordo, Shooter, Jiffy, Deadhead, Minion, Skipper, Little Buddy, Couch Potato, Stone breaker, ONJ, Pink, Commodore, Sunshine, Magic Mike, Constitution, Firebrand, […]

F3Kannon – Busboy Shuffle

Q – Cupid Pax – Grandmaster, Heisenberg, Snowman, Cupid 3 pax showed up to learn the busboy shuffle. As highschooler, I had the experience of bussing and dishwashing at a seafood restaurant for 2 years. It taught me a lot and made me smell like a filet-O-fish sandwich. Couldn’t resist the urge to do something […]

F3Kannon – Return of the Gloom Dial

PAX: Grand Master, The Burgh, Heisenberg, Cupid Q: Cupid Brought out the Gloom Dial. I think it had been close to a year since the last time. How’s it work again? Find a large field place cones or markers in the form of a clock dial 12 stations & one in the middle of them […]

F3Kannon – The Weigh-in

Q: Cupid Pax: Cupid, Squid Warmup/COP: Carry cinderblock to top of the parking deck. The whole Enchilada: Stop at each floor on way down parking deck ramp and carry out the following exercises (12 reps of each): curls curls, squats curls, squats, v-ups curls, squats, v-ups, skull krushers curls, squats, v-ups, skull krushers, calf raises […]

F3Kannon – One ugly cinder block

Q: Cupid Pax: Squid, Hi-Viz, Grand Master Our Tues morning weights beat-down had a visitor – one ugly cinder block. I know it’s not unusual for F3 pax to incorporate cinder blocks and other heavy objects into their workouts, but this one came off of some foundation built in the 50s-60s? SO it was not […]

F3Kannon – Peanut Butter Tuesday

Kudos to 4 gave up their sacks to embrace the pre-dawn pain. Beatdown was held in the parking deck. COP – SSH 20X Arm circles Tha Thang 3 sets of 20, rotate through each other’s weights curls squats skull crushers reverse crunch calf raises mason twist merkins lunges upright rows LBCs COT & off to […]

F3Kannon – 3 N Done

Another Weight-Day Tuesday at Kannon! It was swell! Here is what we did… I pulled out of the scrap yard & parking Deck – Two Railroad plates – Two Cinder Blocks – Two kitty litter containers COP SSH 20x ISTs 10x Hillbillies 10X BSNs 10X In the parking deck we performed each of the following […]

F3Kannon – The Sandlot

Usual Tuesday Weight-day workout – meh Time to do something different. Out yonder is a field full of cool obstacles to work out with: bricks, cinder blocks, Kitty Litter containers, copperheads (oh they were there – we just couldn’t see them), So we found the barest patch of land in the middle of the field […]