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F3 MeCa | July 11, 2020

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F3Concord – In the heart of Concord

July 9, 2020 |

18 posted for a roaming beat-down in the heart of Concord. Here’s how it went… Warmup: • Mosey to Glenn Center parking lot for: • SSH – 20x • Mountain Climber – 20x • Windmill – 10x

The Thang: • … Read More

F3Concord – A Morning of Rockpile Tabata

July 8, 2020 |

An impressive 17 PAX made F3 their priority on a sweltering muggy morning for a fun-filled tabata-style beatdown.

Warm Up running around ASEC parking lot doing stuff. Mosey to Rockpile. Attempt to break into three groups.

The Thang:

Workout was … Read More

F3Kannon – Amazon’s 0-day shipping on cinderblocks

June 17, 2020 |

Warmup: Run to the pile O’ bricks and fetch 2 cinderblocks & 8 pairs of bricks. Run back into parking deck, into the COP Chamber.

Circle O’ Pain (COP): Side Straddle Hop (SSH) 20X Imperial Storm Troopers (IST) 10X Loose … Read More

F3Kannon – Knees Of Fire Beatdown

June 3, 2020 |

9 of Kannon’s finest graced the NCRC Campus to glean and taste the morning’s first rays of sunlight and to see what the Q had cooked up from the morning’s bounty: 8 mile run? Sprints through the hallowed halls of … Read More

F3Concord – Shockingly Not Dry

February 25, 2020 |

13 of the bravest. Unexpected rain. No drownings.

WARM UP Buttkicks and high-knees through upper lot Karaoke through bottom lot 15 SSH 10 slow mercs 10 mtn climbers arm circles THE THANG Circuit around the AO with your block. … Read More

F3Concord – Tabata Saturday!!

January 25, 2020 |

Repeat from two years ago. A real gasser!

Warm up in church parking lot: High knees, butt kickers, karaoke, goose steps Circle up- Lower Lot SSH x 20 IST’s x 20 Hamstring Stretch Windmill Merkins x 15 Arm Circles Mosey … Read More

F3Concord – All Saints Amusement Park

January 23, 2020 |

It had been 3 very dark mornings with sub-zero* temperatures. Concord was locked in a prison of ice by the winter vortex. Many pax had over those days brought their best out in the gloom to rage against the cold, … Read More

F3Concord – Driving a Chiefs Victory

January 22, 2020 |

12 MEN were able to defeat the fart sac on this glorious 25 degree morning to come out in joyous celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl birth. Well they were at least there to get a workout…

Warm-O-Rama: … Read More

2nd Annual Strip it to Give It Race fest (8k, 5k, Fun Run)

December 23, 2019 |

Looking to start of your 2020 Race schedule right? Dust off your kicks from winter break and gather all you gently used clothes for a worthy cause.

Did you know that 1700 people in one night can be found homeless … Read More

F3Concord – Higher Ground Tabata

December 14, 2019 |

18 hours of rain washed away all of the pax except 3, and as the clouds broke the the three took off.

WARMUP 1 mile run up into the hospital grounds and back to the AO

Da THANG 1 minute … Read More