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Some of this, some of that.

AO: f3afton Q: Spaz PAX: Iron City, Opie, Shooter, Spaz, Audit, Slash, Phidippedes, hop_hunter, PeepingTom FNGs: None COUNT: 9 WARMUP: 7 dog burpees, SSH, Hillbilly, IST, Penny picker, Windmill, arm circles, Michael Phelps THE THANG: Alternate between ladder work on Mount Afton and block work on the summit. Ladder: WWII-Superman, Merkin-RBC, Plankjack-flutters. Block work: Rifle […]

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

AO: f3afton Q: Spaz PAX: hokie_pokie, Opie, Guinness, Geppetto, Ripcord, Shooter, PeepingTom, Huggy Bear, Spaz FNGs: None COUNT: 9 The runners graciously ran ahead of the ruckers and knocked down most of the spiderwebs so the ruckers had clear sailing. ANNOUNCEMENTS: – This Friday July 12th 6:30pm High Branch\Gibson Mill farewell fellowship with Honey Do […]

Free Coupons For Everyone

AO: f3afton Q: Guinness PAX: Shooter, Iron City, Opie, yellowcake, hokie_pokie, Guinness, Spaz, Big Tuna FNGs: None COUNT: 8 Heat and humidity were fun additional obstacles this morning, including our fun coupons. A big thanks to yellowcake for bringing the fun pull-up bars. Great work by all the pax. Your presence this morning makes a […]

Mount Afton Challenge Run, Ruck & Ride

AO: f3afton Q: Guinness PAX: turbine, Spaz, Shooter, Iron City, Guinness FNGs: None COUNT: 5 3 Ruckers, 1Runner, 1 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Food Packing Event on July 27th РShooter will bring more info Passport Challenge in August 6 Week Healthy Eating Challenge in September COT: Prayer for turbine’s Amy dealing with cancer.

The Fun Never Stopped

AO: f3afton Q: Guinness PAX: Big Tuna, Guinness, Iron City, Opie, CPAP, Night Vision, Phidippedes, hokie_pokie, PeepingTom, Spaz, bigblue, Huggy Bear FNGs: None COUNT: 12 Well done, Pax! Great work by all and the best part – it was so much fun. Welcome back and great to see Phidippedes back in action. Thanks for allowing […]

Runner + Ruckers = Runkers

AO: f3afton Q: Guinness PAX: PeepingTom, yellowcake, Guinness, Opie, Iron City, Spaz, hop_hunter, bigblue, Huggy Bear FNGs: None COUNT: 9 Runners ran. Ruckers rucked. Everybody had a real good time. Well done Pax for giving yourself your daily fitness medication. Announcements Going away party for Honey Dew Passport Challenge: begins in August. Visit every AO […]

HP’s Iron Q Week (4 of 4)

AO: f3afton Q: hokie_pokie PAX: hop_hunter, Iron City, Opie, bigblue, Shooter, Big Tuna, Sterling, hokie_pokie, Moolah, Spaz, Guinness, Neil FNGs: 1 Neil COUNT: 12 Warmarama: Mosey to the parking lot line. Circle up: SHH (IC) x 15 Penny Pickers (IC) x 12 Leg Stretch Low Slow Squats (IC) x12 Low slow Merkins (IC) x 12 […]

Afton, NASCAR Roval

AO: f3afton Q: hokie_pokie PAX: Geppetto, Guinness, heatstroke, hokie_pokie, hop_hunter, Moolah, Opie, Shooter, turbine, PeepingTom, Spaz, Iron City FNGs: None COUNT: 12 12 Men hit the street this morning. Five runners, six Ruckers and one biker. Way to finish off the week strong gentleman. Thanks to Gepetto for hosting happy hour last night We will […]