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Cruise the Green Hills of Afton

AO: F3Afton Q: bigblue PAX: hop_hunter, Iron City, Leg Breaker, PeepingTom, Opie, hokie_pokie, Geppetto, yellowcake FNGs: None COUNT: 9 Runners ran aimlessly around the Afton village, with no plan, just a leisurely stroll through the green hills. I assume ruckers rucked somewhere (they were in the parking lot when runners left and when runners returned […]

A Bricknado with a Nice Ending

AO: F3Afton Q: hop_hunter PAX: majorpain, bigblue, Iron City, Shooter, Joy Ride, talladega, hokie_pokie, Moolah, Bravo, Ringo, Opie, 4-wide, Slash, Zacchaeus, hop_hunter, Todd Kiser, Ismael Carrasquillo, Brenden @Focker FNGs: 3 Todd Kiser, Ismael Carrasquillo, Brenden @Focker COUNT: 18 WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis courts SSH x20 IC, Slap Jacks x20 IC, Penny Pickers x8 IC, […]

Aces & Jokers are WILD

AO: F3Afton Q: Bravo PAX: 4-wide, bigblue, Bravo, Buckner, Geppetto, hokie_pokie, Iron City, Opie, Phidippedes, Zacchaeus FNGs: None COUNT: 10 Quick disclaimer at 0530, and an even number of 10 PAX circled the Dorton lot to get the blood flowing on this crisp morning. A few warm up exercises, and YHC instructed to grab a […]

Yard Workday at Amways’s

AO: F3Afton Q: hokie_pokie, Spaz PAX: The Burgh, Grassy Knoll, Guinness, Model T, Joy Ride, Run-Flat, Buckner, CPAP, Moolah, hokie_pokie, Spaz, Larry, Bradley, Sean, Jaron, 2.0’s for Model T & The Burgh, 0 FNGs: 1 0 COUNT: 19 Great work men!! Thanks for all the help and support. Knocked out it in 2 hours. The […]

Here I go again on my own

AO: F3Afton Q: Slash PAX: majorpain, hop_hunter, Geppetto, Iron City, PeepingTom, terribletowel, Opie, Spaz, Slash FNGs: None COUNT: 9 Major Pain and I were the only ones close to start time. 6 more brothers came in hot, just in time! Weather was perfect! It must have been because I had the Q. Runners did some […]

Just the Regular Usual Normal

AO: F3Afton Q: Zacchaeus PAX: Joy Ride, Zacchaeus, bigblue, PeepingTom, hop_hunter, Kokomo, Fairy Godfather (Wes Richardson), majorpain, Shooter, @little kahuna, Michael FNGs: 1 Michael COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Show up THE THANG: Run COT:Prayers for Stalker’s daughter, Moonlight, and praise and thanksgiving for the safe return of Yellowcake’s family. Great start to the week!

Where’s Guinness? – 5 Man makers!!

AO: F3Afton Q: hokie_pokie PAX: Geppetto, Moolah, Phidippedes, Opie, CPAP, Iron City, terribletowel, Shooter, 4-wide, bigblue, Bravo, hokie_pokie, Joy Ride, 2/5th FNGs: None COUNT: 14 14 men showed up to help @Guiness celebrate this b-day week, but someone took a nap!! So the pax moved on without him. WARMUP: Brought to you by @Big Blue: […]