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Ruckers pitched a shutout

AO: f3afton Q: Shooter PAX: Buck, Spaz, hokie_pokie, yellowcake, Shooter, PeepingTom FNGs: None COUNT: 6 THE THANG:. The Ruckers pitched a 6-0 shutout this morning. Something about the runners sleeping in or something was mentioned. We rucked, around Afton Villlage, down alleys and side streets and enjoyed the coordinated Christmas lights on the trees COT: […]

We could have done all that at the top

AO: f3afton Q: yellowcake PAX: bigblue, Shooter, Spaz, hokie_pokie, Bravo, Guinness, hop_hunter, yellowcake FNGs: None COUNT: 8 8 men kicked off their hump day with a 35 degree workout that warmed up quickly. It went something like this. 7 Mosey’d around the wagon wheel and back to the main parking lot where we picked up […]

Ruckers rucked. Ranners ran.

AO: f3afton Q: Spaz PAX: Dawghouse MASH, Buck, Huggy Bear, PeepingTom, hop_hunter, yellowcake, Phidippedes, Spaz, bigblue, Geppetto FNGs: None COUNT: 10 The ranners ran somewhere. The ruckers just wanted to make pretty Strava maps. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Huntersville half marathon this Saturday for many F3 brothers. Dec 14 Afton Christmas party … see details from @hokie_pokie. Dec […]


AO: f3afton Q: hokie_pokie PAX: Spaz, Audit, 4-wide, hokie_pokie, Geppetto FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Expected a small group this morning, with of the usual Afton pax either traveling or resting up for the Quarry run. Plus the Q was doubled booked and only had time for a 45 minute beatdown this morning. With the date […]

4 ruckers, 3 runners and a “whatever” eat cake

AO: f3afton Q: bigblue PAX: Iron City, Geppetto, Buck, hokie_pokie, Spaz, Huggy Bear, Shooter, bigblue FNGs: None COUNT: 8 Some ran, some rucked and 1 did a mosey with pain stations. All worked hard and earned a piece of birthday cake (and saved me from “having” to eat it all). COT Prayers for Iron City’s […]

Big Blue Birthday Base – It ain’t cold

AO: f3afton Q: bigblue PAX: hop_hunter, Iron City, Geppetto, terribletowel, Shooter, Kojak, Big Tuna, Guinness, Spaz, Moolah, bigblue FNGs: None COUNT: 11 You find who your “true” friends are when you throw a birthday “party” when its 21 degrees. Thanks for all those that showed up, for those that didn’t here is how it went […]

Turkey day calorie burn

AO: f3afton Q: Shooter PAX: Buck, Geppetto, Iron City, Spaz, Shooter FNGs: None COUNT: 5 THE THANG: YHC planned to prep for next week’s Quarry Crusher run and reluctantly walked out the door, leaving the ruck behind, not be tempted.   Two runners and a three ruckers burned off turkey day calories with laps around […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

AO: f3afton Q: hokie_pokie PAX: hop_hunter, Bravo, yellowcake, Honey Do, Buck, Spaz, hokie_pokie FNGs: None COUNT: 7 7 men and 2 dogs hit the streets on this cold morning. With the extra hour of sleep everyone had plenty of energy, especially the 2 dogs, and I don’t mean @HoneyDo and @Buck. Special thanks to @Hop […]