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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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60th Day of the Year

The day started off with some of the best weather for a workout ever. It’s nice having it not be 34 and raining here in Seattle. Everyone got out of their car and had some nice mumble chatter for the first 10 minutes. Well everyone except Booyah who was just leaving his house at 530. Gave a quick disclosure and we were off.

Thang 1: Ran to Handball Court for Warm Up:

  • SSH
  • Penny Picker
  • Arm Circles
  • Q jacked by my dad – Gotta show respect cuz he is an elder so I’m going to stop here
  • Windmil
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Too many “Starting Position move you’re in it” and “In cadence exercise”

Thang 2: Ran to Pork Chop Hil

  • Everyone picked up a rock except Big Tuna who pick up a Volkswagen
  • Did 21’s with the rock
  • 20 Curls and 1 Tricep Extension
  • Shook out the arms a little
  • Gopher starts complaining that he hopes we don’t do pushups later. Little did he know.

Thang 3: Run to Memorial

  • In honor of 60th day of the year
  • Wall sit for 60 seconds as 6 people ten counted
  • Plank for 60 seconds
  • 6 inches for 60 seconds
  • T-Pose of 60 seconds

Thang 4:

  • Had Silas say how many days were left in the year and he got it right, 305
  • 60 LBC’s run around the parking lot
  • 60 Flutters, 2 is 1
  • 60 Double U’s
  • 60 KTE’s
  • 60 Heals to Heaven
  • 5 WW2’s
  • Wall sit when done

Thang 5: Last but not least

  • Had to unveil the Cheddar Shredder to the Mint Hill Boys
  • Stayed in the parking lot and had to rush it but it was good.


  • Race this Saturday from Vinters – Be there at 830 don’t be late like Booyah.
  • Harrisburg Extinction race on March 20th
  • We have a high chance of taking in the Porter Ridge AO into Mint Hill so if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to speak


  • Pray for Crypto’s healing
  • Pray for Steampipe
  • Pray for Change Orders Son
  • Pray for Amway

Thanks for the opportunity to lead it truly is a pleasure. You guys are a great group of guys who build me up every time I am out there. I’m glad I can still be part of the family even though I am like 40 years younger than most of you old farts.

Dawson Schuchmann

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