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F3 MeCa | January 21, 2019

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An Extra Grand Anyone?

January 4, 2019 |

Who couldn’t use an extra grand after the holidays?  Figured we could all use a little extra, so today we took our serving of a thousand swings, pushes and pulls.  It might not make us richer, but hopefully it’ll help … Read More

12 Days of Christmas Part 2

December 21, 2018 |

YHC couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming holiday.  What better way than a good ole fashioned 12 days of Christmas beatdown?

Capri Lap:

  • Disclaimer given
  • SSH (20x)
  • IW (10x)
  • Happy Appys (15x)
  • Cotton Pickers (10x)

Tha Thang:

Schooled on 12 Days of Christmas

December 19, 2018 |

It’s a beautiful December morning so why not celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Capri Lap:

  • Mosey to entrance while giving crappy disclaimer
  • Here come Parking Spot, quick, Monkey Humpers IC!
  • SSH
  • IW
  • Happy Appys
  • Grandpa Jacks
  • Cotton Pickers       

Tha Thang:

Wet Bread and Cluster Qs

December 14, 2018 |

YHC woke to the sound of rain and a text from Chum that he was needed at work early this AM.  We’ve got your back brother, roll on.

With only 2 in the parking lot, the thoughts of eggs … Read More

Pre-Turkey Tour

November 21, 2018 |

YHC was beginning to think no one was going to show this morning.  Finally a couple cars starting rolling in.

What happened next went something like this:

Capri Lap:

  • Crappy disclaimer given
  • Mosey to entrance
  • SSH (20x)
  • 1- Burpee … Read More

Starfish Live in the Ocean – They Get Wet

November 9, 2018 |

YHC rolled up to an empty parking-lot.  Waited… waited… t-minus 3 minutes… just me.  What to do?  Go back home?  Go get breakfast?  Go for a ruck?  Nope.  Planned KBs, KBs is what I’m doing.  Get the gear out and … Read More

Christmas is coming

October 22, 2018 |

Some time last year, Othello introduced us to a little mid-year Christmas cheer.  It came in the form of a pretty brutal ladder using the playground and picnic shelter.  Apparently it’s been too long because YHC forgot just how tough … Read More

Miles, Rain, and Partner Work

October 11, 2018 |

YHC got a text from Chum early AM asking if I could cover the Q spot.  No worries.  Let’s get after it!

Capri Lap:

  • It’s raining.  We’re going to get wet.
  • Disclaimer given
  • Mosey to entrance of school
  • Circle … Read More

Bus Lot Rocks

September 12, 2018 |

With Hurricane Florence on the way, YHC needed to make some preparations in the back yard that included some generously donated rocks by, the one and only, The Body.  While loading and stacking rocks in my backyard around a storm-drain, … Read More

41 years of Chum

August 13, 2018 |

YHC learned that Chum’s birthday quietly slipped by earlier this month.  We simply couldn’t let that go without recognition so this morning became a celebration of Chum and the number 41… at the group’s expense.

Capri Lap: