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Dueling Starfish

YHC has been dealing with a shoulder issue for way too long and FINALLY got around to getting some physical therapy for it promising the therapist at least three weeks of no shoulder exercises which makes boot camps a bit difficult so I decided two well rounded starfish(es?) would be the way to go.   […]

Rock and Roll of Pain

This AM we had a Rice-a-Roni (btw- where was he) inspired good time.  Sad that most of y’all dont even know him.  🤷‍♂️ YHC tweeted a preblast last night with promise of something good and simple. Capri Lap: Disclaimer given SSH (20x) IW (15x) Happy Appys (16x) Grandpa Jacks (10x) Windmills (10x) maybe something else? […]


The Gathering was early, it was slow but it wasn’t cold as most of the PAX is now back into shorts and a shirt not requiring the cumbersome layers that we have been dealing with of late.  So good clear morning to get the blood pumping.  BTW – I was standing in for Epsilon so […]

Great Day!

This morning was a little cool, but you can tell that Spring is right around the corner.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  Then I noticed  that Sunday is beginning of day light savings.  Could it get any better?   Yes as “The Body”  is back!  What can I say, it was the start of […]