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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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4 Generations Deep

  • When: 01/01/21
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Othello, Sparkplug, Sanctions, Chum, Change Order, Blue Crush, Mogwai, Head and Shoulders, Drop Trill, Tough Skins

Another year behind us.  A new year before us.  What we do with this gift is up to us.

DT was first to the AO.  YHC rolled in sometime after.  10 minutes later Othello, Chum and Sparkplug joined the group.  With that we had 4 generations of Mint Hill leadership.  DT is one of the founding members, Chum was our first MQ, Othello being the current MQ, YHC as the incoming MQ and Sparkplug representing himself and others as our future MQs.  That’s deep boys…

Today’s workout was all about honoring the past and welcoming the future.  It’s made up of 2 of my personal favorites.

Capri Lap:

SSH (20x)

Merkins (10x)

IW (20x)

I can’t remember what we’ve done so.. Merkins (10x)

Happy Appy (20x)

Have we done merks yet? Merkins (10x)

Tha Thang:

Part 1 – Everyone grab a flag and a bell.  We stretched our arms with our bells while carrying 8 (if memory serves) flags down Wilgrove-Mint Hill Rd.  We traveled down to the neighborhood entrance and back stopping a couple times for flag squats (or pole dancing lessons if you’re like Othello).

Part 2 – Circle up and find a partner.  Partner total, P1 does exercise, P2 runs to bleachers for step ups (10 per leg).  Flapjack until complete.  First round is 500 curls, second round is 500 overhead presses or until time.


  • It truly is an honor to lead and be part of this group.  You guys mean the world to me.
  • Thank you Othello for your leadership this past year and a half.  It’s amazing to think where we’ve come over the years.
  • Keep all those on IR in your prayers.
  • TS out.
Tough Skins

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